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The End of Things - VOX

About Me:

"Another place to write..."

My name is Caitlin Hill and I was 18 years old when I started this blog. I am now 20 years old.

I want to be involved in the Entertainment Industry, but am currently in "new media".

As an 18 year old, my first few blogs seemed to be based around Men, I shall try to continue this. It's completely inappropriate, but I am a decent person and hopefully you wont judge me too much.

music, theatre, internet, editing, books, film, acting, directing

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I only wrote 7 entries, 6 of which appear on this site now, the 5th was just an answer to a question and was not important in the slightest.

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this is should be oooo oooo yeah! fun for everyone! :p

I wasn't very interested in VOX, but I did like the QotD, which was occasionally inspiring.

Goodbye, VOX, goodbye!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Life In 2009, According To iTunes; TV Shows & More

or TV Shows I Would Like To Watch, Since I Don't Watch TV That Often
and the trials and tribulations that follow when does not watch TV often...



I first became aware of Glee by working with Fox to help promote the series. After watching some of the episodes, I fell deeply in love with the show and wanted to do anything for it to stay around for an exhaustive while.

I love a good pilot. A good pilot will keep me around longer than an unsatisfactory pilot that, "just needs time to grow" and a fabulously sung rendition of "Don't Stop Believin'" by a hopeful pack of teens makes it a good pilot. Especially when it makes you cry.

I loved the characters, though felt that some of the students performances were kind of weak or tired in the first few episodes (but that may be understandable considering how much bloody work they do). However, Matthew Morrison, who plays Will Schuester, the new Glee teacher, really brings it. He's charming, he knows how to move, and you understand instantly why Guidance Counselor, Emma Pillsbury (played by wide-eyed, skinny lady, Jayma Mays) is head-over-heels in love with him.

I am confused as to why the series is so incredibly long (these days I am used to a good 12 episode season) and why they thought it was a good idea to take such a long break, it probably is a good idea, since they'll build momentum with a show and quick twitter search shows that lots of people are still getting into it, but still, want. glee. now.

I also like this show because its easily accessible online. You can pay for it and own it or you can watch it for free for a good chunk of time, I think that's fair and how all TV shows should be in the online world... because I love Glee, but that love did not stop me from missing the last few episodes before it went on break. I have NO CLUE WHAT IS HAPPENING. I AM FREAKING OUT. No, it's okay, I'm fine. I'm fine.

I also just left this office suite where a girl who was about the same size and look of Lea Michele and that really freaked me out, and somehow, we don't like each other. I don't not like her really, because I don't know her. But due to those weird mystical forces that rub you the wrong way, I just know that we don't like each other. It's sad, really.

30 Rock

I think Tina Fey is a genius writer and comedian, and I am glad she brought Alec Baldwin back to a good place, and I LOVE that the freaking guy she is obsessed with for four episodes is JON HAMM. I only recognized him after watching a whole season of Mad Men and seeing him cry, "Aww, too soon," in an promotion clip for the show. But when those episodes were actually new, I had no idea who he was... it's the hair. With his hair floppy, he's a whole other person.

I really don't find Tracey Morgan that funny, but I probably will one day. One day, I'll get it. Its happened before. Will Ferrell. Just didn't get it. One day, re-watched one of his films and the next thing you know I was renting his SNL DVD. So hopefully that will happen with Tracey and I.

I am not a faithful 30 Rocker, though. I was regularly aware of the last season's episodes when I lived with people who knew how to remember how TV programming works and could keep those dates in their minds or sometimes I'd watch it with Luke on his Apple TV or just his computer, but now, with those people lost, I will probably miss it all over again.

Breaking Bad

I have never seen this show, I can't wait to finally watch it one day. What am I waiting for? I don't know. Lot's of money to spend on DVDs or Downloads. I don't want to only be able to afford one season or episode and not the others, so I will bide my time. I'm excited... sigh, "viewing life" would be so much easier if I just freaking understood that at a certain time, you stop what you're doing and you go home and watch television... That was rarely a part of my life except for three shows, Charmed (the season when Paige comes to town), The O.C until the third season... and Lost, for only one season. If I miss an episode, I pack up my mind and go home for the rest of the season, and then I'll buy it one big go like I do with Gossip Girl.

Mad Men

I bought this season on Blu-Ray before I had even watched an episode. I knew it was good because everybody loved it. I liked how it looked, I had some cash and I spent. It took me ages to finally watch it, and when I did I became a very happy person for a couple of weeks.

While watching the extras on the first season, a lot of the cast members discussed how Mad Men was such a popular script during Pilot Season and how everyone wanted to be on the show and how everyone wanted that audition, and if I were older and living in New York during that time, I'm sure I'd also be one of the envious hopefuls who was vying for any possible whiff of Mad Men action.

I wish I hadn't known the plotlines I already heard people gossip about or the great reviews I read in magazines, because it made the ending of the first episode a little anti-climactic, since I was expecting the whole time, but I could imagine what a shock that might have been for unsuspecting viewers and envy their role in that shock.

Jon "Stop that!" Hamm is brilliant as Draper, transfixing and confusingly steady and cool, you know where his minds at and then he throws you completely, same goes for Betty Draper, played by the gorgeous January Jones. Then there is the stunning, Christina Hendricks and Elizabeth Moss, who is a confident actor and very admirable.

The boys are great too, my favourite being slimy, bittersweet, Pete Campbell, played by the Vincent Kartheiser who always seems pleased as punch to be doing what he's doing.

