Thursday, 28 February 2008

Question Regarding Copyright

I just noticed this. I don't know about you, but this is the first time I've noticed this...

Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Does that mean the sites like Digg, Reddit etc are technically no longer allowed to do what they do, or is it only for people who earn money off their blog for posting the Associated Press' news?
Digg makes money too right, doesn't this mean that it's all illegal?

If I am sounding like a dunderhead to you or if you know exactly what is right and wrong AND if you have your own opinion on the matter, like, "The Associated Press are just jealous and are news hogs!" (Wow, what a lamewad!) then let's hear it...see it... TYPE IT!

Caitlin xox

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My PodCast Obsession

Please pardon my absence of late. Life has become so full of things to do (even though I seem to move infinitesimally) that it is actually becoming quite hard to sit down at a computer AND film, not to mention EDIT.
I am yet to put up the great footage I collected from my cruise and by great I mean the 7 minute long video of my friends and I singing Queen for a Karaoke competition.
It is also hard to be inspired to make videos when I can't actually make videos that are relevant or true. That's right, sirs and madams - all my videos are lies. You heard it here first.

This year is significantly different from last year, though there are some things that seem to have come full circle, however, due to my current circumstances, I can't tell you ANYTHING about it. It is extremely frustrating and I look forward so fondly on the day where I can finally "spill the beans" (even though quite a few of you have figured it out, though you can't pretend that you know how or why I am where I am)...

For now, let's look at the news.
  • Starbucks closed yesterday to learn how to push button... and who says the USA isn't moving forward? Huh?
  • People are starting to tell Hillary Clinton to back out of the race, I can't see why the US can't have 2 fairly awesome people as President and Vice. When I think about it, it seems like a beautiful reality.
  • I wear a watch now.
  • I am absolutely OBSESSED with starting my own PodCast. I think I know how to do it and already have a plan to run with... Unfortunately my show, like my videos, will be full of copyright violations - but I'm not going to worry about that since I don't earn any money for it anyway... I've always dreamed of having my own radio show and was even accepted into Radio School, but stupidly decided to drop out because of my commitments to my Theatre Group. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.
  • The Oscars were boring and nobody cared who won what. I did shout Aussie Aussie Aussie! when they showed Heath Ledgers picture and then someone took a picture of me doing son, which was weird... especially because he did the "Perfect" sign with his hands afterwards... Wha-!?
  • Apparently we're facing the 6th biggest extinction of the world which will occur during this century and THIS time it's all our fault - woot! Let's make those Butterflies SQUIRM!
  • ...Seriously, we are all shit.
  • Microsoft is being sued for a bazillion dollars for doing something that nobody in the US cares about because the Euro's are all twatty and smoke vanilla scented cigars.
  • Wow, is it International Racist Day for Caitlin Hill?
  • Yes, it is.
  • Really?
  • No. I LOVE everyone but the news makes me angry.
  • Apparently Women are the ones who keep the whole 2.0 thing alive. Sure, the boys make the better videos, but it's the GIRLS who make that fucking annoying glitter shit and layouts and create those infuriatingly cute icons. I HATE 2.0FEMALES!!!
  • Oh crap, I'm a contributor to this nonsense.
  • Caitlin Hill, 19, decided to end it all today when she learned that not only did she contribute to the extinction of thousands of harmless, important species but that she also helped Google earn money with her Blogs about shite and Videos that were also about shite.
  • The End.
Yeah, that was random. I'm sorry. I'm not really "feeling" it today, but I thought that I'd never get back into it if I waited until I "felt" it.





New Shoes

A microphone

Something to get my drank on!


Tuesday, 19 February 2008

If My Phone Is Ever Wiped Of It's Memory

...I'll want to have some record of the crazy voice mails, I have received. Now, my phone is pretty young, and has only had time to gather the craziness from one person in particular, I'm sure YOUR phone is a dirty old whore and has been rolling around in the sound byte department with all of your drunk friends at 3:32am... so, forgive me if the messages are a little tame. I just think it would be interesting to see a VOICE message in TEXT form...
Here we go...

"I had this, like, really big urge to just like, call you and sing to you. I mean, granted I can't sing at all and I don't know what I would sing...probably some Oldie's song...but, I had this big urge to just call and sing, but you didn't answer your goddamn phone. So, you don't know the greatness that vocal quality."

