Tuesday, 31 August 2010

BEDA - Day Twenty-Eight - Bloggable Weekend

Have you ever had a day, week, or a moment that was just so surreal at times that you couldn't possibly stay in the moment? That you had to start thinking about how you were going to blog about it? I don't like doing it, and so I either trust that if it's very important it will be written about or I make a little note on whatever I have on me at the time, usually my iPhone, to sit down and write about it...

What I've come to realize is that my idea of a "surreal" day, week or moment, is just me actually doing stuff. I do so little, my day, especially in New York, mostly consisted of things to be done on the computer, so when I'm actually moving about and talking to other Human Beings I can scarcely believe that it's real.

For other people, this is just life, for me, it is a happy accident. Like, for a moment, I have slipped into the adult world without having the proper identification. I hope to be this busy all the time one day. I actually like being busy, but I can't be at the moment because I'm a bit of a disorganized mess. You need to be organized in your own life to successfully be busy without having a meltdown.

Let's recap...

Molly, Anthony and I had decided to go down to Governor's Island to ride bikes and just have a jolly good time, which is about all you're able to do on that place.

I love Governor's Island and I'm actually a little bit sad about it having new development because I love the abundance of abandoned buildings. I always wanted to sneak in there with some friends and a camera and do a bit of gorilla film making, make a fun horror movie or something.

We mostly had fun taking dramatic photos and ate some stale burgers and hot dogs with beer at the fake beach before trekking back over to Manhattan. Michael had told me the night before or maybe at the last party where we had decided to go to the Island that he would come, but he didn't. I was disappointed but tried to hide it.

Oh, look! Here's a book about Governor's Island! Let's read it!

I was excited about the Good/Bad Move Night Sleepover that Justin was throwing. Justin and I had been chatting about it for months and I was looking forward to it so much!
I didn't have an nice PJ's though, so I went to KMART and bought the nicest and cheapest PJ's I could find. I don't like shopping at huge chain stores anymore, but when you are cheap, that's what you have to do.

The Good/Bad Movie Night was great, though there wasn't as many people as I suspected and most of the people who make the most noise and comments during the film were not there, and so I felt like the loudest one and therefore maybe a little annoying. It was difficult though, we were watching Labyrinth. It is very hard to not sing-a-long to Labyrinth!

Michael didn't show up until 3am, drunk and loud and very Michael-like and preceded to sit right next to me. I was a little bit upset because I felt a bit used just having some boy come sit by me when we're close to going to bed instead of wanting to share my company and Luke was there too, so it was a little awkward. If I was a better person I would have just found a place on my own.

The next morning was a little awkward. Michael didn't stay to have breakfast with us, so again, it just seemed like he was there to crash and little else. It was nice hanging out with the other folks though, they are all really lovely and funny.

Later, I went to meet my Aussie friend, Seb, who was studying acting at the Atlantic Acting School, and we had lunch at a lovely restaurant near the World Financial Centre, looking out over the waterfront. We talked about girl problems and other things. Seb's a really great guy and it's weird to know that I've known him now for over 5 years.

The problem is that I almost always run late to meet Seb. I don't know what it is, but I'm always late. So, I then had to rush up to Central Park, after walking around downtown with Seb, and I was cutting it fine. I had to be all the way downtown to meet Molly, Luke, Brad and his friend for a Lower East Side Murder Mystery.

We half-ran, half-walked all the way up to where Anthony and Ella and Eric were and then after a few minutes I had to dash off again. Into another cab, spending way too much money, all the way down the Bowery.

I had missed the intro but the "adventure" itself was just starting. We were wandering our way through the diagonal streets of the old LES and suddenly a short, blonde haired man dressed in period clothing rushed by us, and we got started on our clues. I just thought the guy was cute. Turns out the creepy guy did it. Who'd have thought?

I think we then went out to Brooklyn for Luke's going-away party? Was that then? I'm not sure. If it was that night, it was dramatic... and I cried and did bad things and dramatic things occurred.

I crashed at Luke's and helped him pack up and ship the rest of his stuff and we had breakfast at our favourite Mudd Cafe, and continued packing. We then wandered around the East Village saying goodbye to things and ran into that cute actor guy from the Murder Mystery. I would run into him a third time next month.

It was very sad to say goodbye to Luke. He was very special to me but I don't think I showed him how much when I knew him. He's also quite different to me so maybe he doesn't care that much. I don't know, he was a huge part of New York City for me and I'll never forget him.

