Monday, 10 March 2008

Thoughts From The Back Seat Of A Taxi Cab

I work in the city and often find that I spend most of my time traveling in the back seat of a Taxi Cab. I would be better off taking the train to save money or walking to keep fit, but unfortunately for my Wallet, zipping through the streets in a Cab is one of my favourite ways to see the City.

…Sometimes my Wallet screams at night…

Now, that I’ve inconveniently converted to Taxiism… No, not the Love of Taxes, but the Love of a Bumpy Ride, Near Death Experiences, Nausea and Insane Drivers who get cranky if they have to go a long way (ah, Hello! It’s more money for you, doofus!).

I enjoy looking out my window, or if its warm, leaning my head out the window like a dog, and staring at people, buildings, cars, sky, and trees or just dreaming; I may have my eyes open, but it doesn’t mean I’m always seeing what flashes past me.

Unfortunately, my recent taxi drive just filled me full of incompetence and insecurity.

I don’t know why, but I found myself thinking about couples and about how all the girls seemed to dramatically update their wardrobes all at the same time, leaving me behind.

I’m your typical teenager/young adult. It’s all about me. I’m a consumer. I’m materialistic. I still believe in love. I still feel like a loser. So, unfortunately for any readers searching for some sort of educated entertainment, you may feel your brains drying up, begging for some sort of mind activity.

…You won’t find that here. So do your dear Brain a favour and quit this.

Now, that I’m writing this, I realize that it isn’t really anything too important to notate. I will press on anyway. Queue the “Emo” music.

During my short taxi ride, it seemed as if all the hip girls of the town decided to come out and taunt me with their glorious fashion choices and wicked style.

I also noticed how many people were walking in couple…

This is going nowhere. I shan’t continue…


Chris in the Studio said...
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Chris in the Studio said...
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Leo said...
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Leo said...
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Ron said...

All i can say is... resist becoming everyone else.

Their "cultured" looks and behavior is an illusion and many of them are nothing more than hyper-consumerists who give this nation its bad image. As i've experienced it; faux-Americana. From the outside they probably do seem secure and confident and they probably are.

It's easy to be when one has lost their identity.

The quickest way to hell is to follow that path of the deceived; you'll never truly catch up. Avoid all that....or don't.

SuperJV said...

ah Caitlin. I don't know you in real life of course, but from all the evidence you've left on the web, you are a special young woman whose blazed a long and twisting trail over the last couple of years. fashion is fun and all, but an interesting intelligent _real_ woman/person goes a lot further.

we're all insecure really. the super confident ones just know how to hide it better.

no matter how random, it's always fun to read what you post here :)

adro44 said...

By the way, if you ever decide to move your blog again, for the love of God, please give some warning. As I was passing time at work not being productive, I searched for the little treasure I know as "misscaitlinofthenetz" only to find a page saying it didn't exist and asking me if I wanted to create it! I panicked! As my heart began to race and my palms began to sweat, and my breathing picked up and I saw my unproductive life flash before my eyes I nearly lost it! Luckily awhile back I found a wonderful companion page to this great blog on twitter and thought to myself, twitter will know what's going on! Luckily twitter did know and I found your new home! My heart rate is nearing normal once again, my palms are drying out and my breathing has calmed, but it took the reading of 3 blog entries of the brilliant Caitlin who has no idea just how brilliant she really is to do it.

So in closing, I beg of you, if you ever are going to do such a crazy thing as move your blog . . . give some warning . . . I'd hate for the world to become more productive than it should just because Caitlin thought of a new name!



Thanks for the wonderful content, be it on a blog or a video. You're the best.

Ok, back to work.

waZdak said...

I cant even justify paying for public transport. But to just sit in an empty carriage and observe society, stare out the window and day dream is a pass time I've enjoyed.

I used to just jump on the next train and go to the end of the line. It facenated me to see how one side of the city is different to the other.

Lately its been only peak hour trains cos of work, not fun.

Anonymous said...

I understood where you were going at the end. My mind strays there too.

Argenfargen said...

My thinking is Magi is half Japanese, or she grew up there. She speaks Japanese-accentless, AppleMilk does not. My daughter does but, she attended Japanese school through the ninth grade but, here in the US, her mother who is Native Japanese taught her and she's spent many summers in Japan. Magi's "little cute Japanese girl mannerisms" are learned in Japan. I'll bet money on it, a lot of money. Her New Year's video was pure Japanese tradition. The Japanese say the same things about "let's all try hard this year..." at New Year's. Yes, she may hope to be a starlet in Japan or model or whatever. I don't doubt she wants to create a completely emotionless neutralized image. And well thought out (it's all about the eyes) and her eyes are unusually round and large and look like they came right out of a Japanese comic book. The epitomy of cuteness. And cuteness is what every girl or woman in Japan under 30 seeks to express. It's not really that universal but, it is dominant.

Anonymous said...

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