Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Australian Ballet's Swan Lake: a short opinion by an enthusiast

Well, that certainly wasn't my favorite ending of Swan Lake. I feel like a bad woman for preferring either the swan to die or a happy ending. I know it serves the bastard right for being fooled by smoke and mirrors, but with all the other versions, and being so far back in the theatre, it was hard to tell what was happening to him... and then suddenly he dead! And bam! Over.

That's how it should be, and good on the Aus Ballet for choosing that ending... but I was disappointed at first.

I love Amber Scott's feet. The Cygnets were delightful and the direction/choreography that seemed to slow down time for a moment was quite mesmerizing and obviously takes great skill.

This course makes me notice things more, the story, the patterns, the meaning of moves, the light moving the time of day, jokes... I used to need a program to tell me every thing.

I feel more awake when watching ballet instead of being in a day-dream.

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