Thursday, 5 August 2010

BEDA - Day Four - Just A Quick Thought On Tumblr

Other people have probably thought of this, but it would be cool if we could filter our dashboard on Tumblr.

I just don't like seeing a ton of Q&A posts.

I am really not interested in seeing people's formspring answers or tumblr message answers and I'm not really interested in people seeing any of mine. I'm not saying people should stop doing this, they shouldn't, I just want to only see pictures, videos, quotes etc. from these people.

Also, sometimes people answer all their questions at once, this makes sense, I just dislike having to load and load until I get to the content that I clicked "follow" for.

Do you appreciate my insolence for calling this Day Four of BEDA? I'm naughty.


Greg said...

Caitlin Hill has come unstuck in time.

J.S said...

"WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 4, 2010". I didn't know that you were a timelord. But I appreciate your insolence. Rules are meant to be broken sometimes. And about people posting formspring answers; I don't get alot of that from people I follow. I would unfollow if it got to much but then again I would never follow someone who does that all the time. You seem to post answers once a year, month or whatever, it's hard to say when you are playing with time miss hill.

funkwurm said...

I absolutely agree with you, it's why I don't really care for tumblr that much. And it's also the reason there's a couple of people I just can't follow, even though I dig some of their posts.

I say suggest it to them, see how they respond, they've been responsive to community suggestions like that.

Also, I'm trying to think of a better acronym for this project. BAEDA doesn't cover it I'd say. How about BACODIA: Blog A Couple Of Days In August, eh?

Tumblr said...

We'll get right on that for ya Caitlin.
I mean hell, writing a few lines of code to completely change the interface of world wide website is the least we can do to appease someone who has done so much to advance the knowledge of bending time and space. We are truly humbled and welcome any further changes you require. When you return from the past perhaps you can bring Albert Einstein because you have obviously been having lunch with him or something.This idea is just to brilliant!

Albert Einstein said...

Actually, Caitlin and I will return soon, the tumblr "ask" button as inspired my next work. Caitlin will be helping me develop my new "Theory of irrelvantivity."

EarleWidrich said...

I do, and you are.

But seriously, I've come to really appreciate Tumblr in the last little while. Curator of your own museum, as you've said...very true. I usually only Tumbl pretty pictures, and I generally prefer to see that as well when I'm browsing. Quotes are good too, I suppose. Oh, and I've recently discovered the queue option.


-Earle : )

Jer said...

Yes Caitlin. We do appreciate your insolence. And yes....yes you are naughty. =/ actually, come to think ofit....very naughty =/

But thats alright, cause thats what we love about you...your insolent naughtiness...

hehe if you were to ever play a Queen or something in a broadway play, your royal servants should bow down to you and address you with the line "Greetings our most Insolent Naughtiness!!"

aand you would make a shooing away gesture with your hand be like "Away with you, normal, everyday regular, on the straight and narrow pilgrims"