I have only seen Season One so far, I was going to wait until I could own Season Two and Three but I may just have to rent them from Netflix. I can barely describe the show because I'm still amongst the powdered cheeks and gin-soaked breath and I can't possibly have any idea of what the fuck is going on until I can delve amongst the bones.

Or I could sum it, cruelly, with SNL's rather terrible version of the theme song (they could have done better, I'm sure), "Mad Men, Mad Men, 60's, Cigarettes..."

Battlestar Galactica

The only episode I have watched was the last 10 minutes of the last episode ever. Isn't that terrible. Nevertheless, it has that guy from Bridget Jones and a lot of other people from other places, and so, I want to also become a fan of this and be just like you.


I was really excited about this show when its pilot was being promoted. I was pumped. I was like, I missed out on the hype of Firefly, I was always too young to stay up late and watch Buffy, but this show, this show I will bring the love for. I will be there and I will fight with the rest of them when it is ultimately canceled... because that just seems to happen, but hey, here's hoping they grow some balls at let the show grow. So, then the premiere day rolls around and what happens, I forget... I can't find it... I forget again... I catch a snippet of it... I forget to look for it online due to all the other crap online getting in my way (such as writing a blog about not being able to watch it) and there we are. Another future love, just waiting, brimming over in beautiful Eliza Dushkuness.

The Simpsons

What Season are they up to? It always seems like a ridiculously small number... "Oh, they are only up to that many seasons? Well, that's strange. You would think they'd be up to Season 23 by now," so I'll go check on IMDB and tell you its at... Season 21. Well then... Would you look at that... pretty much as many as I thought... that didn't really help my joke... um. Yeah, not far off at all. Which means The Simpsons is as old as me in Seasons. Cool. Maybe I can use that as some kind of reasoning for using far too many Simpsons quotes for day-to-day things, like TV or Chairs, by saying, "Well, hey, The Simpsons is myyyy... teacher, mother, secret lover." Sigh. I did it again.

I still get a chuckle out of the show and quotes, of course. At least one solid one from every episode. I have always found that The Simpsons has one really big laugh and the rest is either moral tales or giggles or smiles and if you get more than one big laugh in an episode you've struck yellow gold. I am sure I have missed entire seasons and I am sure I have seen every episode of at handful of seasons, but you can never tell, because other than the voice actors changing, its all one big beautiful yellow blur.

Family Guy

I haven't watched this show in a while. I always enjoy it. There is usually always more than one big laugh and there is usually always one sentence that you want to memorize for an inappropriate moment.

Ken Burns: The National Parks - America's Best Idea

I love how each episode is a feature-length. This was one premier that my mind could not let me miss. I almost got through the whole thing and then Molly called and told me that I was coming out. I was like, no, I don't think I-and she was all, "Yes, you are!" and I think she was right and I had a good time, though I have no idea what it was for.

Another series to buy on DVD or watch online on iTunes/Netflix... all you need to know is that, yes, it really is the best idea. Ever.

Reality TV Is Not For Me
I don't really ever want to watch any kind of reality TV other than America's Next Top Model and VH1's Scream Queens, even though I haven't seen anyone I really like in ANTM and Scream Queens hasn't come out yet, but is going to be awesome. Acting and Horror Games. Best. Thing. Ever. Hopefully James Gunn will make an appearance at least once. I'll miss him.

Gossip Girl

I purchased episodes of Season One until I was up to date with the Television and actually remembered to tune in for all of it. I was quite pleased, but then again, I am one of the many children of Schwartz. His witty retort is our command... or something.
Season Two I tried to keep up with but ended up missing episodes and losing interest until I bought the expensive season on iTunes and watched like a rabid beast. Coke was foaming at my mouth. I'd lie for hours, getting smellier and smellier while watching more beautiful people float across the screen and Jenny Humphrey increasingly scary and Chuck becoming more and more of everything we ever wanted and Serena become sort of annoying. I even got a certain male hooked.

Molly and I and Felicia too would try to do Gossip Girl night. That lasted for a few episodes of the second and maybe some of the third. We played Nylon's Gossip Girl shot-game, but then I'd be busy or something or they would watch ahead of me (understandably because I wasn't around and I wouldn't deny GG to anyone) and so I gave up. I'll just wait until it's all on iTunes and become a Coke Cola Monster all over again.

It's sad to admit when I actually fan-girled enough to go down to the set and watch them set up the shot that we couldn't see because they shooting on location...inside. It was still brilliant fun though, and a gorgeous day.

I don't want Gossip Girl to lose it's punch. I don't want the show to MB all over again. What? I didn't say anything.

Wizards of Waverly Place

I try to enjoy this show, but I'm really not interested. They always get themselves tangled up in love and though I appreciate being able to watch the cute brother and the cute sister, my levels of care don't rise that high... plus, interestingly enough, it is not something the kids I live with watch all that much anyway. I love Selena Gomez though... and will probably watch the movie someday and love it... and become the fabled Coke Monster for it.

REAL LIFE RIGHT NOW: I am going out to get some candy, because this is so long and I don't know why I have to do it, but I have to do it because I will feel awesome when I finish doing it. After this blog, I have 5 drafts left to finish writing and then I will even better! I can't wait. I'm going to CVS, baby.


Back, and I bought pickles, soft brown cookies, reese's piece's shaped eggs and a hair straightener... ha.