Monday, 30 August 2010

BEDA - Day Thirty - Theme Songs

First of all, I really hope I am not actually pissing any people off by still calling this BEDA. We all know I failed it. I just want the filing of posts to look pretty. Please bare with me. There are many great people actually participating in BEDA and succeeding. Here are two blogs that I am reading often by Kristina and Hayley.

Okay, now that we're friends again, I'd really like to talk about Theme Songs. I have been thinking about the importance and power of music and how sharply one song can steer ones or freeze moments in time, and so I am going to make a list of the songs that have affected me the most during the difficult and capricious month of August.

Fun Fact: Google "Theme Songs" (yeah, I'm a professional at this) and Rhett and Link's American Idol song comes up in the First Page results. Yay, Internet People!

What is a Theme Song? It is usually a signature phrase of music or song lyrics that are entwined within a particular moment, usually on film, television or radio. However, Humans, being all equally important and often quite wonderful, have begun compiling their own lists and "soundtracks" to particular days, seasons and moments in their life for a very long time now. This activity, often referred to as, "making a playlist, man," has exploded since the dawn of tapes, CDs and mp3 players (with a little help from Genius on iTunes, unfortunately and sometimes fortunately) and is a way we like to connect with each other and with the dust that is ourselves.

My Theme Song, for a few reasons (mostly related to matters of the heart and the intensity of my err, business-life), for this month, is Bulletproof by La Roux.

Been there done that messed around,
I'm having fun don't put me down
I'll never let you
sweep me off my feet.

I was criticized for neglecting obligations this August in favour for traveling and meeting new friends. I do not regret my decision to do this because everything has worked out well anyway, obligations were kept and seeking out adventures with new friends will always be Number One on my list.

I won't let you turn around
And tell me now I'm much too proud
To walk away from something
when it's dead.

Do do do your dirty words
Come out to play when you are heard
There's certain things
that should be left unsaid.

Tick tick tick tick on the watch
And life's too short for me to stop
Oh baby, your time is running out.

I won't let you turn around
And tell me now I'm much too proud
All you do
is fill me up with doubt.

This time baby I'll be bulletproof,
This time baby I'll be bulletproof.

I often hum this song quietly while walking around New York City and I always find myself repeating those lines over and over again. Sometimes, depending on what has happened, I swap out the "This time" for "Next time."

August 2010 Playlist:

1. Bulletproof by La Roux - "This time, baby, I'll be bulletproof." It's more like a wish for me than an affirmation.

2. Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz - this came on while I was at Luke's surprise party at Spin NYC (a pingpong-themed place that confused me very much) on Friday and it just suited the mood so perfectly because we had been waiting for over an hour for Luke to show up and we didn't know what was going on. We were all sitting along one long bench, all facing the same direction, and I couldn't help but imagine a pan-shot of us all looking confused and dejected.

Later, I couldn't get the song out of my mind. It seems to fit my life quite well right now. One big deep breath before I get my shit together and things really start happening. Plus the lyrics to this song are awesome, especially the verses.

I ain't happy,
I'm feeling glad
I got sunshine in a bag
I'm useless but
Not for long
The future is coming on

3. I Get Around by Dragonette - No need to include lyrics. The track name says it all. This song is perfect for foolish Summer days that get you into trouble later.

4. Don't Blame Me by Mike Lombardo - "you're always talkin' 'bout problems. Well listen, baby, that's why you've got 'em." A reminder and a lesson to not become this person, sometimes, when I'm feeling quite vampire-like, I steer down this path. Take advice and stand up or shut up. This is another little line that I repeat to myself often.

5. Short Skirt, Long Jacket by CAKE (I love this music video, click <<) - Sometimes I want to be this girl. Minus all the money crap. There's something about being able to live each day to the fullest, even if it means until the very last tick of the clock, and then seeking out the next day immediately. I'd like to be the girl that doesn't take any bullshit and makes her own rules.

I want a girl who gets up early
I want a girl who stays up late
I want a girl with uninterrupted prosperity
Who uses a machete to cut through red tape
With fingernails that shine like justice
And a voice that is dark like tinted glass

One extra song I'm digging is Whod Have Known by Lily Allen. It's silly and cute and reminds me of some happier moments and happier mistakes that occurred over the past year. I just heard it for the first time the other day so it's been on my mind.

