Thursday, 26 January 2006

I Love Airports!

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 17 year old self.

While listening to some intensely bad music and some rather loud rock, I have decided to add a small but hopefully mildly interesting blog to this big, big blog.

After the last blog, I have found it quite hard to muster, yes muster, the energy to write another one. You know, long and full of information on a life that no one really cares about, apart from moi. Especially, when you find yourself on the computer at like 2am reading through past blogs and laughing at the "funny" things that you said. It is then that you realise, maybe my life isn't that interesting at all or it is so interesting that I don't care about anyone elses EDIT 10/10/10: Trust me, Caitlin. That is not the case here. and am rather self absorbed...I don't know about the part about not caring about other peoples lives, because to a degree, I do care. EDIT 10/10/10: Aww, here, let me get you your Nobel prize. Slightly. But the self absorbed part, yeah, definitely true. But hey, it fits what I want to do with my life rather well. In the Entertainment business, all you can do to succeed is be self absorbed. If you are not, then the chances are you don't really care about doing well. EDIT 10/10/10: Yes, if you want the wrong things from life. Wow, Caitlin. That was a really awful statement and I'm so thankful that you finally had a wake-up call a few years ago and now want different things out of life. Thank goodness for Time.

Anyways, this year has been good, but is passing quickly and at a rather good pace at the same time, so it is hard to tell, whether time is being wasted or well spent. I have been working quite a bit, I worked 5 days the other week, but since then she has slowly given me less and less shifts. This week I have 2. WOW! But I am saving a lot of money, and by saving a lot, I mean saving half and then dipping into my savings to extract more cash, which gives me no interest, so I am not getting any goodies in my account. Wah-ah. I say, Wah-ah.

Work has been good, I still get jittery when working with thy boss, but she is just so intimidating, because she is so good at what she does. But I know my deals and am actually getting faster and faster, though I supposedly short changed someone, which sucks ass. $20 dude! How do you short change anyone $20? It's just crazy. I will have to take better care of that next shift.

Progression is coming though. Last night Aaron taught me how to do the till, so that was cool. But it will take me a few more shifts to be able to do it by myself. But once I learn, that'll be so cool. Because it means, that I can help people close. And maybe one day will be able to close myself. Though I'm sure Beck does not trust me with that responsibility. And to be honest, not that I'd lie about, it's pretty much a fact, I don't trust myself with that responsibility. I still feel like a minion.

The SOE letters have come, now I actually have to get around to sending them back, so that is a bit scary. I'm feeling a bit panicky thinking about it. I'll just have to call Mum and get it sorted. I don't want to have to pay the deposit, because that will mean I'll lose all the money I've been saving in my account. So wah-ah again.

Charlie Brown rehearsals have probably been the most enjoyable of any show I've done so far. Though they have also been equally frustrating. Ideas and direction are lost quite frequently, so jokes are lost quite frequently. And we all seem to be getting annoyed at the Director, who seems in turn to be getting annoyed at us. Because, frankly, we are kind of acting like we know better. And in some cases, we do. EDIT 10/10/10: That sounds arrogant but hey, it's amateur theatre and I think some of the older members of the cast definitely knew better. But she is the director and we really should be nice to her. Once again I am the weakest link in the show. I can sing. I know that, but singing guy style is really hard. The odd thing is, I am getting the notes right, I just forget them when we all sing together, but they come back at odd times, like while cleaning a room I suddenly go: oh its ah la la, not ah la laa! You know? No? Well then be quiet and depart!!!

But it has been really enjoyable. Tracey cracks me up. And it is fun getting to know Luke, Heather and Jo. Jai is doing great, he's like the pride and joy of the group because he is the little one from Seniors who is doing so well. The only thing I do well is the stealing of the voice from the original soundtrack, so that isn't exactly a talent, more just like being a thief. But hopefully I wont be too much of a disappointment and you all will enjoy my performance.