...I was getting in to like, the best part, right there...and then, it just stopped recording and told me that, "If you want to keep recording, Press 4" and I'm like, "Aww, fuck it!" I hope you're happy!
...Yeah, I just listened to it, I suck at singing, OUCH! Sorry!"

" I need your arms around me/I need to feel your touch/
I need your understanding/I need your love so much/
You tell me that you love me so/You tell me that you care
But when I need you (BABY!)/Baby, YOU'RE NEVER THERE!
...I miss you."

...and the old blog post written in February 19th, 2008 ends there. I think I decided to just record them on my mac from that point : )

Friday, 1 February 2008

2008 = 34 Billion User Generated Video Views

That is the estimate calculated by AccuStream iMedia Research.

That is huge.

So what are you doing?
What are we doing?
Why are we "wasting our time" on this gigantic galactic space that is the Internet?

1. We are smart-arse losers.
2. We have no friends.
3. We think we are special.
4. We bloody are.

The best part about this is that, unless you actually wrote, "have video featured on YouTube and become a partner" on your To Do List for 2008, we are all having fun.
However, too often do we let the year go by without talking about what we want to talk about or film the thing we wanted to film, why? Because we're not committing to our Hobby, and we really should, because unless you haven't noticed, the world is finally catching up to us.

This is the year to embrace your Inner Netter.
No more, do we have to lie to our friends about what we do on the net.
No longer should we have to feel shunned for knowing the details about the latest keynote or getting flustered when meeting iJustine (I've never met her, this is just an example).


It took me until November last year to actually realize that spending a lot of time on the Net is, in fact, okay. As long as you go for a few walks, get some sun and see a movie with a friend from time to time, it isn't a Sin. I spent all the time before that not paying attention to what happened on the Net and just making videos when I was bored and was constantly left behind when the Better Bloggers/Vloggers were embracing it all and really getting involved.

Why is it important to know what is going on?

You may have noticed that, most of the time, the blogs or videos that get the most hits are things that are current for todays audience.

Why the bloody hell else would someone like SXEPhil be on the Front Page of YouTube?

It is because he addresses what is happening TODAY and as much as I die a little on the inside when I see him on the Front Page of the Most Subscribed on YT, I admire his commitment to the Medium...and it works, so, I dunno, clap-clap for The Liar.

I hate talking to Vloggers (just as much as BradoFarrell hates talking to me - he and a few other people have been assisting me since late last year with embracing my own Inner Netter and it's been a frustrating battle for all of them) who don't know anything about what goes on on the net.

"Hey, did you see that video by BlahBlahMcBlah?"


"Oh, well did you hear about how YouTube is doing ShittyMcShitShit and AnnoyingMcBaldBald made this huge blog telling them to WorkMcFinallyWork?"



"Yeah, I'm sorry, but I don't actually watch anyone on YouTube. I don't know what goes on there."


THAT WAS MY PROBLEM! (and still kinda is, I'm constantly adjusting) I found it really hard to keep up with my good buddies and the subscriptions on the internet because I never knew what was going on and how do you expect to better yourself as a film maker or just video maker if you don't watch others, stay on current events and learn.

Every professional person in the Entertainment Industry will tell you that LEARNING is the Most Important Part of their Craft. That is why you'll never have a dumb conversation with someone like Edward Norton or Martin Scorsese, because they are SMART people. They delve right into their craft, watch, read and learn and as people who are all part of a new Medium in the Entertainment Industry, we should do the same.

Read, Watch, Write, Learn...Create... If we just embrace this new Medium, the Community will be in a great shape, the best videos that come out this year will not be by the Randoms who post stupid shite on Video Sites, but US! Let's make it OUR YEAR!

Let's finally earn our 2006 Title of Person of the Year from TIME Magazine.

So talk to your fellow B/Vlogger, ask them questions (even though it will annoy the Hell out of them), watch the popular videos, watch as many people as you can while maintaining sanity and a lifestyle (and hygiene). Watch and read the news, stay up to date with the movies, music and other creative productions that are coming out... as well as reading about the latest technology and gatherings of Smart People that will lead to the eventual betterment of all our lives.

As a rather Famous Group of Guys once said:

Just Tune In, Turn Off, Drop Out, Drop In, Switch Off, Switch On and EXPLODE.

It's the natural process. Follow it.