That's it. Ya dig?

What happened on August 30th?

I had slept over Luke's again-I crashed at his place after his Last of the Canadians Party and we spent all of Sunday together hanging out-and in the morning, after getting up early to get ready for work and help carry some heavy boxes to the UPS Store to be shipped, I said a final goodbye to his lovely 9th Street apartment and to him, my dearest friend in New York. I had cried a lot about Luke leaving on Saturday night, so I held back the tears that morning but there was an ache in my chest that followed me into a cab and throughout the morning.

I had this wonderful dream before the day began, though. Livestream was in legal trouble (That's not why it was wonderful and I don't know why it was in legal trouble in my dream but it was Luke's fault) and I was in Los Angeles with two other people that were at first females but then became Luke and another boy (err... sorry, Luke? Sorry dream girls?)

We were traveling through the highway that was really high up in the air, level 100, and we pulled up to this building where we could steal back the evidence they, whoever they was, had on us. We went into an elevator which went up really fast, and there weren't always walls surrounding the elevator. The doors would rattle and the wind would whistle through and I remember being terrified of the idea of falling out into the dark night air.

Somehow nobody noticed our presence as Luke got onto the computer and found the evidence he needed. We clickly left the building, people passed us by but didn't think anything of us.

As I was walking out the door, Rachel Bilson and Krysten Ritter were entering and I decided to speak up and fan-girl them. They seemed impatient and bored at being noticed, but they politely let me have my way with them. Before I left them alone I mocked myself and said sarcastically, "See you next time in Los Angeles!" Getting the joke: I wouldn't, they laughed and went inside.

We were disturbed to find that there was a roadblock just outside the building and ID's were being checked by police. I began to panic, but the other boy with us found a free route (the other direction was completely void of law enforcement) and we made our escape with no trouble.

The whole time in the car I was nervous, wondering about how we could not get in trouble for what we did. I was so worried that I woke up. The sun had not yet scared away the gray-blue of the morning. It was 7am. I went back to sleep.

After I left Luke's I had a meeting at work to figure out what was going to happen during the rest of time here and if this United States part of my life would continue. The offer on hand was generous with more kindness than I deserve. I am feeling more positive about my future as a direct result of that meeting or at least the end of the year.

There was so much to do at work. I was tied to my computer all day. I didn't have time to eat properly and found comfort in some kosher pickles.

I received disturbing news from Jen that day, and I did my best to apologize for any hurt I caused her and explained the situation exactly as it was. I was frustrated, wondering if the person who had brought her the news was also trying to hurt me too. I'm not trying to seem self-absorbed here, since that is something he criticizes me for, but his actions seemed quite dramatic to me. He didn't need to do what he did because nothing was as serious as it apparently was in his head, not for Jen or I. I'm sad because I understand his frustration with me and I would like to somehow apologize and remain friends with him, but I don't know how much time I should give him to be alone or if I should even bother at all...

Jen was going to an MNDR show and so I picked up the other ticket she had bought to try to make up for my mistakes and to have a good night out with her. I owed her that, probably more. I still feel pretty bad about what happened and I'm mad at myself for being so naive. I feel undeserving of her forgiveness.

While listening to MNDR play I felt very sad. One moment from Saturday night kept replaying over and over in mind and I had this unnerving feeling that somehow manifested itself into an eerie feeling that I was about to physically get a knife in my back.

Perhaps more bad times are coming, "friendlationship" wise?

Afterwards, I bought Jen dinner at Candela Candela, which I had been to before with Emily and Louise during the Summer of 2008, and I had this amazing trio lasagna filled with vegetables and a chianti, which induced a lot of Hannibal Lector noises.

Walking up Second Avenue after dinner, I had a case of word vomit, not being able to get over the sad events of Saturday night.

As we past Luke's apartment, I felt sad knowing I wouldn't visit that room again and then I realized that I left the jello I bought the night before there. I bought two six-packs of jello, I don't really know why. I guess I thought we'd watch a film and eat a lot of it, but when I got to his apartment I instantly wanted to get ready for bed. I forgot to make a call that I had promised to make and quickly wolfed down a chocolate and then strawberry cup with Luke before putting it in the fridge. I found it funny that my sadness quickly bounced from friend problems to lost Jello, I am silly. I had then played Flowers vs. Zombies for a little while before trying to watch Spaced before falling asleep. It felt nice to feel tired and to be going to bed early.