Got the part of Mary in The Crucible, which is the part I wanted, and hopefully that girl didn't get the part of Abigail because she couldnt act. Seriously. And Abby has to be brilliant. The fact that when talking about her, I call her Abby, shows the affection I have for this character. She is not a nice person, but a great character. And during the auditions I was surprised by the love I felt for the character when all those crap people were acting her out. It was like watching a friend being tortured, that is the best way to put it. TORTURE!!!
EDIT 10/10/10: Caitlin, Modesty. Thank goodness you learned it.

I was pissed that Sarah didnt get Abigail or Mary, but then again kind of not for Mary, because I love Sarah but I wanted that part, and am glad I have it. But I felt really bad, and Sarah seemed a bit distant and I HOPE AND WISH that we are all cool. She will be brilliant at the part she did get, and I will have to work really hard else Tammy might take back my part - wah-ah! Wah-ah!

My Room is under construction, but I wonder if i should go back in there to live. Because a lot of good things have been happening while in the other room. Who knows? It will take me ages to get it together...

Anyways, the "short" Blog I was planning has turned into a long one, which I knew it would, but I knew I just had to get into the habit again. I was just out of Blog habit. And if I'm not going to keep a diary (because I haven't been lately) then thoughts must be recorded. Somewhere.



Hope your New Year is going well. Latro!
Love Always the Spiky Shooting Star and The Identical Bucket Mop.

O and BTW, Uncle Clayton has gone back to Saudi Arabia. So that is sad. But I got to go to the airport, and I was ever so excited! I love airports! I really want to fly again! I want to go to England so bad. I have to ring Gran today and organise something for next week. And Driving School too. I LOVE AIRPORTS!

