Friday, 1 February 2008

2008 = 34 Billion User Generated Video Views

That is the estimate calculated by AccuStream iMedia Research.

That is huge.

So what are you doing?
What are we doing?
Why are we "wasting our time" on this gigantic galactic space that is the Internet?

1. We are smart-arse losers.
2. We have no friends.
3. We think we are special.
4. We bloody are.

The best part about this is that, unless you actually wrote, "have video featured on YouTube and become a partner" on your To Do List for 2008, we are all having fun.
However, too often do we let the year go by without talking about what we want to talk about or film the thing we wanted to film, why? Because we're not committing to our Hobby, and we really should, because unless you haven't noticed, the world is finally catching up to us.

This is the year to embrace your Inner Netter.
No more, do we have to lie to our friends about what we do on the net.
No longer should we have to feel shunned for knowing the details about the latest keynote or getting flustered when meeting iJustine (I've never met her, this is just an example).


It took me until November last year to actually realize that spending a lot of time on the Net is, in fact, okay. As long as you go for a few walks, get some sun and see a movie with a friend from time to time, it isn't a Sin. I spent all the time before that not paying attention to what happened on the Net and just making videos when I was bored and was constantly left behind when the Better Bloggers/Vloggers were embracing it all and really getting involved.

Why is it important to know what is going on?

You may have noticed that, most of the time, the blogs or videos that get the most hits are things that are current for todays audience.

Why the bloody hell else would someone like SXEPhil be on the Front Page of YouTube?

It is because he addresses what is happening TODAY and as much as I die a little on the inside when I see him on the Front Page of the Most Subscribed on YT, I admire his commitment to the Medium...and it works, so, I dunno, clap-clap for The Liar.

I hate talking to Vloggers (just as much as BradoFarrell hates talking to me - he and a few other people have been assisting me since late last year with embracing my own Inner Netter and it's been a frustrating battle for all of them) who don't know anything about what goes on on the net.

"Hey, did you see that video by BlahBlahMcBlah?"


"Oh, well did you hear about how YouTube is doing ShittyMcShitShit and AnnoyingMcBaldBald made this huge blog telling them to WorkMcFinallyWork?"



"Yeah, I'm sorry, but I don't actually watch anyone on YouTube. I don't know what goes on there."


THAT WAS MY PROBLEM! (and still kinda is, I'm constantly adjusting) I found it really hard to keep up with my good buddies and the subscriptions on the internet because I never knew what was going on and how do you expect to better yourself as a film maker or just video maker if you don't watch others, stay on current events and learn.

Every professional person in the Entertainment Industry will tell you that LEARNING is the Most Important Part of their Craft. That is why you'll never have a dumb conversation with someone like Edward Norton or Martin Scorsese, because they are SMART people. They delve right into their craft, watch, read and learn and as people who are all part of a new Medium in the Entertainment Industry, we should do the same.

Read, Watch, Write, Learn...Create... If we just embrace this new Medium, the Community will be in a great shape, the best videos that come out this year will not be by the Randoms who post stupid shite on Video Sites, but US! Let's make it OUR YEAR!

Let's finally earn our 2006 Title of Person of the Year from TIME Magazine.

So talk to your fellow B/Vlogger, ask them questions (even though it will annoy the Hell out of them), watch the popular videos, watch as many people as you can while maintaining sanity and a lifestyle (and hygiene). Watch and read the news, stay up to date with the movies, music and other creative productions that are coming out... as well as reading about the latest technology and gatherings of Smart People that will lead to the eventual betterment of all our lives.

As a rather Famous Group of Guys once said:

Just Tune In, Turn Off, Drop Out, Drop In, Switch Off, Switch On and EXPLODE.

It's the natural process. Follow it.


Dizzknee said...

Great piece, Caitlin. I really enjoyed reading it. It's been a crazy day here and it looks like I'll be here late tonight...thanks to the MPAA.

When I have some more time, I'll go over your blog again and possibly even make some constructive comments. : )

I adore you. You're wonderful.


P.S. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog

Simon said...

Regardless of the medium, Content will always be King - it's where the value ($$) will be and what the movers and shakers will always need need.
The good stuff builds slowly and maintains its value for a long time. The Sxe type of content expires every 24 hours.

'Celebrity Media' coverage is oversaturated due to it's low cost but it's like a snake eating it's own tail.

Today's movies seem to be limited to spinoffs of comics, other movies, tv shows or 'airport books'. Less risk and more cross promotions I suppose.

