Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Well, That Sounds Like A Good Investment

If the automobile had followed the same development cycle as the computer, a Rolls-Royce would today cost $100, get a million miles per gallon, and explode once a year, killing everyone inside.
- Robert X. Cringely


Dizzknee said...

I remember learning about that exact same analogy back in university. Although I remember the Rolls Royce being even $10.00 or something.

The prof was saying that if cars followed the same "price spiral" as computers, it would be cheaper to just ditch your Rolls downtown instead of paying for parking.


Chris in the Studio said...

at this point parking violations pwons my sorry ass so I wish they never invented the f--ker.

TripTucker said...

The trouble is, if cars were more like computers, they would have more difficulties too, but we would just overlook them and keep on going. Think of it, if you have to pull off the side of the road, close all the windows, shut off the engine, get out, and then restart the car to drive on, what a hassle. Not to mention the pain of uninstalling the seats, stereo, and half the electrical system, just because it caused a conflict with the latest update from Ford.
...ok, so its just a reworded version of an old joke, I had to say it ;)