Tuesday, 9 January 2007

QotD: What A Waste - VOX

"What's something you bought, knowing it was a total waste of money?"

A tamigotchi...

I always wanted one as a kid. A distant uncle bought my brother and me a tamigotchi each, and then my gran threw them out the next day. The worst part was that she pretended she did not do it. I'll always have a small grudge against her for that. Not because she took it, but because she didn't have faith in us. She didn't think we could be good kids and still have a computer toy. And then she lied. Yeah, I'll never be able to quite get over it...plus, as an 8 year old, it was a really significant moment for me, because nothing else was important back then.

So one day, after the week at Schoolies, I walked in to Toy World. I bought the tamigotchi, which was over 20 dollars (back when I was 8, they had been 2 dollars each) and didn't have any money left for anything.

I took the stupid thing to work once, and got in trouble for feeding it before serving a customer :) Priorities, right? What can I say? I'm stupid. And I'll do anything to remain 8. Anything.

(edit 5/16/10: but I guess not...)

...however, in the end it died and I didn't reset it. It ran out of batteries and last week I threw it in the trash.

Goodbye Miss 8.

Making The Same Mistakes All Over Again... - VOX

And this time there is no positive outcome.

Remi and I broke up. Mutual decision, but really my call. I still feel kind of crummy about it though. Only because the reasons why we ended were the same reasons why the last relationship ended. Both relationships were different and at different stages, but the key thing to the break down was the same despicable thing.

I'm living in an imaginary world.