Hannah Montana

I just really don't find it funny. I somehow find myself watching it with the kids, which is happening less and less since they are on the computer more and more or I'm strong and do something else with my time when I have to "mind" them. Every now and then Miley gets me with her Texas charm, but I'm just not charmed.

Top Gear

Oh, my parents watch this all the time. Jay Leno totally stole their concept for his show.

South Park

I don't watch it enough. I am either bored or laughing hysterically depending on the episode. My favourite was the Osama bin Laden episode where it's like a Warner Bros. cartoon. I feel guilty for saying that I enjoyed it, but it was quite well done.


I first heard about this show from Natalie when she mentioned that someone had wrote her telling her that she was iCarly and I was Sam and that they had stolen our lives. So, I googled and went on the site and wasn't really impressed and if I ever stumbled across the earlier episodes throughout the last few years I would still be unimpressed... and then, after a few too many sit downs in front of the TV with the ladies of the house, I started to find it funny. Carly started loosening up, Spencer started to become hot and funny, Sam started becoming really funny, and Freddy too, just recently, probably after the iSaved Your Life episode started becoming funnier to me and cuter.

It disturbs me so much to enjoy it, but they do a pretty good job. Definitely more enjoyable then the other tween comedies on Disney.

True Blood

I was so excited for this show when I first saw the ads around town. I thought, wow, this is brilliant! What an idea! Then I missed the first episode, as usual and came into the second one late and it was really weird and there were so many characters and I was completely turned off. I find something unsophisticated about it and I don't know why.... could be the author... but what have I ever done?

I really like Anna Paquin and I know just from hearing it about it all the time that it's got a lot of people captivated and there are great actors in the show all the time, I'll get in the loop eventually and love it, I'm sure.


Luke and I really wanted to get caught up on this show because the advertisements for the new series looked so good, but it never happened for me. Another future box set purchase, I'm sure. I want to see John Lithgow!

The Office

Something I'll stumble on from time to time. Sometimes there are classic lines and other times I feel like I'm wasting time. I still like the UK Office more, though I like the individual actors (apart from Ricky Gervais and Martin Freeman) in the US series more and I'm always excited to see them in new films. John Krasinski was the best thing about It's Complicated.


I've told this story so many times... I don't know why I'm forcing myself to tell it again. I'm sure nobody is reading this far down. My Mum and I would watch Season One together, it was a good time. I'd come back from Theatre, that weird Las Vegas show would just be finishing and it would come on. Followed by that american race show that I'm forgetting the name of right now. I loved that show!

Anyway, then theatre rehearsals went longer and I couldn't keep up with the second season, so I just gave up. I'm so glad this is the final season so that I can one day buy the box set or something and catch up with everyone.


I just watched part of an episode this evening. It's still a great show. I was surprised that the whole cast was still there, I thought they had changed everything. I'm glad they haven't completely.

Same story with LOST really, avid watcher of the first season. Missed a few episodes of the second and just fell out of touch. Definitely one for the box sets though.

I mainly really loved this show when it first started for Hugh Laurie of course, but mainly for Robert Sean Leonard, because I had only just seen Dead Poets Society and thought he was dreamy and wonderful and bam, there he was.


I wanted to watch the LA one, because of Chris O'Donnell, but I am just not a TV person. I've discussed that before.


I didn't realized Freddie Prinze Jr. was still acting until I read a NY Magazine article about the show, which I have never watched. Definitely want to watch one day.

Not Mentioned:

Law and Order

Oh man, I want to get my hands on Law and Order: Criminal Intent Season One so badly... and watch all the episodes of the new season with Jeff Goldblum too. I love that show. I find SVU a little too dramatic and Law and Order a little too mild, Criminal Intent is just perfect for me. Plus Detective Goren? Oh man, give me a tissue.


Internet started to get too slow to get through Season Two quickly on Netflix. I was also starting to get annoyed with Cassie so I had to take a break. Season Two's are always difficult to get through.

I'm just really glad I was not a teenager when I saw this film. I'm easily influenced and I really didn't need these kids giving me any kind of impression of a how a cool, yet dysfunctional teen should be. Since, my life was fairly ordinary. Maybe because I was always dancing or doing theatre. I think you rebel less if you're super passionate about something and have something live for and nobody is stopping you from doing it.

Spartacus is the biggest gay romp on TV right now. It's soft core porn for men and women and it just makes you feel really naughty. Plus a lot of the men who have female love interests still come off extremely homosexual, which is fine and probably fitting, but I wonder whether the TV people behind the show want them to come off that way (like managers making musicians pretend they are single) or if the actors just can't act straight that well.

Spongebob Square Pants

Every now and then an episode will come on, because it's always on here, that will make me laugh and recently they aired the 'Normal' episode where normal people are portrayed as smooth and shiny and it was just such a good thing for a kids TV show to do. I really enjoyed it.


I knew when I saw Victoria Justice in the last episode of Zoey 101 (best episode ever, because the writers take a visible stab at Jamie-Lynn Spears with a "You're not pregnant, right?" joke - so awkward) that she was going to do really well.

She's very pretty and looked very thin (that's not why I thought she would do well, it was just one of those visible, almost too thin, moments) and seemed to have a little spark all her own.
When I saw some other episodes (somehow, probably on The N), I was like, 'I think Nickelodeon really wants her to be a big deal.' And hey, now they've given her her own show and it sounds like she can really sing, which is good, and she'll be blasting up Radio Disney (much to their horror) most likely and we'll see more of her in Tiger Beat... or at least, you know... tweens will. Not me.

