Monday, 10 May 2010

The End of Things - Bebo

Bebo is my first "profile" to be deleted. If you're eerily curious, you can scroll down and on the left side of the screen are my archives, now you'll see that blogs from 2005 and 2006 have been added. I don't think I started blogging until 2003, so I think that's as far as it will go, and I didn't start blogging here until 2008.

Take my use of "blogging" lightly, I mean, whoa, if you think my writing is bad now, wait until you see my 2005 self. I was all numerals and @'s and "lols" and far more elipses than I use now.

I find it quite funny, actually... I really don't understand why I typed like that.

Anyway, I've taken screenshots for old times sake and found some old profile photos of me... but here it is, my 16 year old self's Bebo profile:


I don't know why I called myself HarryHairy... Secret crush on my best friend Harry maybe (who is hairy) and definitely something to do with my love for Harry Potter (though my worst fan days were as a 15 year old) or maybe I was particularly hairy at that time? Yum.

About Me

Title: Me, Myself, and I
I am seriously the coolest person ever! I am NOT a dork at all! I love My Chemical Romance, Indie Music, Harry Potter and Disney Flicks.
I wear cool long socks and like pretending to be other people.
No, seriously, I am really cool...
Latro - The Idiotic Rambler and The Spinach Sock. AKA TheHill88 (I added this a year later)

2010 Thoughts: Indie music? Really? I have to give myself some credit, I'm sure I liked some independent bands, but I think I really meant, "Alternative," but obviously I didn't know enough of these bands well enough to like them... Probably too many O.C. soundtracks most likely...

In Year 11 at Kelvin Grove College, people wore long white socks with their uniform and it looked good. So I bought some, but when I went back to Windaroo Valley High School, I kept wearing them, in a strictly "ankle-sock" environment. People thought it was weird, and my socks started to get a lose elastic so they would fall down. I didn't mind though.

Emily pointed out one day that I was just trying to be a dag, and now I'm sure she was quite right, but not in the "look-at-me" way, but in the, "this-style-makes-me-feel-like-me" way. At the time, I was quite offended and retorted back at her with, "Well, at least I don't change myself with every single boy I go out with." The boys in the group went, "Ooooh," and all fell silent.

Emily and I didn't talk to each other, but after a few days or maybe just 48 hours, we wrote each other letters explaining our feelings and were okay, again. Just becoming more sisterly I guess, plus my retort came from my own insecurities and my fear that I was losing her to cooler friends and cooler boyfriends. It's always hard.

Either way, we both learnt something about ourselves and each other.

I wish I could pin-point the first time I used the, The Odd Adjective Noun and the Noun Noun, line... but maybe it was here! Wooo. P.S: Grammar nerds, help me out. I know the basics but then there are adverbs and weird things... Did I get it right or wrong-wrong? Don't hate! I didn't go to college!

My Chemical Romance, The Killers, Story of the Year (I couldn't name one song by them if you asked me now), The Darkness, Indie Music.

Right, Caitlin, Indie Music... I bet I couldn't name one actual independent band back then, but MyChem were there for all the nights my Mum was at her boyfriends and I remember trying so hard to acquire The Killers album I adored it so much. The Darkness still raise me up today, especially Holding My Own, it's just gorgeous.

40 Year Old Virgin - my grandparents hated me watching this film due to all the swears

8MM - one of my first encounters with Joaquin Phoenix and all his awesome

Alfie - I actually didn't like this Jude Law film, it was one of my first experiences with a drama-comedy, and I didn't understand or like those at that age... plus I hadn't seen the original with Michael Caine.

American Splendour - my Dad introduced me to the world of Harvey Pekar, and I got to experience the amazing talents of Paul Giamatti.

Bowling for Columbine - oooh, awkward, why?

Bring It On - at max I've only seen this film twice.

Bruce Almighty - definitely a favourite. I think this was one of Jim Carrey's best films before the transformation.

Casper - absolutely adore this film, I wanted a Casper. I was also called Casper in high-school due to all the pale.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory - I saw this again recently while hanging out with the Kiddies of the House, and I still find Johnny Depp funny in this film, but the film itself was a little disappointing if you want to compare it to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which is silly, because they are practically different genres.

Corpse Bride - I think I've only seen it once, but it was pretty.
The Crucible - well, when you play a part in the original play, you either love the film version or hate it, I loved it. T'was hot.

Dogville - so awkward. The behind the scenes are awesome but also awkward.

The Emperors New Groove - one of the best Disney flicks that wasn't relying on Alan Menken's talents.

Ed Wood - when my Mum was watching this one evening, I was in a grumpy mood, and said, "That sounds stupid." Then I found myself watching the rest with her and then watching the whole film again. I recently saw it with Josh and Jake one the big screen at MoMa, and loved it even more.

Father's Day - I'm surprised I saw this, I didn't realize I had.

Finding Nemo - I saw this in the cinema with Emily, and we loved it. A classic.

Forces of Nature - Sandra Bullock, she has me at my knees.

Gothika - saw this a year earlier to starting this blog. I didn't want to go to the semi-formal with a heart monitor wrapped around me, so two QDSE peeps and I went to see Gothika. It's so funny when I look back at the recording and I can see my heart rate leaping as I scream between 7 and 9ish.

