Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The Hot Guys On YouTube

Yes, I likey, I likey very much... Well, not that much, I'm just trying to promote most of them. However, if you likey too, here are the links and explanations on why these 2.0Boys are just so darn delicious.

1: ShowmanROT:

I want to call him Ricky Butler... because that is his name.
He was my 3rd subscription (yes, my first was LG15 before I...well, became sad) and most people know him for his wonderful impressions of George Dubwah and for also appearing on The Fizz on DirecTV.
He has his own site: and is currently hosting a comedy show in New York City.

2: AnythingAnnoying:

Funnily enough, Brian Butler and Ricky are NOT brothers. Oh, hey,, I gave out your last name... Uh, should I take it down? Don't worry, only a few people read this.
Brian is awesome, and celebrated his birthday last Saturday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY xo
He is an actor and is brilliant for his artistic nature, his openness to his audience and his tiny little basement...oh, and he's (now let me just say this Brian style) sexayyy.

3: Claytonian:

Now, I'm pretty sure this guy doesn't like me. I think I bugged him because I have such bad sound in my videos... I'm pretty sure that was him. Either way, I have rediscovered him, even though I knew he was there the whole time.
I find his videos to be quite charming and very funny. He lives in Japan and I don't know why, but I'm not going to ask, I'm going to watch and look for clues...and his cats like to make up after fighting, how sweet.

4: IanCrossland:

Aww, Ian. Ian is such a sweetheart and I've had the good fortune to hang out with him a few times. I love that he has 587 videos, what an amazing digital documentation!
He was THE FIRST youtuber that I ever opened up to and was honest to.
He is very calm (and well, he does sometimes smoke certain things to achieve that state - I am jealous), but he is also very funny. Yes, sometimes it is unintentional, but most of the time he is just very witty and honest and as I write about him, I miss him and wish we could hang out more. :(

5: CushTV:

The Cush! I love Scott, he is so lovely. I am pretty sure I freak/stress him out a lot, but he is always very hospitable and giving with his time and he is the funniest person I have ever met. I've never met someone who could make me laugh so much.
Watch out for this guy, because he is going to be doing VERY well, VERY soon!
I should say this though: I'm sorry I got "drunk" when we hung out (I think I scared him) and I'm sorry for dominating your couch whenever I'm in town :) "Doggy!"

6: WarrenWorthingtonIII:

This guy is such a new subscription that I can't even sure of his name yet. It could be Warren. It could be...I should check my FaceBook and Find Out.
He made an excellent first vlog that is extremely rare to find these days, watch now, here's a cool guy that would be awesome to see grow on YouTube.
Warning: Don't tell him he looks like Jim Carrey - it is not an original thought. ;)

7: HughsNews:

Hugh is a great guy, a dear friend and has a fabulous life and a fabulous girlfriend, Mel! I just want to make sure that you are checking up on this guy, I owe him a mention since I forgot to tell people to support his Greatest Shave. That's right! He shaved his head for cancer - what a champion!
I miss the Hughs too :( Hey Hugh, remember when we had to sit at that bar and talk while we waited for everyone. Can you remember what we talked about? I can't...but it was cool. I miss Sydney too.

8: iChannel:

These guys know I love them. I stalk them wherever they go and they hate it. :P If you haven't tuned in - WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!? They have such an amazing show taking place, and if you hurry you can still watch all the episodes and catch up!
The reason why I love this show is because its developing its own community by using comments from the audience in the show, they really nailed this idea and I look forward to watching them grow.
Oh and i, iBrother, the other guy characters and the laaadies ;) oh yeah, are nice to look at (and are all on their way to stardom too!) do yourself a favour and connect with i. Yeah, did you like that? I totally used their website in an advertisement for them. Woot!

9: CuteWithChris:

Oh, I adore Chris. He is such a talent! A Gemini-Nominated Actor who really embraces his online audience, tears them apart and glorifies their animals - it's the perfect show :)
He is very funny and very clever. I think that is why I subscribe, because cleverness just oozes out of him like Peter Pan.
He is also nice to look at, try to catch his show if you are in Toronto...he'll be providing details later in the week.

10: RemiBroadway:

His joint creation with his brother, Regis: Choose Your Own Tube, was so much fun to be a part of. I wish I had taken it more seriously at the time and I wish had been there more...I was in America for most of it :(
It was a very funny show and it was very refreshing to see some professional and talented AUSTRALIAN people creating online.
Us Aussies are present on the net, but we don't make ourselves prominent enough when it come to our professional abilities...Remi was breaking new ground.
He hopes to come to LA next year, so that will be cool. Love and respect, Remi!