Ha, I have read a Tiger Beat but never purchased one. This is a good thing for me.

I was looking forward to this show and it's alright. I really like the Elizabeth Gillies and Ariana Grande, they are a nice fresh take on typical stereotypes popular with sitcoms.

Big Time Rush

I don't listen to the story line, I spend my time counting up evidence for who I believe is gay or not in this group. It's not easy to do, because people aren't defined by their sexuality but their personality, but I still try to build up evidence for my case... What else am I meant to be doing while baby sitting? Cleaning? Taking care of children?

EXTRA - Best Apps of 2009

The only Apps I've played are Flight Control, which I discovered from Luke, and was pleased as punch when I read in TONY that Ricky Gervais was also enjoying that game, and The Moron Test, which is actually quite fun and not as moronic as I thought it was going to be.

The only audio book I have ever listened to was a X Files novel and I have a lot of podcasts in my feed, but usually don't listen to it, since I have music to play with and the WNYC radio station to fall in love with.

So, that's my review of iTunes 2009 completed. I'm so glad I'm almost done with reflecting on 2009 so I can start enjoying 2010. I am a procrastinator, obviously, but I'm working really hard at my procrastination so I can get it over and done with faster. I hope you're all moving forward with your own lives and watching the Good TV and reading when the Bad TV is on.

The Slouch and The Gotta Be On A Call At 3PM Haven't Even Left The House Yet Fuck My Life

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The End of Things - LiveVideo

Deleting my multiple LiveVideo accounts is proving to be a bit of task because remembering my password sure didn't come easily. I had multiple accounts, Hill88, TheHill and CaitlinHill, maybe TheHill88, I'm not sure. Only 2 of them had an actual profile.

Oh, the hubbub surrounding the launch of LiveVideo. How we all scrambled to get our names so that nobody could pose as us. It was such an ordeal. An utterly pointless, totally contrived ordeal. All that time wasted on creating a persona that I know longer feel like I belong to. I could have been doing something much more worthwhile for the world.

Either way, here lies the remains of Caitlin Hill, 2007.

1st account

About Me:

I sleep for too long and then don't sleep enough!


Millions of Peaches!!! RUN!!!


I deleted it before I copied it, but I'm fairly certain I went all The Simpsons on it and just quoted: "From now on the baby sleeps in the crib... Iron helps us play... Woohhauaahauauah... Hello, Joe!" Scary stuff.


Super Crappy Town

Favourite Hobbies:

Eating cheese and crackers - oh, wow, I totally remember that. I was really into cheese and crackers. My grandma was awesome and had cheese and crackers around the house all the time. Aww, man, now I want to eat that.

Favourite Movies:

The Pursuit of Happyness - one of those films that makes you want to work and live harder.

Drop Dead Fred - watching this as lonely teenager is a bad idea. Crushes ensue.

The Goonies - a classic that my kids, if I ever have them, will grow up on.

Labyrinth - tight blue tights = instant classic.

The Breakfast Club - discovered this after high school, unfortunately. How I wished it was play that we could all do at school.

Favourite Music:

Anything that isn't bad.

Favourite Books:

I'm really digging the Bible at the moment..., I'm not.

Oh, but I certainly remember the days when I was. I felt so good.

2nd account

About Me:

I am a confused little individual.




Wednesday, January 17, 2007 at 2:26am
Hello! Or should I live up to my Australian culture and say: G'Day? Hmm.
It's fun to be a secret. I like this.



Favourite Hobbies:

Making videos.

Gathering knoweledge. <- ahem, aww, Caitlin. You go gather that knoweledge now. When you're done maybe you can gather some knowledge and make it a real party. Oh dear. This is so funny and so perfect!

Looking at job search sites. - aww, that's right, I quit my job for YouTube before there was a partnership. Ha.

Remembering to watch the cable I pay for (idiot!) - oh man, I didn't cancel that account until I was in New York. I'm such a silly. I doubt I'll ever pay for cable again.



Favourite Movies:


HAPPY FEET - I saw this at on New Years Eve, 2006 with Emma. We loved it, the party we went to afterwards could not compare. We laid out on the road, staring at the moon, befuddled by our melancholy.

THE DEPARTED - I saw this with my school group of friends and I loved it. Some people had Taxi Driver as the film that made them realize that Martin Scorsese is a great filmmaker, I had The Departed. The cast, the amazing original script, the camera techniques, the theme song by the Drop Dead Murphys and the original score by Howard Shore, that always sweeps me back into the film whenever it pops up on my iTunes. And Vera Farmiga's breakout role, what actress wouldn't have loved to of had had the chance to play that character? It was just perfect.

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE - ah yes, Paul Dano's performance was remarkable and seeing Steve Carrell play a dramatic role was lovely. One of the few comedic actors who can pull it off, without people getting confused.

CHILDREN OF MEN - oh, man, revolutionary filmmaking! The glorious long shots where you don't realize til the very end that, oh, holy shit, that was all in on take, what the fuck! The new camera techniques and way of filming things. Just brilliant.

THE PRESTIGE - strangely, this was the film that made me realize that wasting my time sitting in an conveyancing office might not be the way to go about things. It made me want to act, to give my life to it. I felt a huge weight upon my shoulders from some intense presence that made me quit the very next day. It definitely did lead to this and it was quite magical for a while, but magic tricks don't last forever... except in this film.