I'll miss my comforting nights with Luke.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

BEDA - Day Twenty-Nine - Luke's Last Day in New York City

I woke up with a heavy head and a puffy face from all the wine I drank and all the tears that came out last night. What effected what? You decide!

Saturday night was intense in an accidentally intense way. By that I mean that I did not want it to be intense. I did not plan for feelings to feel, for eyes to tear, for wine to be consumed, for mouths to kiss, for people to yell. Yet it all happened and it was probably one of my first few mornings where the subject of the day is decidedly, Regret. Mainly because the night was not Double Rainbow intense, I'm sure.

I had crashed at Luke's apartment because I probably would have walked into traffic without him there, cursing at the world or wondering where the wine had gone, and I believe I spent most of the day in his apartment and keeping my inbox at zero, being "social" and playing a lot of Plants vs. Zombies. Meanwhile Luke was packing and cleaning. Don't worry, I asked if he needed any help and he assured me that my incessant questioning of "Where do you want this to go?" would drive him mental. Though I did help unscrew about 5 screws from his bed. I'm sweet and caring, you see.

Just before the sun set we headed out so that Luke could take pictures of places he liked. Problem was that Luke felt awkward about taking pictures or being in pictures and we really only documented one street before ending up in Tompkins Square Park and giving up on the whole photo idea because "I'd just be taking pictures of places I shopped or whatever..."

After we spent a little while gazing at dogs and their silliness in the dog park, we bumped into one of the actors who had been in the Murder Mystery Theatre event that Molly had organized for us all to go to. He had played the brother of the two people who had been murdered and I was embarrassed because I had spent most of the evening whispering to Molly about he and the "guy who plays the cop" were cute. He is a comedian, too, and he put me on his mailing list. It was a very weird meeting but he seemed quite happy to hear about our time with the mystery. I neglected to mention that I thought at one point he had been the murderer.

We walked up Avenue C and back around towards Westville East, where we waited for Molly, who had been working, to join us. We had a really pleasant dinner together and talked about boys and girls and plans and the meal was just so lovely. I had grilled chicken with lemon, and brussel sprouts and other delicious vegetables. I kept Molly and Luke waiting while I ate everything on my plate, and that plate was bigger than my face, but I just couldn't deny this healthy awesomeness from making a party in my tummy. I felt so full afterwards but I was also really pleased with myself. The price was also really good.

While Luke helped take his kitchen supplies to Molly's house, I went home and had a shower, not before I sat in my bathroom, naked just listening to music. Yeah, you didn't need to know that, but I just couldn't do anything further until I had listened to a few songs. I just needed a moment of peace. As much peace as one can get when Demi Lovato or Matchbox Twenty songs are coming up on your playlist, but it still felt so good to sit and be quiet for a moment and just listen.

When I was finally ready and had packed up my gear to get to work the next day, I headed on down to Luke's place. During my walk I was stopped by a nice french boy, probably my age or a little younger asking about a "err, music, err, concert?" I wish I had known about more places. I hope that due to that incident I will now become well-versed in the venues of NYC. I know quite a few, I've been to a lot, but I was too taken aback my being asked for that information (I mean, me? The girl who won't let herself listen to music while walking outside? It must have been my combat boots) and I couldn't pinpoint locations in my mind.

You can find out the rest of the evening here at the bottom of the post. It was a very good Sunday. I just wish I could stop thinking about Plants vs. Zombies. Luke just tells me to buy it on the iPhone but it was so fun to play on the iPad.

I'm bored of this blog now, enjoy your cats. Yes, I do mean that way.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

BEDA - Day Thirteen - Homer's The Iliad: The Bore, The Beauty, and The Whiny Bitches Part Three

Part Three:

Brief Reflections on the Events of The Iliad and the Film

Archaeologist, Heinrich Schliemann, has convinced many scholars that the city Canakkale in Turkey is the site of Homer's Troy, presenting evidence of destruction that could resemble the Achaians and other armies sacking of the city. However, archaeological digs have uncovered nine periods of settlement of the geographical site and then there are the questions on whether the myth is based on and built upon many different events in the area. Overall, it is widely agreed that some fact may lie within Homer's poetic abandon.

Whether or not Achilles or many heroes that became the legend of Achilles stood and died on the land, Canakkale still seems like an interesting place to visit, and this plain site (for the plain story of Homer) explains the sights more.