Harry Potter 1234 - remember when there were only four disappointing films... that I loved and obsessed over?

Hitch - saw this at the cinema, I think. It was the Will Smith's attempts at bringing life back to New York City after September 11th, and damn, did he make it look good. I remember thinking how magical it looked. They also were giving away a Mini Cooper, but don't make me sing...

Jarhead - Harry and I went to see this at the cinema, we both left the cinema completely worn out. It's a great film.

Jesus' Son - oh right, this is my love affair with Billy Crudup.

King Kong - I saw this at the midnight opening in Australia and balled my eyes out. The poor creature.

Moulin Rouge - saw this in year 10 and fell head over heels in love with it. I wish I had seen it in the cinema. Andy Serkis did a brilliant job.

Mr & Mrs Smith - you can't really get into this if you're 16, haven't had sex yet or been a serious relationship. Now, I find it funnier... but not as funny as I may have found it if I was in a serious relationship like all the annoying couples who were in the cinema with us.

A Nightmare On Elm Street - I remember before I saw this film I was like, I bet Johnny Depp wasn't always hot... and then I saw this film and then 21 Jump Street and realized, uh, yeah, yeah, he kinda always was.

Once Upon A Time In Mexico - I love Robert Rodriguez. I didn't understand this film when I saw it, I wasn't yet use to artistic or stylized films. He definitely inspires me. One day, I'll have all his DVDs and I'll get to watch all those cooking lessons.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Mum and I went to see this in the cinema and we both loved it. Definitely more than the 2nd or 3rd. It's campy but funny enough to watch again and again. This was my second run in with Keira Knightley too, gorgeous and talented as ever, and so young! I didn't realize how young she was in this film until much later, but that pout. It got a little annoying for a young girl to watch... You could catch one in the mirror later putting it on.

Praise - an aussie film, that I don't really remember....

The Prince and Me - oh, err, I should note that the majority of these films listed were borrowed free from Blockbuster because I was an employee, which is the only good thing about being a Blockbuster employee.

Radiance - great film adaptation of Louis Nowra's play.

The Road To El Dorado - I remember seeing this and thinking, oh, this is funny, I'm surprised.

Sky High - I saw this with Emma and Sarah in South Bank and afterwards we all decided what superpower we would have. I was called, The Mirror.

Stage Beauty - this is where the love began. Billy Crudup at his finest. Claire Danes... at her finest too, I guess, whatever... No, this film is just a joy to watch. The cast is amazing.

Star Wars 123456 - I remember being in line for the 3rd film at the Hyperdome Birch, Carroll & Coyle cinemas and I remember that I absolutely grieved for Anakin Skywalkers gorgeous face as he burnt. Stupid guy. The opening shot is amazing and then the actors start talking and everyone just cringes.

Stay - Oh man, what a mind fuck. Who did I see this with? I have no idea because I was too bust being fucked in the mind by a very large emotional penis. Damn.

Toys - this movie only makes me sadder as I get older... what was bright and colourful and hilarious becomes just a reflection of the joy you once experienced.

The Upside of Anger - one of the first films I saw that used digital effects to simulate tears.

The Village - I love this film. I love the cast. I love the experience of making it that you only get a whiff of on the special features. I love Joaquin Phoenix in this film and Bryce Dallas Howard and I love the scene where she just waits for him. What a moment! Sure, the ending could be considered a little disappointing, but I was in far too deep by that stage. I just wish they hadn't promoted it the way they had. The teaser trailer was awesome and it just set itself up for everyone to let down. Maybe it was on purpose. We watched it for our final English assignment in Year Twelve, an essay on Fear.

Violence des échanges en milieu tempéré - the description in IMDB is not the film that comes to mind when I see this title... so confusing.

War of the Worlds - I saw this by myself in South Bank. I was suffering from anxiety and was shaking with adrenaline before, during and after. I can understand why a lot of people don't like it, but hell, it's way better than the first film.

Wimbledon - I had a thing for Paul Bettany when I was younger.

Without A Paddle - I loved this film. It's ridiculous but I love brolove. It was one of the first bromance films. I love Matthew Lillard and I love, "my minds telling me no, but my body is telling me yeeeesss!" This was probably the last time I felt crush-love for Seth Green though. It lasted so long!


Although, I really want to be a fan of basketball for some reason, I still haven't gone to a game.

Scared Of
Diseases, Creepy Crawlies, and mean ghosts...

Uh yes, creepy crawlies are a little more manageable, but they still freak me out... and I'm much more tolerant with ghosts now... or the weird electric matter in the air... whatever it is.

Happiest When
Performing on stage...

Still true... much to my suffering...

Anyway, this was completely unnecessary, but goodbye, Bebo, goodbye!


Ana Carolina Moreno said...

Boy I would never have the guts to show people today some of my "young days" profiles...

Anonymous said...

The Hairy Down There and The Quirky Coquette Called Caitlin.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

"One of the first films..." You mean you've seen films after The Upside of Anger that used digital effects to simulate years? That's rather... sad....

It's an odd experience looking back at when you're younger. My writing skills have definitely improved and my sense of humour has got less erratic and incomprehensible. I'm going through my music collection to see the progression of my musical tastes from stuff that can be heard on the radio to things that are weird and part of genres my mother thinks I made up on the spot.

Anyhoo, RIP Bebo profile.