Tuesday, 24 May 2005

Missing ____

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

i miss sum1 and its weird cuz the last time i saw that person was...thursday morning...so its only been like 5 days...isnt that odd?...i want 2 see him but i dont know how i could do that and where? sigh...im worried that the frog is annoyed at me...man, men and frogs are so confusing! you can never tell what they are really feeling...bet they feel the same way about girls...i suppose communication is the key, but im too scared to communicate incase i sound stupid...why do i have to be so darm insecure about...everything...well not everything, just people...im like afraid of them yet not afraid on the outside...ive also found that the only person i can talk to about stuff is my mum...i worry too much about what other ppl think 2 talk 2 them and i also dont trust some of them with my secrets...well i trust one person, probably 2...and maybe even 3 if i knew her better...btw im just talking about ppl belonging to the theatre, so if ur trying to figure out who im talking about and am not from the theatre, you should just leave cuz ull have no clue...and this is just a waste of ur time. guten tag! anywayz...blurred is coming up soon...its so crap...ive blocked stuff, but they dont do it so that makes me look even crapper...the only story line that really looks close to performing is the threes company scenes...anyway...i miss that boy...i would like him to miss me too cuz if he doesnt than this relationship is seriously unbalanced...two months and counting...well that all depends on the boy...man hope he never reads this...i doubt he ever will...i dont thinks hes that into spaces...if he is reading this than hi! i dont really have anything to hide...and its not like this is exactly personal and private becuz it involves other ppl and its also a friggin ramble of dung! thats right dung! you know what id like to try right now...ever since watching the boys play? ba doom ching! lol...its not that hard to right...you sound it out, you wouldnt it write: two sounds on drum and then clang cymbal.

man, there is so many parallels in star wars 3...i mean its so obvious that what georgey is trying to say is that padme and anakin are like linked by the force and therefore go through the same thing...wow am i ever gonna stop writing...am i ever gonna start writing something that actually means something to other ppl...i feel like ive taken a leaf out of RJ's blog...if u can take leafs out of it...she just writes the most random stuff...but even that means something, have u ever tried typing everything that comes to your head...well ive gotta pause for a while...ppl chatting to me...im talking to the frog and the one that is being talked about, the one whos dinner party is on soon is online, but im not sure if ill bother opening a msg box cuz i dont have anything to say yet...well i do...ive just gotta stop typing this so i can say it...wow, my hands are going so fast on this thing its amazing...and the best part about it is that im not looking at the keys!!! yay - progress! you know whats odd is that my bro is talking on the phone and im talking on the net...im not trying to point out that we obviously have broadband...just that he prefers to communicate mainly by phone and i prefer to communicate mainly my email, txt and msning...i guess i dont like 2 confront ppl...man, another thing to show how insecure i am...the only person i have really talked to on the phone lately is the frog...oh and the blonde one and the aussie ballerina...speaking of the aussie ballerina...i spoke to the mackay dancer and postman pat the other day on msn...and was phoned by the blonde one and aussie ballerina all on the same day...so it was a major qdse day...it was good 2 catch up with them tho...aw...i miss them all...im finding it very odd 2 not b like dancing or anything...im getting plenty of enjoyment of just simply dancing to switch...its a good song. wow so much crap has been written...i need 2 do my modern history assignment...well i still can...its not like i cant manage 2 conversations, one blog and a modern history oral at the same time...im a woman, i can multitask! woo!

Tuesday, 3 May 2005


The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

Yeah, I liked Tammys quiz thing...I remember back when they were the bomb in year 9...every one was sending them...good times.

Okay, so heres the quiz...take and enjoy! EDIT 10/01/10: This link doesn't seem to work... thankfully.

http://www.quizyourfriends.com/takequiz.php?quizname=050502082203-31922">Take my Quiz on QuizYourFriends.com!

Yeah...I hope that worked...teeheehee...

Anywayz....x-stacy went really really really well. We were all so proud of eachother...I even cried on stage, I hope I can get the emotion out again!

Such a good night, until I got locked out my house @ like 3am! ARGH! It was so scary...and I was balling my eyes out...but good old Harry came to my rescue and I stayed at a party...twas good.

Except when I was leaving the mother looked at me like I was a skank...I dislike her now.

Umm...what else? Im directing Blurred, our year 12 play with Nathan...x-stacy is looking into visiting schools, which would be awesome...im not doing anything in the way of dance...im missing a certain someone, which is annoying cuz I only saw him yesterday...lol...wackydacky!

So yeah...rock dudettes...and feel free to write a comment...about anything...the moon for example...or something like: see that sky today? talk about blue...

AY PACHA? Love ya! mwah!