Sunday, 16 May 2010

The End of Things - VOX

About Me:

"Another place to write..."

My name is Caitlin Hill and I was 18 years old when I started this blog. I am now 20 years old.

I want to be involved in the Entertainment Industry, but am currently in "new media".

As an 18 year old, my first few blogs seemed to be based around Men, I shall try to continue this. It's completely inappropriate, but I am a decent person and hopefully you wont judge me too much.

music, theatre, internet, editing, books, film, acting, directing

Caitlin Hill's Old Place
Tagline: Intimate Thoughts from Across the Galaxy

I only wrote 7 entries, 6 of which appear on this site now, the 5th was just an answer to a question and was not important in the slightest.

"Follow me, follow me...all the way down..."

bah humbug!
caitlin hill returns
chinese new year
fire twirling
girl stuff
hastings point
new zealand
fish chips
hello world
i am not very nice to my family members. i am not mean to them or terribly rude. but i am ignorant. and self-centered.
i'm not logging in to youtube for a little while...i need to cleanse my soul of viral videos :)
lonely saturday night
pirate whore
regrettable thing
smile and clap your hands!
this is should be oooo oooo yeah! fun for everyone! :p

I wasn't very interested in VOX, but I did like the QotD, which was occasionally inspiring.

Goodbye, VOX, goodbye!


Dizzknee said...

Ahh, I remember VOX. I quite enjoyed reading your thoughts on there. Seems so long ago.

So yes, goodbye VOX...goodbye.

-Earle : )

Chris in the Studio said...
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Chris in the Studio said...

I deleted my comment for metaphorical purposes. Plus, I hate when I sound preachy. :)

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Smile and clap your hands! :) I don't even know what VOX is but sounds like you had minimal use for it. RIP Caitlin's VOX.

Ah yes, New Media. If you only heard how my Uni lecturers talk about it you'd think it's very interesting.

Hollishillis said...

MORE Cailtin MORE!

James said...

Bah humbug sounds right. I move on to other decisions and create through believe with pizzazz.

J said...

Irrelevant comment following:

Caitlin, I just watched your latest blog tv vid here at the cyber cafe. I was CRYING I was laughing so HARD.


You should have your own internet show. I thought you were a good host on RocketBoom when you did that gig for a short time.

I would totally tune in to watch you instead of my Porn... ;D