Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Thank You, Life!

Thank you for showing me your desktops. I'm glad my latest assignment is over so that I can now delete all these files that are messing up mine now.

I've been having computer issues lately. iMovie09 quits after every edit, and I tried to follow suggestions on the various advice pages but it's still not working right. I'm sure there's no chance of getting back to YouTube if it shuts down after every edit. My videos often have so many edits, I think I'd go mad.

I wanted to shout to the world how grateful I am for yesterday. I was really happy because my assignment, though last minute, was on track. I thought I'd have it done before midnight (but I always misjudge just how fiddly keynotes and edits are) and was feeling quite inspired about the whole thing.
Then I got a call saying that I had to work, I was "on call", but I never usually expect to work Tuesdays so hadn't even thought of the possibility of working. I broke down immediately, it was quite pathetic and I realized it was happening at the time, but I was so panicked and I guess much more stressed about my assignment than I realized.
I was shaking and breathing deeply and crying. I was so mad at myself for not being ready.

Then, while on the way to work, making notes to my assignment on my phone while on the bus, I got a call that all these tables had cancelled and therefore I was cancelled too! I was so happy! I felt so lucky! I could hardly believe it! I got off the bus at the next stop, crossed the road and went home.

I had such a good night working. I am very finicky, so I was still up to almost 4AM anyway, so you can imagine how much I appreciated not working, as I may not have had any sleep at all.

Richard Brinsley Sheridan in all his finery (which wasn't much in the end, poor fellow).

The only problem was that my Keynote would only show the very last slide, and when I exported it to powerpoint, it did not open at all, and so I had to export it to Quicktime, which ruined it's quality a little bit, but now I know what to do if this happens again.

I was worried that the presentation might not make any sense when I read it the next day, but I'm getting much better at proof-reading my work when tired, and so when I performed there were no strange paragraphs or foreign sections I didn't recognize. I had read it enough in the wee hours, that it was all very familiar. People seemed to like it, I received some compliments and also just felt very confident in what I was presenting as I was presenting it, which doesn't often happen.

I had a lot of fun for the rest of the lesson and was feeling so grateful for the twist of fate or whatever happened in the world for those people to cancel the tables (hopefully it was not for any bad reason). I wanted to thank someone, something, do something for someone for the world.

This won't always happen. There will be days where work won't be cancelled. I have to learn to have an assignment ready at least by the 2nd last night before the assessment is due, so if there are any last minute hiccups, it won't cause me to freak out so badly.

So thank you, Life! Thank you, world! Thank you, fate or whatever is greater!
I'm going to do something good for life in return. I'm going to work on being good for life for a while, I'm just so relieved.

LAST WEEKEND: I went looking at new places to live. We looked at two and applied for one. It's usually not as easy as that, so I won't be surprised if we don't get it.

YESTERDAY: Was dramatic, but before the drama I was in high spirits. I leapt out of bed at the right time and was really looking forward to Movement class. It's always a challenge, but it's like a puzzle I have to solve. We also received our posters and flyers for our upcoming performance. So I'm sure some of you will see me posting that around the Internet.

TOMORROW: We have Production Theatre and more group presentations. We did ours last week, so it will be nice to just relax and watch. The restaurant I work at also has some kind of charity dinner, so I get to dress up... Someone is having sex on the floor above me. Squeak-a squeak-a squeak-a squeak-a. Ugh. Oh, and here come the noises. Ah man, awkward. If I hear it without wanting to, then you have to imagine hearing it too! Ha-ha! Suckers! :P Don't get me wrong, sex is sex, whatever, but sometimes it just sounds so ridiculous.