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Captain Fantastic - 18 Feb., 2006 - Delete
I guess i post on the most recent...i was beeing a random looker atter too and was browsing your giant space and i find it very entertaining. Your alot more funny than those smelly people who watch oc and then be all smelly and act like smelly hoes...i was a bit worried about the oc shirt at first, but not to worry its quite ok now....maybe its an australian thing... i agree with how people shouldn't expect you to be super when your new at work. Finally well done with your life actually going somewhere with the school and the acting and the working, i hope i can get a life after high school some soon too!...cradle of filth are impolite people that is my only negative comment for anything to do with your space Goodmorrow
Picture of S Wichne
S Wichne - 4 Mar., 2006 - Delete
Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey!
How does my lovely catitlyn go? I hope all is well with you m'dear! Give me a yell, phone call or MSN message.
Picture of Cassius Vianna
Cassius Vianna - 18 Aug., 2006 - Delete
I loved your video in youtube.
pretty congratulations!
Picture of bruna
bruna - 20 Aug., 2006 - Delete
hi my name is Bruna and lives in Brazil I loved its blog and its videos in youtube very fun I do not speak very well English but he gives to turn me rsrs if you will have msn there me add ok? My msn is
Picture of Daniel Hewat
Daniel Hewat - 21 Aug., 2006 - Delete
Hey! i was just on myspace watching your vids. Your mad!
id be glad to hear from you
Picture of Camila Almeida
Camila Almeida - 27 Aug., 2006 - Delete
its very nice your videos
Picture of eduardo gomez
eduardo gomez - 10 Jan., 2007 - Delete
Well...hi there you¡¡, the name's Caitlin right?(sorry if i misspelled it)..dunno, was just sailing around Youtube and i foud one of your videos...i'll be honest, the main attraction was that you're really cute(i oughta be like the viewer number zillion that says that rite?) but then again looks it's not the only thing and you're actually kinda, made a swift googling and wop there's your fan site(i don't know if i'm really your fan...i hated with all my guts this one video in the wich you rapped...ugh¡¡) and that's where i got your msnspace...and here i am..just posting a lil' comment to you...don't know if i wanna contact i'll simply tell you that i loved your eyes(seriously they're bloodie cute) and leave the rest to you...hopefully you'll at least give a look to my space('s in spanish though so i don't know what you'll see in it) and i give you some info on my personna.
my name's Eduardo and i'm from Colombia(if you're good at geography u'll know where it is..and that we speak spanish) i speak english and french apart from the mother thongue(spanish just in case you forgot lol)i'm 17, and thebirthday is on decemer 13th...i guess that's about all you'd need to know...if any curiosity reaches you...just..i don't me somehow....anyway
i gotta get out of here(favorite movie Scent of a Woman with Pacino...just because i'm a tango dancer) i need some sleep.
best wishes and good luck
Picture of Someone on Windows Live
Ale - 18 Jan., 2007 - Delete
Hello Caitlin!!!
Im Alejandro from Argentina....
Well, Ireally feel stupid doing what Im doing.. but Im already doing it!
I will like to know u, just everybody does....
maybe u will ask urself, Why would I add alejandro to my msn??
I really dont know!
But u will make me happy, thts sounds to cursi...
but its real...
I dont know how did I found u, Im surprised the famous u r now...
maybe u already was born famous, who knows..
well caitlin, as I said b4, I'll love to chat with u
If I had the chance to make somebody happen, Ill use it
U got it! use it!
Picture of Chloe Ashton
Chloe Ashton - 23 Jan., 2007 - Delete
Quoting the latest blog from ur myspace page and possibly the vid "social suicide part1"-
I had purposefully trapped myself in an imaginary world where I was still 8 and Harry Potter loved me. I probably started this when during a boring class at school, I stopped listening. I switched off. I did not want to have to think about assignments and how to calculate Tax... I switched off. I opened my school book to a new page and I made myself my own timetable. A magic timetable. Now you might be able to see why all I could talk about for a time was Harry Potter. The land that J.K. Rowling had created was an escape for someone who could not face the real world.
Caitlin, everyone does that at some point!! Ur normal, well from what I can tell. Everyone wanted Harry Potter to be real so they could love him. Not me, just the large majority.
I could blame it on the fact that I had become friends with a girl who was destructive and put me down.
Join the club (we have jackets!). I went through that as well. It was grade 5 and....o god, (shudders)bad times, very bad times. Except she blackmailed me and told her mother lies so @ the school disco she (her mother) came up to me and yelled @ me. Not to many kids have to go through with their friends' mothers/fathers yelling @ them. I guess I'm lucky.
Ok, on to Social Suicide
I was a loner between grade 4-7. I had some friends, but they would play the game, lets run away from Chloe.
And I was tall, so it kinds looks a bit strange when everyone is in their little groups and this tall person has no-one. I would walk around the oval, day after day. Like you did.
It's not fun..
I found a escape, the library computer..I would go and basically every lunch time I would go and sit at the computer table and just surf the net and play these random games.
I started high school in 2006, and one year into it, I think it is going well. Things can only get better, (U know the song, maybe)
U may be wondering, where is this going....
Answer: I have NO idea.
Caitlin, you are as normal as they can get. As 4 the people (I will put this a nice way) who just have nothing better to do than send you sexual or just plain rude comments, just don't listen or take them to heart, they will know that they have won when you start saying you are weak. Do me a favour, please do not try to mess with time-zones, the results are painful, been there, done that. Don't PLEASE!!
Picture of ·caRlitooos
·caRlitooos - 29 Jan., 2007 - Delete
Hola*.. !!¡
Me llamo carlos y soy de un pueblo de castellon en españa.. concretamente betxí. Bueno solo decirte que encantan tus videos de youtube i me rio mucho con ellos.. la verdad es que no entiendo nada pero solo de ver las caras ya tengo suficiente para arrancarme una sonrisa.. Espero que sigas colgando videos en you tube.. que no me quiero perder ni uno..!!!!!!!
Tam poco entiendo nada de tu space.. ya que por desgracia no se me da muy bien el ingles.. en el instituto siempre lo supendia.. pero en fin que le vamos a hacer na die es perfecto.. o eso creo.. ¬¬'..
alguna vez podrias probar poner alguna cancion house en algun video.. es lo mas de la musica.. bueno ya eh sido demasiado charlatan.. muchas palabras para tan poco sentido.. Espero your coment in my space.. o no.. cm tu lo prefieras o lo veas conveniente..
Pd: el cartelito ese de la pelicula "laverynt" me ha recordado que de pequeño la veia mucho y me gustaba muchisimo !! me ha dado muy buenos recuerdos.. thank you !
ta lueks !
Picture of Giulia Traini
Giulia Traini - 20 Feb., 2007 - Delete
your website is pretty cool ^_^
kisses from italy.
Picture of Humberto Perez Pichardo
Humberto Perez Pichardo - 10 Apr., 2007 - Delete
hello Caitlin i love your videos on youtube you are great making videos CONGRATULATIONS!! I want to meet you and talk with ya :-) bye