The film, Troy, based on Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, and directed by Wolfgang Peterson, is not my favourite piece of cinema. I hadn't read the Iliad before I watched the film so I wasn't upset by the lack of Gods. I just didn't really enjoy it that much.

Then when reading the book, I had all these preconceptions of what the story was about only to find out I was totally wrong. The time-line is all off, the battle seems quick when in fact Helen has been living in Troy for 20 years (?) and the battle for her has been raging on for 9 years or something and the story takes place during the last few months of it. Or so I believe, honestly, after a year of reading, my fact intake from the book is rather skewed.

I also learned from the film that Achilles (the talented, Brad Pitt) was a poor fellow who had this amazing heart of gold on the inside. BAH! Bah, I say. He is quite ridiculous and melodramatic in his outbursts in the book. I understand where he is coming from, but grow a pair, man. You're meant to be practically immortal. He also treats Hector so poorly when he is dead, that how anyone can like or pity his fate afterwards is beyond me. I feel that only Hector, portrayed by Eric Bana, was fairly similar to the book, which is most likely because he is mostly a good man, a simple and honorable man.

The marketing department for Troy used posters of each character and a tagline of what their purpose was in the film. I found this interesting... Blah.

For Honor; Hector/Achilles

Yup. That's what it's all about for them. Hector more than Achilles. Achilles only comes to after Patroclus is killed.

For Victory; Wooden Horse

Agamemnon, what a asshole. He is not serving his brother, Menelaus, by fighting Troy for his brothers lost wife, but only himself. He wants more. He wants to be a conqueror, and he only achieves this through his hold over Achilles.

For Love; Paris/Helen

Fuck no. What love was shared between them in this story? The love belongs to Andromache, Hector's wife, who pleads with him to not fight and save himself, and Patroclus' love for Achilles.

For Destiny; Achilles.

It is clearly Achilles. He does bravely go to Troy when he knows what fate awaits him. He could turn back at any moment, as he threatens to do so many times, but he always lingers, almost begging for his tortured life to be over. Unfortunately he lingers and moans for a little too long, and really affected my interest until he started to get involved with the battle.

For Passion; Paris?

Uh, no. Paris is not passionate at all. He has so bored Helen that she regrets ever leaving and doesn't even seem to like Paris. Paris is a coward. If anyone has passion, it is Hector and Achilles. Hector for his life and his duties and his city and those within it. Achilles for his ceaseless whining.

For Troy; The Gods and then Not The Gods

The Gods, they are so amusing with their domestic violence and their many alliances and general sexism. They want Troy to be okay and then they don't want Troy to be okay. Wife Number 635 tells Zeus to do this and Wife Number 212 tells Zeus to do that, it's all very East Enders.

The best thing to come from the film was a boost for Eric Bana and Rose Byrne's career and the song, Remember, sung by Josh Groban. Sure, it's not exactly a ground-breaking piece of music, but its moving and quite exquisite and really summed up the film's whole point for me; Man's anxieties with immortality and the deep desire to be remembered for their time here on Earth.

We are all acutely aware of how great and small our lives on this Earth can be, and it can be terrifying when you realize it hardly matters to the Universe as a whole. That, I suppose, is where faith comes in or a "Fuck it, I'm doing this shit, now!" attitude is due.

Fun possible-fact: "Terry Gilliam was offered the chance to direct the movie. He stopped reading the script 5 pages in and declined the offer." - IMDB

I would recommend watching it anyway. Other than any possible documentaries out there, its the only feature film I could find on the subject.

Click here for Part Four

Friday, 13 August 2010

BEDA - Day Twelve - Homer's The Iliad: The Bore, The Beauty, and The Whiny Bitches Part Two

Part Two:

I'm not a great article writer/essayist, so the topics will be broken up into simple lumps.

After The Iliad: a list of things to read

After completing the Iliad, which you can read for free here (by the translator and "sometime fellow of Trinity College," Walter Leaf, Litt.D,) you may like to move on to Homer's The Odyssey which (I believe) follows Odysseus' final moments in Troy to his return journey where he learns that his house is in complete disarray after an absence of twenty years, it sounds fairly domestic but is called "the world's greatest adventure story." There is also The Aeneid by Virgil which also follows the aftermath of the battle of Troy, when I have read all the books I already own, I plan on reading those stories next.