A Nightmare before Christmas - I saw this as a kid and then, probably at 15, saw that it was coming on cable and begged my friends to let me come over and watch it. Then I got the DVD for Christmas, which was great because it had his short films on it. Then came the merchandise, I could only afford a bag. Then I started seeing these other people wearing the shit all the time, bragging about their wallets. Meanwhile, I was writing the first half of ANBC into a stage musical... like, every other Burton Musical Theatre nerd, I'm sure. It's Sally that really gets to me, I think everyone knows how it feels to love someone so great that you feel so small. "I sense there's something in the wind..."

Alfie (original) - Oh, so I guess I have seen the original. I thought the clips in my mind were just from seeing snippets of it around the internets. Guess not. Weird.

Archie - ??? Nothing comes up in IMDB.

All or Nothing - best acting ever, - Interesting. Timothy Spall is an awesome actor, but I don't really remember this film. Must watch again, I guess.

Hook - classic. Anyone who didn't get watch this as a child should have their parents locked up for a night. Don't make the same mistake to your children! (Jokes, do what you like)

Anita and Me - I like this film. I found the accents a little hard to understand and if you asked me the plot I wouldn't be able to tell you it. All I remember is the line... "It means he really, really loves me."

Trainspotting - I love the ending of this film so much.

The Beach - well, most of you know I love this film. One of the few films I've watched enough times to see almost everything wrong with it. I could easily write a essay on it if asked, which is quite something because my brain explodes usually when the word essay is brought up. Still, love the essence of this film. I listen to the soundtrack whenever I fly over the Pacific Ocean.

Benny & Joon - a sweet little film that I probably should watch when I'm older.

Liar Liar - I love this film. Jim Carrey at his best. I love the gag reel.

Lost in La Mancha - oh man, what a tragedy.

Kurt & Courtney - throws up a lot of theories but I'm not going to believe a word of it until there is perfect evidence.

Bugsy Malone - haha, - definitely not my favourite. I wish they hadn't used adult voices for the songs. That was so lame.

Thirteen - well, the first commentary to a film that I ever watched. I loved this film. I think I like how this film came together more though.

Sixteen Candles - in the scene where the family piles into the car, watch the old lady just pretend to sit down on the outside of the car. It's so obvious, I don't know why they didn't just make her sit on someone's lap.

The Court Jester - I grew up watching this film. I hope to watch it again some day soon.

Master & Commander - I think my Mum and Grandma went to see this film because they liked how the lead character has a err, similar name.

LOTR - It was like a Christmas present for three years. I remember going to a marathon where the third film would premiere at like 3 in the morning. Trying to stay awake through the 2nd film for the 3rd was really tough. It was light when we left the theatre.

Crash - I originally listed it twice. Yeah, I liked it.

Edward Scissorhands - a classic. I always get so angry though while watching, it could have turned out much better for all.

Plan 9 From Outer Space - cuz it was so bad it was good. - Ha, if I was to know that I would now be a part of a world of people trying to remake this and close friends with the ultimate reincarnation of Ed Wood (apart from the cult like status) I... I... would be very concerned for my future self :)

White Oleander - I'm so confused. I thought I hadn't seen this film. Man, it just goes to show how easily your brain can delete a film if it doesn't resonate with you at the time you watch it.

The Basketball Diaries - a knock-you-out emotional roller-coaster. I've been wanting to watch this again for a while.

The Crucible - I think I've already talked about this film... When I saw Arthur Miller's A View From The Bridge, I heard John Proctor's cry, towards the end of the play, "Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life!" I have yet to study all his plays but I suspect Miller had issues with identity (?)

Cruel World - I admired Edward Furlong in American History X but I was disappointed to see him in this film, though I could understand the appeal. And seeing the "too gay to function" guy from Mean Girls, Daniel Franzese, in this film also made me a little sad. But hey, look, Edward Furlong seems to be doing really well, he's got 4 films coming out in 2010, I'm so glad he's still working and Daniel Franzese looks awesome! Ah, Time, you're so fun.

Thumbsucker - *spoiler alert* He stops sucking his thumb. Keanu Reeves plays Keanu Reeves. Aw, jokes, he is lovely.

Death to Smoochy - I love this film! Edward Norton is the cutest, sexiest thing in this film. You can never look at Barney the same way again.

The Devil's Arithmetic - oh right, the made-for-television film where a young Jewish girl doesn't respect what her elders went through during World War 2, so she is subjected to intense punishment until she appreciates the tattoos on their wrists. At times, it's like, really? Overall it is an intense and sad, as are most stories from this awful past in our history.

Down With Love - I lllooovvveee this film. Too much. I would have loved to have been a part of it and I would love to make a film with the same kind of style, but of course, that wouldn't work would it?

Gerry - if you don't have any patience, do not watch this film.

Amelie - oh, who else ached when they watched this film? Who else went, woe is me, that is my life, even though it was completely different. I still think of this film whenever I'm in a rattling train or a loud, rattling train goes by. Shake, shake, shake... still a lovely and fresh piece of cinema after all these years.

Fight Club - you know, I saw the scene where he is watching himself fight... err, you know, when I was younger and still, when I finally watched it on purpose, I was surprised by the ending, but in a, 'Oh, that's what that was about,' kind of way.

All Most Famous - haha, I added into my list as All Most Famous. I wanna see that film, it'd probably be about YouTube. No, what I meant was Almost Famous. I saw that again with Alex and we decided that we were going to bring the 70's back. I went home and told my Mum and she basically said, "It's been done." Oh well, one of the greatest "road trip" films of all time.

