Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Save The Dates

Starting tomorrow and through to Sunday, a transformation will be taking place...

People have crossed oceans, plains and deserts to be in ONE massive city, purely for the benefit of...well, that's the secret.

I'm orchestrating the events and am very proud of what is to occur in the next few days, hopefully it will be impressive or at least, exciting enough for other people to want to take part in it again some day...

Just you wait, a storm's a-coming...and it's filled with a mixture of pixels, high-def and poor quality sound... You're gonna love it.


We're feeding an Army
in Queens with all the food supplies

Monday, 14 April 2008

Sketchies; A Plea For Help

This is me, having a gooood time ; )


The Suspense Is Almost Unbearable...but not quite. ;)

Watch, rate, subscribe, vote:



Waverly Films

Hopefully one of them wins and the losers get better looking...

It's fun to get involved with the community, I don't think enough people really join in on the competitions any more...or maybe I just didn't, but now, now I do! So, hurrah!

I'd really appreciate it if you gave the people above a thumbs up! :D

How was your morning?

I woke up at 6am to get this vlog posted and then, well, it took a while - ugh...

Caitlin xox

Friday, 4 April 2008

Bree Is Back

That's right. Jessica Lee Rose is back Online with a new Web-Based Horror Series called, Blood Cell.

You can find it and get hooked up in time for the Premiere episode by going here:

I have to tell you friends, that I jumped while watching the trailer; speakers up loud and eyes close to screen is a must if you really want to get a good Horror experience. It looks like it is going to be good, and I'm excited to see Jessica back on the Net again, since it was this little lady that got me interested in Online Video to begin with.

From what I've read Blood Cell is from the Online Production company (I hope I'm not just making this up), 60 Frames and is available pretty much everywhere, like Blip.TV, MySpaceTV and most likely YouTube...but I wont watch it there since the actual site is probably where a Viewer will get the best experience... it's all spooky and dark, sorta like a Magibon site...

It looks like more and more people and production companies are investing quite a bit into Online Shows, let's just hope that they all do well... I still am a little annoyed and some creators of such shows like, Owen Benjamin, who says:

"If you're going to tell people that this new media can act like TV, and you're going to take it seriously, it has to look good. It can't just be the [junk] you see on YouTube all the time."

Firstly, I don't no why he's telling people that this media is going to act like TV when we all know that the "junk" (what did he really say, Shit?) that is uploaded to YouTube is what gets all the millions of views!!!

The reason why LonelyGirl15 did so well is because it didn't act like TV, it acted like a Vlog, it's quality of camera was just appropriate enough to fit the rest of the storyline, the characters were intimate with their audience...and the whole thing was always shot from POVs.

The reason why shows like QuarterLife (I can't tell you how happy I was that that show bombed! HARRAY!) failed miserably was because it didn't break new ground and no POVs, nobody could fit themselves in and plus I watched one show and was B.O.R.E.D. What is interesting about a boring person trying to figure out their boring life?

It's also about Stars. The reason why LG15 did so well is because Jessica is a natural Star, she has what it takes. I had the chance to meet her once and she just oozed starlet, it was actually really phenomenal to see that elusive quality in person, so even after the Show was discovered to be a Show, it still lasted for ages because people wanted to watch HER.

It's not always about content, sometimes its just about Star Quality (the good or trashy versions of this), and you can look at numerous YouTube Stars, TV Stars, Movie Stars who all share the same thing... they've got something, they don't know how to use it, but it still draws a crowd anyone (mind you, this excludes Jessica)

Alright, rant over, I have to go console a friend who is waiting outside...


Wednesday, 2 April 2008

We Are Wizards and A Reflection

I really do hope that if any of you are interested in Harry Potter then it would be within your interests to see this movie. I had heard about a few Wizard Rock bands but didn't really know the full extent of it until seeing this, I was also introduced to one of the most funniest cartoonists and artists in the Digital World at the moment, Brad Neely, check out his stuff here!

I really enjoyed making this video. It took a while to create because there were a lot of clips and a lot of people that I didn't actually know very well during filming. So, I had to go back and research and find out who they were and they are all extremely talented.

I'm very impressed by Kevin Rose from for being on the edge of media and for growing into a strapping young lad.
I had a lot of fun talking to Jamie from
I also really love Sarah from who is just the sweetest thing, as is Andrew from Rocketboom - such delightful, kind and honest people.

I really enjoyed editing this because I usually am very impatient and just throw up the clips in the order I shot them, do lots of jump cuts and thats it... Now, I know there was nothing amazing in this video, but the fact that I sat for a while and tried out different ways of presenting this and adjusted colours, sound levels and looked at the limited amount of effects I could create using iMovie HD, means that the love for creating videos of my life is coming back.

It's no longer about YOU anymore, its back to being about me, FINALLY! Now, I can enjoy myself.

You see! I knew that once CommunityChannel took over in Subscribers, as she rightfully should, that the world would right itself. Phew, I really can't explain it all to eloquently, but I just feel so relaxed about this whole Online World now.

I also decided to go back and look at about 5 of my old videos, and boy OH boy have I been hard on myself... I wasn't that bad for a vlogger who really had no motivation to do anything with this site. I was having fun, you can see I'm having fun and though my face does look weird, it always will, I have got to stop beating myself up about how I look on camera, because its not that bad. I'm okay.

Revelation people: I am okay.

I guess, I was going through some insecure moments about my looks and now I just enjoy a good quality steak too much to care.

...I had something else to say...but I need sleep...

I Like Sleepz

Caitlin xox

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

iPhone Notepad Series #4: 1147 Days Ago 01/04/2008 8:19AM

In my Notes on my iPhone, I wrote, NYFA, for the New York Film Academy.

I wrote it, in hopes that I would research the classes on offer and possibly attend one. I never did. I heard a lot of great things and a lot of bad things, but I just couldn't find the confidence to spend the money and go, and then, when I had more confidence, I could not afford to attend.

What do you think? To NYFA or no? There are a lot of other amazing schools and I still want to stay in Brisbane for a while.

I was then and still am always torn between making the absolute right choice and just throwing caution to the wind and trying to learn at each academy/school even I it turns out to be a waste of time/money...