So, yeah, Caitlin. Remember to come here and read these books sometime, okay? That's after you've read all the other books you own that you haven't read, you stupid girl.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

BEDA - Day Eleven - Homer's The Iliad: The Bore, The Beauty, and The Whiny Bitches Part One

Part One:

STARTED 02/08/10: I have finally retired from the battles of Troy leaving a mess of dog-eared pages and worn edges behind me.

I have been reading the Iliad by good ol' Homer (whom I shall always envision as a bearded man with yellow skin, eating donuts in a robe) for almost a year. On and off, off and on, the ending evaded me with so many little distractions and just the sheer confusion that is a world I have not been taught before.

It feels so good to have finished this book and since it has always been beside me and has been carried around Manhattan with me for such a large sum of time, I simply couldn't let this event pass in front of me and my cold feet, I had to do something for it. One can't simply survive the pain of a Greek Classic with all its beauty and all its bores without something to show for it... and a conversation over wine with my Dad about the epic simply will not do!

Therefore, in this blog post, (and ahem, "Turn back all ye that enter here," it too is of rather epic proportions) I will be reporting on the book, discussing Homer and the translator, W.H.D. Rouse, record a brief "history" of the events (if they even occurred) and then will be finishing with a list of my favourite lines and quotes (really for my own personal reference) and a list of things to read or watch next - if you're interested (but once again, this is mainly for my own future reference.)

I know, I should write for you, but I'm indulging myself here, I think all who read the Iliad should ; )

Before I begin, I should note that finishing this book is such a big deal to me because in school, I was not taught about the Classics, I knew about them, of course, who doesn't? But for some reason, most of my English teachers weren't very good at teaching much of anything anyone else I know might have studied. I believe I read one sci-fi novel and read The Taming of the Shrew on my own and in Year 12 with our one good teacher for only a term, Mr. K, we read and discussed Hamlet, but other than that... English consisted of copying off the projected writing on the white board, copying out of textbooks and never feeling like we finished anything.

That's why, since I'm not and probably will never go to college (sadly), I must take this effort by myself. Since over the past three years of YouTube I felt my brain soften and get a little lumpy, and now I'm trying to do it some good.

Feel free to correct me on grammar, my knowledge or anything, I'll appreciate it. Just be considerate please, I'm a human and though I may not know what you know, I know plenty of things that you don't, too.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

BEDA - Day Ten - Twitter and a YouTube Review

I started this blog in April this year, but I never finished. In my furious attempt to actually complete a failed BEDA, I'm completing this bitch tonight... this morning... at 3:53am. That's almost dedication, bitches.

Also, why I thought this would even interest me is beyond me. This post is so self-absorbed and pointless.


My old Twitter profile description use to say

"The Oak Tree doesn't fall far from where the Acorn fell before it started to grow."

I heard this on a promo clip for some country-singer sitcom, which I've never watched but I thought that one line was funny so I put it in my Notes on my Dashboard. When I created my Twitter in 2007, I wanted a line and I found one.

This year I changed it to a more accurate statement:

"Part-time stalker, part-time lurker, part-time pimp. 100% sweaty 78% of the time."


Well, it's not like the former description does me any good, I'm sure most people are like... "err, that's not how the saying goes," and I didn't want to be confusing those poor people anymore (Remember: Sarcasm doesn't belong on the Internet ;)), so the latter description works best, due to the fact that I am alone quite a lot these days. I see people on weekends but lately the weekday has been quite empty of other human beings.

So, I've taken to stalking some of my favourite people, mostly people I don't actually hang out with ever, and then I've taken to lurking around the social webs of the people who I do actually hang out with, AND I still have a job to some degree, which essentially involves sending people money for no real fairly silly reasons, so I'm a pimp, too.

As for the sweaty. Well, for the last three years quite a lot of social situations bring out the awkward side of me, and therefore, bring out the sweat, but I also happen to dance and, and that involves a lot of sweat, so that's why it's always 100% sweaty... but only 78% of the time. See, basic math. You can do it.

UPDATE: My Twitter description now reads: Creeper. Yes, I mean the plant. I grow, I cling to you and I may annoy the shit out you.

Progress? Probably not. One day it may say something like: Student, Theatre Major, Asshat or something spectacular like that. I would like that.


So, since I don't really create anymore (remember this was written before VidCon and VEDA, even though I failed that, I'm much more inspired now), I've taken to watching what my fellow, still-enthusiastic vloggers are doing.