11: TheWineKone:

My one and only true love?
Tony and I had the chance to hang out during the filming of LisaNova's "does youtube" video.
What can I say?
While Ben was getting lost due to my bad directions and getting grumpy with me, Tony and I had a good first was an awkward, yet passionate first time in bed...and he is uh, yeah, he's pretty damn good.


12: Poykpac:

These guys are fabulous. They aren't just a comedy group online but a comedy group in the real world too, and they rock the house (I had the rare pleasure to see them perform while I was in America) !!!
I got the footage in THIS video from PoykpacLive...
They were recently nominated for a YT07 award and they are just great guys, what's not to love?

***Do watch Ryan Hunter's face in the PoykpacLive videos, he always looks so confused and grumpy -aww- ... IS IT ON PURPOSE? That is the question!***

13: Waverly Films aka WaverlyFlams:

These boys are professionals and I admire them very much. They have lovely girlfriends and wives who are not mean to me, so Yay for them! :)
They were also nominated for a YT07 award. I was introduced to their talents by Brad back in July 07. Brad and Tony were total fangirls for them, and most deservingly so.

14: TonyStockert:

The ultimate guy to perve on. He had a video of him bathing (seriously, who does that), which is unlike anything you will ever see on YouTube... (but seriously, who watches that kind of thing...oh wait)
Yeah, so I'm a dirty perve...but I'm a lady perve. Alright.


Tony is a very talented aspiring film maker. He was studying and now he is working in Los Angeles and his Stickam videos with AdamParanoia were amazingly well crafted and he definitely has an eye for something...

...especially an eye for a Stickam chatboard or himself... ;)

Oh and he and Adam are great, I got to hang out with them for a few hours while I was in America...they also created the Cheetos Online Campaign.
He totally hates me, because I tease him and I'm crap at everything... but he'll get nothing but undying love from me. You hear that Tony!?! UNDYING!


So, there you have it. These are the men that keep me sighing and keep me hoping that one day, I'll be a real boy!


For realz, yo, these guys are hot and talented, as are many of my subscribers (woot woot) and as are many of the people I'm subscribed to that I haven't mentioned. I love them all to bits and wish they wouldn't look at me like an idiot, but writing this blog surely wouldn't have helped.

Oh well... The Blonde Idiot I'll Be... at least my Mum loves me...

...My Mum is such a lesbian.


Sealed with a kiss

Friday, 14 March 2008

What Did I Learn From SXSW?

1. Austin, Texas is very quiet.
2. I’ve had better “Mexican” food in Australia.
3. The weather was sucky.
4. My room at the Hyatt Hotel didn’t have a Mini Bar = HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.
5. The Austin Airport is its own city, but its probably the nicest airport I’ve ever seen...right up there with Brisbane International Airport or Sydney Domestic. EDIT: And Chicago's.
6. SXSW is probably really interesting if you actually get up in time to go to a panel.
7. The people are really nice.
8. Don’t go to SXSW if you have either of the following:
a) A love of sleep
b) A problem with getting up before 10
c) A cold
d) A job that you enjoy that will keep you in your hotel room on a conference call, and missing all the panels you actually wanted to go to.

All in all, SXSW was a gigantic waste of times in many ways. In other ways, it was a little Gem of a Weekend, because I got to meet some brilliant new people and was locked in a room where I could get things done.

Next year, I’ll take a whole week off and enjoy it.

xoxo Caitlin

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The Defensive Men Of The Naughties

"Some of my favourite Naughtie men!"

Sex and the City: The Movie may just be coming out, but the whole idea of women struggling to find love seems seriously dated to me.

Reflect on this: four wonderful, though quite neurotic, women are all living in a city filled with millions of male specimens…and yet, each woman (for a long time) finds it very hard to find a man or they found too many and still couldn’t find what they were looking for…

What I want to know is:

How did they have such luck?

I’ve been single since sometime last year…

Was it October?

Maybe I blacked out the break up?

Either way, I’ve been single for a long time. Now, the question is, has my Heart been single for a long time?

Oh no, Sir, not at all.

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve fallen in love over the last few months.