Human Traffic - you sound like you're from londaaaan... or Cardiff, whatever.

Little Manhattan - it's great to watch this young actor, Josh Hutcherson, grow up (oh man, he is actually quite the little hottie, how frightening for me!) and Cynthia Nixon was awesome.

Fun with Dick & Jane - "you're still beautiful..."

Favourite Music:

VAST, Faith No More, Angus and Julia Stone, The Smiths, The Killers, Thirsty Merc, Little Birdy, Spiderbait, Kaiser Chiefs, Eskimo Joe, Jack Johnson, My Chemical Romance, Muse, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Imogen Heap, Jem, Sarah Blasko, Sia, David Bowie...

This is fairly accurate except that I only own a few songs by Angus and Julia Stone, I find Little Birdy a little overwhelming at times, and I don't even have my 'Best of' Spiderbait album on this computer :(, and Kate made me feel lame for liking the Kaiser Chiefs - I own Yours Truly, Angry Mob, which I don't mind.

*deep breath*

I should own more Eskimo Joe, Daniel Radcliffe was the reason I looked up Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, I dig their music, but don't own any of it, and I can't remember what Sarah Blasko sounds like anymore.

Favourite Books:

Dreamrider by Barry Jonsberg - oh man, I want to make this into a film.

The Understudy by David Nicholls - I want this to be a film too, apparently he's working on it? I can easily see this becoming my life.

Gunseller by Hugh Laurie - oh, that Mr. Laurie, this was very funny at times.

The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff - still haven't finished.

Shirley Barber, Enid Blyton, Ben Elton, Meg Cabot. - I think I've only read Ben Elton once, I was a sucker for Meg Cabot when I was growing up but not for her Princess series, just her one-offs. Shirley Barber is a beautiful illustrator and Enid Blyton, one day, Enid Blyton, you'll see! Oh, hi, I was just having a private chat with Ms. Blyton, never mind.


Sweet Bird of Youth by Tennessee Williams - while waiting for people to slowly read through A Streetcar Named Desire in Drama, I was secretly falling in love with this play. I would love to be a part of a production of it one day.

The Taming of the Shew and Romeo and Juliet and A Comedy of Errors by Williams Shakespeare 0R WAS IT???

I always feel like I've seen The Merchant of Venice, but then I'm not sure. Now I can add, Twelfth Night and As You Like It to the list. I'm coming, Shakespeare, I'll get you!

It's confusing how one profile is so aloof and the other is littered with information of my whimsies. I think I remember that I had to go back to my MySpace to remember the things I had liked because I had been spending far too much time online and had forgotten. Sad day.

Goodbye, LiveVideo, goodbye!

The End of Things - Bebo

Bebo is my first "profile" to be deleted. If you're eerily curious, you can scroll down and on the left side of the screen are my archives, now you'll see that blogs from 2005 and 2006 have been added. I don't think I started blogging until 2003, so I think that's as far as it will go, and I didn't start blogging here until 2008.

Take my use of "blogging" lightly, I mean, whoa, if you think my writing is bad now, wait until you see my 2005 self. I was all numerals and @'s and "lols" and far more elipses than I use now.

I find it quite funny, actually... I really don't understand why I typed like that.

Anyway, I've taken screenshots for old times sake and found some old profile photos of me... but here it is, my 16 year old self's Bebo profile:


I don't know why I called myself HarryHairy... Secret crush on my best friend Harry maybe (who is hairy) and definitely something to do with my love for Harry Potter (though my worst fan days were as a 15 year old) or maybe I was particularly hairy at that time? Yum.

About Me

Title: Me, Myself, and I
I am seriously the coolest person ever! I am NOT a dork at all! I love My Chemical Romance, Indie Music, Harry Potter and Disney Flicks.
I wear cool long socks and like pretending to be other people.
No, seriously, I am really cool...
Latro - The Idiotic Rambler and The Spinach Sock. AKA TheHill88 (I added this a year later)

2010 Thoughts: Indie music? Really? I have to give myself some credit, I'm sure I liked some independent bands, but I think I really meant, "Alternative," but obviously I didn't know enough of these bands well enough to like them... Probably too many O.C. soundtracks most likely...

In Year 11 at Kelvin Grove College, people wore long white socks with their uniform and it looked good. So I bought some, but when I went back to Windaroo Valley High School, I kept wearing them, in a strictly "ankle-sock" environment. People thought it was weird, and my socks started to get a lose elastic so they would fall down. I didn't mind though.

Emily pointed out one day that I was just trying to be a dag, and now I'm sure she was quite right, but not in the "look-at-me" way, but in the, "this-style-makes-me-feel-like-me" way. At the time, I was quite offended and retorted back at her with, "Well, at least I don't change myself with every single boy I go out with." The boys in the group went, "Ooooh," and all fell silent.

Emily and I didn't talk to each other, but after a few days or maybe just 48 hours, we wrote each other letters explaining our feelings and were okay, again. Just becoming more sisterly I guess, plus my retort came from my own insecurities and my fear that I was losing her to cooler friends and cooler boyfriends. It's always hard.

Either way, we both learnt something about ourselves and each other.

I wish I could pin-point the first time I used the, The Odd Adjective Noun and the Noun Noun, line... but maybe it was here! Wooo. P.S: Grammar nerds, help me out. I know the basics but then there are adverbs and weird things... Did I get it right or wrong-wrong? Don't hate! I didn't go to college!

