Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Desktop of a Student

I'm very much enjoying being a student. It is quite difficult to be a good student and a be good friend or person at the same time. Maybe not for some people, but it is for me. 

I was working on my Journals for my classes the other day and I suddenly noticed how peculiar my desktop looked. Peculiar that is, maybe, for an acting student?

Click for full picture

There was bloodshed and stories of atrocities to our fellow man, and it was all pretty upsetting. I had been working on it for most of the Easter holiday week, so I was thinking pretty darkly about humankind for most of my free time.

I'm grateful for this course for introducing me to moments in our history that I had looked over. We're quite sheltered in Australia, and people all over the world don't often like to talk about bad things that have happened in the past, so though I had heard about the events of Srebrenica and the Serbo-Croat War, I had never looked into them.

I also finished the book Century the other week, so I'm looking forward to (one day, after all the books I own are read) to going through the book again and delving in further to the events that are briefly mentioned.

TODAY: I watched Srebrenica: A Cry from the Grave and did some washing. David made Bacon and Egg rolls on Tiger Bread - the best bread! I had it with my Red Pepper Relish (Australian Made) that I recently purchased. Then I mostly procrastinated: I did this, for one, and worked on hopefully improving this blog. I want to make some changes.

Procrastinating with chores and a MacBook.

YESTERDAY: I did a First Aid/CPR Course, which was really interesting. I learned that if you really want to help save anyone who needs CPR, you should own a defibrillator. Pity they cost so much money! Over $1000. Without it the chances of someone living is somewhere between 3 and 7%, with the Defib, it increases to 82%. I wonder if they are keeping the price so high for a reason?

My friend here looks a little pale... *guffaw*

I then went to a 60's House Warming Party that was really fun. I got a little too dark towards the end of the party. Talking about life and travel. I had fun doing a last-minute bad version of Holly Golightly.

My Holly next to a more accurate Holly.

TOMORROW: I have Acting and Music/Singing Class. I haven't organized my duologues. I'm behind. I also will have work, too. By the time I get home from school, I have to get ready and then leave again. It makes it really difficult to study. I really shouldn't waste weekends, but I was just so tired. NO EXCUSES, LAZYASS!

Link me a picture of your desktop - in a way that defines who you are or what you like or what you do or all three!