I use the term love, because even if the feeling only lasts a moment, it’s still love beating inside your chest, driving you crazy and causing you to feel inadequate.

The problem for me, that didn’t seem to happen to those SATC girls, is the whole, “Landing the Guy” part; I just can’t seem to achieve it. They are always gay or straight and taken, straight and engaged, straight or married…or, worst and most disheartening of all, straight and not interested.

Oh, what’s a girl to do?

In my little town, when I liked a guy, I knew that something would end up happening between him and me because:

1. There wasn’t that many guys to like, so if I liked a guy it usually meant that we were a decent match…
2. I was wasn't confronted by models every day in the Little Town. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I was the best looking, but let’s just say, that compared to The City and the women that reside there, I could at least walk tall and feel okay about myself most of the time.
3. We were in the same circle/group…whatever. We hung out a lot, got to know each other over a long period of time that seemed to go by so fast, and so, intimate relationships grew faster.

This is how it works for the Women in SATC:

1. Spot Guy
2. Talk to Guy
3. Bed Guy
4. Discover problem with Guy
5. Dump Guy

This is how it works for me:

1. Spot Guy
2. Stare at Guy/Avoid meeting Guy's eye's because he is so intimidating
3. Walk past Guy
4. Go home

Or, even better:

1. Be introduced to Guy
2. Have conversation with Guy

And then either,

3. Realize I’m boring Guy
4. (PANIC!!!)
5. Insult Guy in some desperate attempt to be funny
6. Stop speaking to Guy


3. Guy quickly works into the conversation how he has a girlfriend, fiancée, wife or is a gay guy
4. I try to skip around this, not wanting to make it an issue as if I had been interested in him in the first place (which I had been BUT ALSO A LOT OF THE TIME HAVEN'T BEEN), but try to act casual so Guy knows I’m not trying to pounce on said Guy.
5. Guy acts like I want his meat badly anyway.

Oh, bugger! Is this only happening to me?

Is it the lack of contact with other human beings that is causing me to become socially awkward to the point of retardation with these wonderful, wonderful men?

Do I seem needy or do I already come off as a Cougar at the tender age of 19?

Is the problem that I always seem to be “digging” on Guys who are in their late twenties, and they see me as this little schoolgirl?

Or is it simply that I can’t really hold my own against these amazingly interesting City Women in their late twenties who are not only smart/funny/intelligent/just plain old interesting, but beautiful and fashionable too?

I just can’t keep up.

I wish I could hang out with people my own age, but I can’t go to college right now, due to my work and I haven’t yet found a theatre group I can attend…or a dance class…or a Swingers club…

The problem IS I… I’m not going to go all Carrie on you and start trying to figure out what men want – it’s relatively simple (SEE ALL OF THE ABOVE). I just need to relax, find the Caitlin Hill that I’m comfortable with and just take care of my outward appearance. Sometimes I look in the mirror and see a 40 year old woman…FEEL a 40 year old woman, which makes sense because my first real boyfriend said I was acting like a 30 year old women when I was about 16… What can I say? I’m like to go fast.

Is this my mid-life crisis?

Or is it simply that, my “Love” has been chosen for me already? I think I know- well, I wont go there.

I just wish that Love or Fate or any of that crap could make it easier on a person.

If you’re only meant to end up (eventually) with one great person, then why can one little woman have so many feelings of respect, admiration and yes, a little love for so many great guys?

What kind of guys do I fall for, you ask?

I don’t have particular tastes, but I must say that I am instantly attracted to some guys with beards. So, someone tell me why there are sooo many gay guys with beards???

I think Steven Spielberg, Daniel Day-Lewis, George Lucas are to blame…and my love for men who are a little older than me can be blamed on any prominent actor who did well during the 90s. Especially, Harrison Ford and Robin Williams, who I wanted to marry when I was 7. I like hair.

I am a little bit of a talent whore, I’m attracted to talent, so…I’ve had my fair share of crushes on leading men in local plays.

That’s the other problem. Men who make me laugh. Unfortunately, I find it very hard to be just friends with the funny guy, because during my lifetime laughter has come to also come to be sex.

Yes, that’s right, ladies and gentlemen. If you make me laugh, I’m all yours… it’s such a deeply rooted reaction inside of me now, that, you know, “those organs” respond in the same way during laughter, as they would during a Porno. EDIT: OMG. WHY IS THIS BLOG PUBLIC? HOW EMBARRASSING. UPDATE: I AM MORE IN CONTROL OF THIS NOW. AHEM.