My Chemical Romance, The Killers, Story of the Year (I couldn't name one song by them if you asked me now), The Darkness, Indie Music.

Right, Caitlin, Indie Music... I bet I couldn't name one actual independent band back then, but MyChem were there for all the nights my Mum was at her boyfriends and I remember trying so hard to acquire The Killers album I adored it so much. The Darkness still raise me up today, especially Holding My Own, it's just gorgeous.

40 Year Old Virgin - my grandparents hated me watching this film due to all the swears

8MM - one of my first encounters with Joaquin Phoenix and all his awesome

Alfie - I actually didn't like this Jude Law film, it was one of my first experiences with a drama-comedy, and I didn't understand or like those at that age... plus I hadn't seen the original with Michael Caine.

American Splendour - my Dad introduced me to the world of Harvey Pekar, and I got to experience the amazing talents of Paul Giamatti.

Bowling for Columbine - oooh, awkward, why?

Bring It On - at max I've only seen this film twice.

Bruce Almighty - definitely a favourite. I think this was one of Jim Carrey's best films before the transformation.

Casper - absolutely adore this film, I wanted a Casper. I was also called Casper in high-school due to all the pale.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory - I saw this again recently while hanging out with the Kiddies of the House, and I still find Johnny Depp funny in this film, but the film itself was a little disappointing if you want to compare it to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which is silly, because they are practically different genres.

Corpse Bride - I think I've only seen it once, but it was pretty.
The Crucible - well, when you play a part in the original play, you either love the film version or hate it, I loved it. T'was hot.

Dogville - so awkward. The behind the scenes are awesome but also awkward.

The Emperors New Groove - one of the best Disney flicks that wasn't relying on Alan Menken's talents.

Ed Wood - when my Mum was watching this one evening, I was in a grumpy mood, and said, "That sounds stupid." Then I found myself watching the rest with her and then watching the whole film again. I recently saw it with Josh and Jake one the big screen at MoMa, and loved it even more.

Father's Day - I'm surprised I saw this, I didn't realize I had.

Finding Nemo - I saw this in the cinema with Emily, and we loved it. A classic.

Forces of Nature - Sandra Bullock, she has me at my knees.

Gothika - saw this a year earlier to starting this blog. I didn't want to go to the semi-formal with a heart monitor wrapped around me, so two QDSE peeps and I went to see Gothika. It's so funny when I look back at the recording and I can see my heart rate leaping as I scream between 7 and 9ish.

Harry Potter 1234 - remember when there were only four disappointing films... that I loved and obsessed over?

Hitch - saw this at the cinema, I think. It was the Will Smith's attempts at bringing life back to New York City after September 11th, and damn, did he make it look good. I remember thinking how magical it looked. They also were giving away a Mini Cooper, but don't make me sing...

Jarhead - Harry and I went to see this at the cinema, we both left the cinema completely worn out. It's a great film.

Jesus' Son - oh right, this is my love affair with Billy Crudup.

King Kong - I saw this at the midnight opening in Australia and balled my eyes out. The poor creature.

Moulin Rouge - saw this in year 10 and fell head over heels in love with it. I wish I had seen it in the cinema. Andy Serkis did a brilliant job.

Mr & Mrs Smith - you can't really get into this if you're 16, haven't had sex yet or been a serious relationship. Now, I find it funnier... but not as funny as I may have found it if I was in a serious relationship like all the annoying couples who were in the cinema with us.

A Nightmare On Elm Street - I remember before I saw this film I was like, I bet Johnny Depp wasn't always hot... and then I saw this film and then 21 Jump Street and realized, uh, yeah, yeah, he kinda always was.

Once Upon A Time In Mexico - I love Robert Rodriguez. I didn't understand this film when I saw it, I wasn't yet use to artistic or stylized films. He definitely inspires me. One day, I'll have all his DVDs and I'll get to watch all those cooking lessons.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Mum and I went to see this in the cinema and we both loved it. Definitely more than the 2nd or 3rd. It's campy but funny enough to watch again and again. This was my second run in with Keira Knightley too, gorgeous and talented as ever, and so young! I didn't realize how young she was in this film until much later, but that pout. It got a little annoying for a young girl to watch... You could catch one in the mirror later putting it on.

Praise - an aussie film, that I don't really remember....

The Prince and Me - oh, err, I should note that the majority of these films listed were borrowed free from Blockbuster because I was an employee, which is the only good thing about being a Blockbuster employee.

Radiance - great film adaptation of Louis Nowra's play.

The Road To El Dorado - I remember seeing this and thinking, oh, this is funny, I'm surprised.

Sky High - I saw this with Emma and Sarah in South Bank and afterwards we all decided what superpower we would have. I was called, The Mirror.

Stage Beauty - this is where the love began. Billy Crudup at his finest. Claire Danes... at her finest too, I guess, whatever... No, this film is just a joy to watch. The cast is amazing.

Star Wars 123456 - I remember being in line for the 3rd film at the Hyperdome Birch, Carroll & Coyle cinemas and I remember that I absolutely grieved for Anakin Skywalkers gorgeous face as he burnt. Stupid guy. The opening shot is amazing and then the actors start talking and everyone just cringes.

Stay - Oh man, what a mind fuck. Who did I see this with? I have no idea because I was too bust being fucked in the mind by a very large emotional penis. Damn.