Wednesday, 4 January 2006

A Happy New Year brings Happy News!

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 17 year old self.

Well, I had a crap day today. I had a sneaky little plan going that if work calls me for these 2 days, I'm out and cannot work. But Grandma forgot this plan and woke me up and gave me the phone, and I got asked to work, couldn't say no, so I went to work. In a cab, because it was just too hot to work, especially if you start at 12. The shift hour wasnt that bad, but we had no air con, and it was fully crap. People really need to realise, that I have only been working there for 4 months now, so I dont see how I can be completely up to speed with them all. But oh well.

Anyway, I bought myself the Willy Wonka DVD and borrowed out the Crucible - argh, the audition is next Tuesday! It's so close!!! And left, and then had to race back again, because I left the Willy Wonka DVD there. LoL.

Anyways, went home and started to watch Birth which is only a 2 and 1/2 star movie, even though Nicole Kidman is in wasn't very good. Good idea, but just not satisfying enough as a movie. And a weeny little bit too complicated, so you have to go back to it in your head later, and then you get! So that's what happened. That kind of thing.

EDIT 10/07/10: Without googling this film, I have no recollection of it at all.

Anyway the point is, I got a call, from the AAA and I can't believe it, but I got into their School of Excellence - because I can take direction!!! Harray! I'm so excited! I am going to put my all into these classes, because I am so thankful that I got in. Thankyou Lord and thankyou AAA!

Anyway so that's great! Ja? I just hope it doesn't clash too much with Charlie Brown - SOE comes first, thats for sure.

This is what is going down right now, I'm learning lines for Charlie, learning audition pieces for Crucible, thinking about BTG's Bugsy Malone, hoping I get to be Stage Manager for Snr Theatre's production. (I don't know why I want to do it so badly.) And working at Blockbuster. The rest of what is going on this year is pretty unclear, but already it is busy. And that is how I like it.

I want to work more nights at Blockbuster. I love my nights, but I work better at night. Days are just not my thing, they are for relaxing. I'm a Night Owl, always have been, and work better at that period of time...I'm practically Nocturnal sometimes.

Anyway, must depart...lots to do...not really, I just wanna watch Bride & Predjudice, and get to watching the Crucible...I'm watching them all in order you see, and I have to watch Bridget Jones 1 before Bridget Jones 2...even though I've seen them both twice, I just want too, it's my process leave me alone.

Love Always The Excited Lord of the Ring and The School of Excellence Girl!

EDIT 10/07/10: I have no idea who this person below is and what they are talking about. Ha.

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Someone on Windows Live - 29 Jan., 2006 - Delete
um excuse me but i can do wat i want i dnt hav 2 use my own words if i dnt want 2! n ur blog is extremly borin i think ya need 2 change it.
Picture of Someone on Windows Live
Someone on Windows Live - 29 Jan., 2006 - Delete
um excuse me but i can do wat i want i dnt hav 2 use my own words if i dnt want 2! n ur blog is extremly borin i think ya need 2 change it.