Not all the time however, but definitely if you are a talented man who just happens to be telling a joke while stroking his beard. EDIT: I'M PRETTY SURE THAT'S MEANT TO BE A JOKE.

Well, that’s kinda fucked up isn’t it? Thanks Robin!

Caitlin Hill

The Life And Death Of A Pimple

You may be a little grossed out by this title or you may be secretly elated that I have finally chosen to talk about your secret fetish.
I’m not going to tell you how to clear up your pimples, though for future reference Calamine Lotion and Toothpaste work really well. I am going to tell you the tale of the pimple near my lip, gross, I know, but I brave the tough subjects. Forget about these pansies documenting the riots in Kenya or anything else Blood Diamond related; I talk about the real issues.

Where is my Pulitzer!?!?!

Now, you may have noticed in my video announcing my adventure to SXSW, that I had this weird bump on the upper corner of my lip. It was the remnants of a nasty pimple that likes to grace its face to the world every now and then, and always at the wrong times.

Nothing but trouble, I can tell you; you can’t spend hours in front of a mirror hiding away from the public eye while on a plane…you have to face the music, the eyes that dart away from the Offender and the embarrassment you felt when you were 11 and received the first bump on a cheek. This brings me to my tale, my Gross tale.

When I was 11, I noticed that I had this bump on my lip. I poked at it a bit, but it didn’t go away and I just assumed it was some sort of weird lip thing or a freckle.
Imagine me, younger, walking around with a tiny little bump on my lip through years of my life. It became me. It achieved my middle name; it could have grown feelers or a brain during all the time it was on my face.
Sometime during my first years of high school, the little bump seemed irritated and I decided to investigate.
I poked and I prodded, I squeezed and pressed, and pinched, and suddenly…glory came out. Yes, we all know the satisfying yet squeamish sight of puss or whatever is going on underneath your skin. How extraordinary. I had been carrying around a pimple for years and did not even realize it. Even my Mum didn’t think anything unusual of it, since it was so tiny.

…and uh, yeah… That’s my story.

…It did sound more interesting in my head.

…Well, this is awkward.

Well, That Sounds Like A Good Investment

If the automobile had followed the same development cycle as the computer, a Rolls-Royce would today cost $100, get a million miles per gallon, and explode once a year, killing everyone inside.
- Robert X. Cringely

Monday, 10 March 2008

Thoughts From The Back Seat Of A Taxi Cab

I work in the city and often find that I spend most of my time traveling in the back seat of a Taxi Cab. I would be better off taking the train to save money or walking to keep fit, but unfortunately for my Wallet, zipping through the streets in a Cab is one of my favourite ways to see the City.

…Sometimes my Wallet screams at night…

Now, that I’ve inconveniently converted to Taxiism… No, not the Love of Taxes, but the Love of a Bumpy Ride, Near Death Experiences, Nausea and Insane Drivers who get cranky if they have to go a long way (ah, Hello! It’s more money for you, doofus!).

I enjoy looking out my window, or if its warm, leaning my head out the window like a dog, and staring at people, buildings, cars, sky, and trees or just dreaming; I may have my eyes open, but it doesn’t mean I’m always seeing what flashes past me.

Unfortunately, my recent taxi drive just filled me full of incompetence and insecurity.

I don’t know why, but I found myself thinking about couples and about how all the girls seemed to dramatically update their wardrobes all at the same time, leaving me behind.

I’m your typical teenager/young adult. It’s all about me. I’m a consumer. I’m materialistic. I still believe in love. I still feel like a loser. So, unfortunately for any readers searching for some sort of educated entertainment, you may feel your brains drying up, begging for some sort of mind activity.

…You won’t find that here. So do your dear Brain a favour and quit this.

Now, that I’m writing this, I realize that it isn’t really anything too important to notate. I will press on anyway. Queue the “Emo” music.

During my short taxi ride, it seemed as if all the hip girls of the town decided to come out and taunt me with their glorious fashion choices and wicked style.