Toys - this movie only makes me sadder as I get older... what was bright and colourful and hilarious becomes just a reflection of the joy you once experienced.

The Upside of Anger - one of the first films I saw that used digital effects to simulate tears.

The Village - I love this film. I love the cast. I love the experience of making it that you only get a whiff of on the special features. I love Joaquin Phoenix in this film and Bryce Dallas Howard and I love the scene where she just waits for him. What a moment! Sure, the ending could be considered a little disappointing, but I was in far too deep by that stage. I just wish they hadn't promoted it the way they had. The teaser trailer was awesome and it just set itself up for everyone to let down. Maybe it was on purpose. We watched it for our final English assignment in Year Twelve, an essay on Fear.

Violence des échanges en milieu tempéré - the description in IMDB is not the film that comes to mind when I see this title... so confusing.

War of the Worlds - I saw this by myself in South Bank. I was suffering from anxiety and was shaking with adrenaline before, during and after. I can understand why a lot of people don't like it, but hell, it's way better than the first film.

Wimbledon - I had a thing for Paul Bettany when I was younger.

Without A Paddle - I loved this film. It's ridiculous but I love brolove. It was one of the first bromance films. I love Matthew Lillard and I love, "my minds telling me no, but my body is telling me yeeeesss!" This was probably the last time I felt crush-love for Seth Green though. It lasted so long!


Although, I really want to be a fan of basketball for some reason, I still haven't gone to a game.

Scared Of
Diseases, Creepy Crawlies, and mean ghosts...

Uh yes, creepy crawlies are a little more manageable, but they still freak me out... and I'm much more tolerant with ghosts now... or the weird electric matter in the air... whatever it is.

Happiest When
Performing on stage...

Still true... much to my suffering...

Anyway, this was completely unnecessary, but goodbye, Bebo, goodbye!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My Saved Links and Apps For You To Know About

I like to do this thing, where instead of investigating something, to determine whether I like it or not now, I email myself a note or a link and let myself investigate later. The problem is that later for me, is a over a whole year later, and these "notes" look like some psychopaths step-by-step guide to a quiet, legal Sunday afternoon.

I'd delete, but I'm waiting for some work emails to further direct me on my quest to actually do some work, so I thought I might as well clear out my email as I wait...

Here are things that we can Google together...

1. "tape findings" - this is a cool little site of an odd fellow's collection of recordings on tape that he found while rummaging through his victims houses. Now other serial killers can send in their mp3's of their tapes, too. I believe I've only listened to one angry tape, but I plan to listen to more... when I have time to listen to recordings of stuff... for fun...

2. "socialzr" - wow, no wonder I saved this site. It's one of those poorly designed sites that you just adore because it screams at your all, "rawr, I don't want you to actually feel comfortable about this site at all, instead I want to make you so uncomfortable that you just save the name of the site and come back to it over a year later to see if you really need it, only to realize that you don't and probably won't ever need it because you're a loser who can't handle busy layouts and you don't have enough friends for a party... rawr." Yes, well, if YOU actually plan parties... or have friends, you might be interested in this site. It's a free online invitation, party planning and event sharing site, but it's better than all the others because it dropped an all important vowel!

3. "eSnowglobe app" - I'll admit that when I first saw this note I said to myself, "Caitlin, you couldn't have possibly have saved a flimsy application for an interactive Snow Globe, could you? I mean, and save it for a whole year? That'd be ridiculous." Then I googled it. And I sighed. Then I clicked on the link and saw a sweet looking Snow Man smiling back at me... and then I threw up blood.

It's okay though, I wiped it away with my shirt... I was going to throw it out anyway.

4. "iFeelNYC" - this link takes you to, which I thought was rather comical until I saw that the site is actually buggered and has gone back into development. I remember when it was actually available to look at, it was quite cool. You could select a mood and this nifty site would tell you where in New York (and maybe, in the future, the world) would best suit your mood. So, I'm sure that if you said "happy" it wouldn't lead you to a dive-bar on Avenue B, but maybe Chelsea. If you said, "sexual", maybe it would also lead you to Chelsea... I don't know. We may never know, but you can follow the team/Andy the Loner(?) on Twitter for updates. IT'S IMPORTANT TO ALWAYS BE THE FIRST TO KNOW, GUYS. ALWAYS BE THE FIRST TO KNOW.

5. "wrongcards" - these cards are inappropriate for almost every occasion. I could have said 'wrong', but then it'd be like I had just read the tagline for the website and hadn't investigated it at all... which I have, jerk. If you still have a lot of passive-aggression towards your sickly grandmother, who is fighting for her life, for throwing away your "baby version" tamigotchi when you were 8, you would do well to send her a card from this site. I like the one with the dead clown.
Maybe your Mum had too many boyfriends or maybe your Dad hit you in the face one time, but it's okay, you don't need therapy because he bought you your first beer and you really love him.
Maybe your brother ripped down your poster of the cast of The O.C. that was really pretty because it was on "front cover magazine-like" paper, but his birthday is coming up and you can't afford the postage because you're too busy buying DVD box sets of your favourite cartoons when you were young... The answers are all here. E-cards are the way because you stopped using you pen for writing... even though Bic tattoo's are totally 1998, just FYI.

Oh, those jerks I work with finally emailed me back. Best get back to the job that I just love so much better than sitting in bed all day touching myself.

The Library Has Flies In It and This Table Is Reserved For Teens From 2pm to Closing.