I think that is why something like 'Juno' is so interesting since it can stand alone without many pop culture references. 'Diablo Cody' (the screen-writer) is worth researching if you don't know her background.

Also....I question my own sanity when I am pretty sure I know who "AnnoyingMcBaldBald" is.

GeminiDragon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Author said...

I don't know Caitlin... Coincidently I went to watch phil's latest video today after many many months (I tried it once and stopped half way through a video full of cliche sexist jokes), and his bad haircut jokes were nothing but cliche racism against latin americans. Maybe his goal is to one day replace one of them talk show hosts, or write for their shows, but what I see on his channel is nothing different than what's already on TV. The same goes for the "dating advice" channels on You Tube, the silly "series" type stuff full of dumb predictable suspense or even the "manifest" videos where people try to make viewers not "follow the herd" and "think for themselves". In the end, the most popular part of YouTube, aside from the more artistic talented videos like Lego Mario or that guy who draws people, is produced by "regular people" who do nothing short of their own unoriginal version of what's already on TV. And what's already on TV is just marketing oriented, it ain't good. Do we want to use YT as our own TV or do we want to reinvent TV with originality, creativity and the freedom of owning our own art? Sure YT can be a channel for "normal people" to get money for their work, but I think it should be a channel to show all the other channels just how lame they are. No one is ever gonna be free if they want to YT in exchange for money... I don't know, it's after midnight...
(I don't know how to sign this with my name. My name is Ana.)

Anonymous said...

So two major points here that I agreed with. One, its ok to spend time online. I was raised to think that its a waste of valuable time to sit in front of the tv or computer. I finally realized myself that this isnt a bad place to be, so long as other responsibilities are also taken care of. Food, hygiene, friends, work, a life, etc. Though I have never been ashamed to brag to anyone who will listen to me all about the latest, greatest video from Caitlin, Natalie, Blunty, Hugh, etc.
The other point that I wanted to agree with is that you are doing what you want to do online. Dont do it becauswe you feel you must, or to please everyone else. Do what you want, when you want, and for yourself Caitlin. Thats whats most important for you. Making friends along the way is a definite bonus.
....long winded, arent I?

SuperJV said...

good to see you back. this was a great post. i want to say more but right now must sleep... it's 4 am here.

wow... much time on the Nets today. at least it wasn't wasted :)

Chris in the Studio said...

Jeepers, you sure is schmart Caitlin.
ha ha.

Sorry, I would love to add something typicaly brilliant to this but I've been in the lab for 14 hrs and silly is all I can muster. But, hey, I came, I read, I commented.

Chris in the Studio said...

ok, seriously though,
There is an air of confidence and maturity underlying the tone of this that makes me very happy to see.(my work is done)
Don't worry, I will be back to knock you on your ass at the first sign of"arrogant diva". But for now,
Bask in the glory of your magnificence. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

spending hours and hours online is no different them spending hours and hours watching TV. people have just been watching TV for the last 6 decades so everyone just assumes that is the normal thing to do. in 50 years saying you spend 30-50 hours a week online won't raise an eyebrow.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, my favorite YouTuber over here on Blogspot! I've been here for years, welcome Caitlin! I may not make great videos but I sure can do me some blogging, I think.

organicprankster said...

Yes indeed. Thirty-four billion user generated video views, mostly on dogs bursting balloons and Sxephil's craven, grasping little bubble-head. What was it Leonard Cohen sang about taking and "shoving up the hole in your culture"? I'm pretty sure it was Sxephil, but that doesn't scan.

Someone, Ms Hill, has to knock over a few buildings and make another mess. I disagree with you. I don't think topicality is the way forward. Discussing the NOW, TODAY results in ephemera; it's the illusion of content, and an illusion that turns back into a pumpkin as the clock strikes midnight.
Gathering information for oneself? Fair enough. Gathering information to rattle it off to a bunch of numbskulls on Web 2.0? Hmmm. Sxephil, the Pied Piper of YouTube, will take his child-followers off a cliff. Hopefully.

Micah Maniac said...

Caitlinnn....=] I know I discoverd said internet craft last summer. great stuff no doubt. I'm amazed at said internet entertainment and how I have grown in it.

It's been fun. woot woot! =]

Micah Maniac

Logan said...

I would get very flustered if I ever got the chance to meet iJustine.

sam said...

Hi Caitlin,
I think there is something arty and undefinable about a lot of youtubers. Your videos are so watchable, because they have that essence of 'you' - funny and interesting.
Will you ever regret your time spent on youtube? I hope not!

AnImoL said...

I can go... with the flow... (Queens of The Stone Age)

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