I also noticed how many people were walking in couple…

This is going nowhere. I shan’t continue…

Saturday, 8 March 2008

My Elephant Fell Into Another Dimension

*contains grammatical errors I was too tired to fix*

I’ve been keeping it quiet, but lately all my time has been occupied with the wonderful experience of moving house.
That’s right there is nothing I love more than signing a lease for a place that you can barely afford and buying furniture for a home that you will never be able to call home.
It’s all quite pointless really. I might as well live in a really nice box but no doubt there would be some annoying person piping in telling me that if I were any kind of decent person I’d have that box promptly recycled.
“I’m not going to recycle my house, bitch!”
Fantasy over.
While I was packing, something very odd happen…and it begins and ends with an elephant.
I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it in any pictures of my previous rooms I might have taken and I’m pretty sure I’ve never mentioned it, but I own an elephant.
This elephant is very pale, the size of my thumb and made entirely out of plastic and probably came out of a party cracker.
I have carried this little elephant from room to room, house-to-house and bedside table to bedside table for as long as I can remember. I don’t know how I did it. It is so small, that it would have become lost during “Moving Time” very easily, but somehow it always stayed close…until the other day.
I was getting ready to sleep in my old place one last time, when somehow I knocked the Elephant off my bedside table and it quickly fell and seemed to disappear somewhere between my wicked Mary Popping style shoes and the bed frame.
I, a lover of my little plastic Elephant, quickly rolled over and leaned out of bed to see where it had gone.
I checked inside my shoes, it was not there.
I checked inside the sheets ruffled around my bed, it was not there.
I leaned over further, the blood promptly rushing into my head, and peered through the darkness of the world known as Under The Bed. I saw dust, a dead leaf (what?) and cobwebs from spiders that have never been polite enough to say hello, but no Elephant.
Instantly annoyed, and feeling slightly sick due to all the blood jiggling around near my Brain, I got out of bed and searched more thoroughly.
I turned each shoe over, not there.
I went through my sheets, like one searching for some kind of secretion with a blue light, nothing there.
I went and tore through the clothes lying near my bed, and the Elephant didn’t fall out of the material as I hoped.
I grabbed my iPod and used it’s white light as a torch to see if I could spot a little elephant lying about. I found a bottle of Fiji water and a Sock, but no bloody Elephant. I had now been searching for 15 minutes or so and I really had to sleep.
I decided to give up for tonight, remembering something my Mother said about waiting for things to find you…and I went to sleep.
The next day, I was very busy with packing, but I had a friend over to help. I had to rush to a meeting so I asked her to please, please, please look for it.
She nodded understandingly, though slightly perplexed and I knew she would look.
Later that day, sitting on my nice new hardwood floor, I asked her, “Were you able to find my Elephant?”
She said she tried, maybe even a little too hard. She lifted up the mattresses and she just couldn’t find it.
I sighed and sat quietly for a moment, quickly mourning the loss of my dear little plastic Elephant that had been so faithful to me all these years.
At this point, though more likely much earlier on, you may be wondering, “Why is this stupid plastic thing so dear to her?” I couldn’t give you a very good answer, apart from the fact that it’s been with me for most of my childhood and all of my teenage years and the Elephant has his trunk up, which is meant to represent good luck.

I hope my Elephant didn’t run away with any luck I may have.

I’m not extremely superstitious, after all, The Matrix taught me that I should control my own fate, but I can’t help following certain little things…and everybody could always use a little more luck. Well, except Osama bin Laden, he really needs to throw down his cards.

I just wonder why he decided to leave. Was it something I said? Was it because he sometimes remained tipped over for too long? Did he seem to realize that I didn’t really need him anymore?

Is he like Mary Poppins?

Did he envy my Shoes?

I suppose it is time to let Elephant travel on, at least I’ll know it will never forget me.

As for where it’s gone, I can only suppose that during its short fall it fell through a seam in time and space (it is small enough) and is now in another dimension. I believe this purely because it seemed to drop and then disappear, and I was watching it the whole time.

Maybe I should rename my Elephant, Meg Ryan?

I hope the little Dimension Girl my Meg Ryan has traveled to has picked it up and I hope she enjoys her little Meg Ryan, waving its trunk in there next to a picture of my Mum and Radio Clock, as much as I did.

Goodbye Elephant/Meg.

Friday, 7 March 2008

The Elusive Googlewhack

I did it! I Googlewhacked my way to glory!

Why was I searching for the non-word, "Taxiism", you ask?

It's an upcoming Blog.


xoxo Caitlin

P.S: I'm going to South By South West, who else is going? Let's hang out!

(It may not be a complete Googlewhack, as Google omitted some results to help me, but it'll probably never happen again, so I'm going to say that I was Googlew... You get it.)