First up, Nanalew.

Now, Nanalew makes me happy, because one: well, she doesn't hate me... yet. (After VidCon? Not sure, haha. I was sort of creepy-on-purpose to her and I don't know if I made it easy enough to tell the difference between pretend creepy and real creepy) I'm sure she's not really capable of hating anyone, but you all know that one thing I like more than talking to internet people, is talking to FEMALE internet people. There is nothing quite like being accepted by your fellow lady. Oh, and two: she's a great little actress, with a slew of cool characters and impersonations.

Her new series, Growing Up Granger is aces. Every now and then an expertly accurate impersonation of Emma Watson's Hermione comes up in a huff or in her mannerisms, which is hilarious because Emma Watson's version always leaves 86% of Harry Potter fans wanting more (I adore her, she's amazing, but come on now... is it really just me? Perhaps she is J.K.'s Hermione, but she isn't mine and that's OKAY, I'm cool with it)

The supporting vloggers playing Harry, Ron and Draco are all fantastic and I definitely think that this is a series worth exploring and hopefully we'll see more of in the future.

I can also see this potentially being a series that blows Nanalew up into the big leagues. She has definitely already put the effort in and is well known throughout the space, so it's quite deserving.

2. Nerimon

I've been enjoying Alex Day's vlogs lately about Twilight, Moving Out and just his basic opinion on the things he comes across. He's got a brilliant sense of humour and despite all our weird and awkward encounters in the past, and the rumours and gossip that follows his very lovely and thin body around, his consistently funny vlogs are definitely something worth watching.

3. BeyondTheTrailer

This is one of my favourite IndyMogul shows from the good folks at NextNewNetworks. I think Grace Randolph is an awesome, refreshing and unaffected host and I always enjoy the teams reviews, the audience reviews and the news segments surrounding all the up-coming and new release movies.

This is a show that has my fangirl cheering: Man, I wish I could do this show! It's just brilliant. Hopefully it only grows and gains more fans from here, because something has to kill the Reelz channel, I was so excited for that channel and it's just the most boring, commercial shit.

4. sweetescapee

I think that SweetEscapee is very talented and a lovely girl, but I unsubscribed today just because I'm not really one to listen to covers or original music on YouTube, it's just not where I go for that kind of entertainment.

No doubt, she'll will have 1000's more subscribers to take my place and hopefully do really well, so hopefully nobody see's this as some kind of insult.

I don't know her at all and I have over 400 (or is it 500?) subscriptions and I really need to cut it down.

Check out her lovely cover of Taylor Swift's "Today Was A Fairytale"

5. WheezyWaiter

This guy is brilliant (UPDATE: Craig really is brilliant!) He's gathering quite the following, and it's nice to hear from more people who know how to put two sentences together without using 'um.' Definitely one of the vloggers out there that make you go, 'Oh, I almost forgot that I sucked, but now I remember, yeah, I do.'

6. NylonMagazineTV

Now, this channel confuses me. Sometimes their music and interviews are really beautiful and the editing is simple or complex and really lovely and off-beat, and other times, I desperately want the job of the person who is making these videos because they seem so "whatever." I get that Nylon Magazine is all about, "whatever," but-maybe I'm just jealous. I just want to do that. Either way, I really adored their YouTube issue. However, it was impossible for an OCDwithMagazines Chick to read the magazine without stopping and saying, "I can't read anymore until I get to the computer." Super clever of them to make that connection.

7. ThatZak

He will hold getting kicked out of the Hitviews party (If I was aware he'd be in there and being served grapes by demon wenches, but he won't hear it) for the rest of my unnatural life, but I still like his videos. I like his smirk, too. I wonder how many girls and boys get their panties in a bunch while watching this fella? I like his layout and hope that he keeps up his videos and vlogs.

8. IndyMogul

The company I'd probably be desperately trying to work at if I wasn't otherwise engaged and if they would ever consider me. I like their shows. I really love their Rated Awesome videos. I'm still obsessed with their their Social Network parody. Their series are related around film and I just fan-girl them so much. They need more fans, so please get your butt over there and load up on some film techniques, lols, film news and film reviews.

9. MarkDayComedy

Whenever a video from Mark Day is in my subscription inbox I'm always impressed. I just love that this one guy is somehow still making consistently funny and coherent video blogs. I enjoyed being on the panel with him at VidCon and he's just a lovely bloke all round. I'm so glad that someone from the early days of YouTube is still radiating positivity on this space.

10. Claytonian

Due to the delights of VEDA, I've currently been enjoying getting to re-know (go with it) Claytonian. I enjoy his videos. I enjoy hearing about his adventures in Japan, his quick lessons in Japanese and other thoughts. I admit, I enjoy hearing and seeing him say my name and yes, I enjoy just seeing him. COME ON, if he's going to make a video without a shirt on then what is a girl to do? Actually concentrate on what he is saying? Care about his personality? Pffft. Ridiculousness.

No, all that aside, I hope to get to know him more. It would be amazing if one day my travels took me to Japan and I actually knew someone who lived there. That's what YouTube was all about to those of us back in the day. Connecting. Reaching out. Never is this more obvious when communicating with someone thousands of kilometres away.

Okay. I'm done. I feel sick actually. I forgot to eat. I do that quite often. And went out to get two frozen dinners at around 1am. I didn't start eating until 1:50am and now it's after 4am and I can't decide whether to finish off this turkey dinner or to hide from it. TELL ME WHAT TO DO.

Who are your favourite YouTubers? And do you think the description in your Twitter is important at all?

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

BEDA - Day Nine - Getting Organized

There's nothing wrong with pretending you're in your 30's right? A boyfriend once said to me that I seemed like a 30-year-old in a 16-year-old body. He was 20 at the time. PERV. As a naturally messy 21-year-old or older woman it's nice to sometimes let your mind drift into what life would be like if you could be an efficient and organized human being...

I live with the lady who runs the site
PixiesDidIt with her sister, and so she knows how organizing can work or can fall to pieces depending on your "personality type" defined by the archetypes, Jung, Keirsey® & Myers-Briggs®.

To support her sweet company, I signed up for their daily emails, which led me to Family Circle's post, 55 Ways to Clear Clutter

I was a sucker for "home life" magazines even before any kind of possible "child-of-divorce" stereotypes could settle in on me. I always enjoyed making little mental notes while reading and decided what I would or would not do as somebody with my very own house and family. This is from a girl who can't even visualize herself being married, let alone fantasizing about her wedding AND she lives surrounded in mountains of her own junk in a basement!

Still, the desire to be organized and live a more simplistic or ritualized life creeps in every day, so I took some notes from Family Circle and have mixed in my own thoughts.

FC's Suggestion: File Away

1. Keep a portable file tote for catalogs, thank-you notes, shopping lists, and a menu planner. Take it with you for when you're waiting in the school carpool lane and check things off your to-do list. - Stephanie Vozza, founder of theorganizedparent.com

I can't imagine myself being in a school carpool lane for a very long time, if ever, but you don't need to be in a carpool lane to like this idea. If I was to put everything in one place, instead of mulitiple places, and somewhere where it would always be in view (so it would annoy me) maybe I'd take care of those little naggy to-do's that always end up on the frustratingly flimsy paper.

FC's Suggestion: Make It Tidy

2. Slip your movie collection into DVD albums, organized by genre -- comedies, dramas, and cartoons -- so it's a cinch to flip through. Recycle the empty cases through freecycle.org. - Regina Leeds, author of One Year to an Organized Work Life (Da Capo)

Most of my DVD collection is back home in Australia, though I did start to gather quite a sizable collection here until both Luke and Sarah knocked some sense into me and made me realize that DVDs are just wastes of money. Apart from some great special features, they are a waste of money and an almost-dead technology. So now my lists are on Netflix and iTunes.
However, what to do with the remaining DVDs that I love too much to give away and still have the means to watch them (before I replace or... what, transcode, them? I don't even know what I'm talking about) ? Well, I've seen other friends use this trick and it's definitely simple. Make them alphabetical or organize by genre if need be. If you really have nothing better to do you could even make a list in the front of your folder! Crazy stuff. Luckily all my DVDs are in storage so I don't have to think of this until I have to move. If you're sentimental about the covers, buy a storage case with areas for paper. Think A4, Baby.

3. Keep shelves tidy by rolling kids' T-shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts instead of folding. - Stephanie Vozza, founder of theorganizedparent.com

I don't do this for my wardrobe, only when I travel. Until I downsize my wardrobe - something I'm working on - I never know what shirt is what and it would only get chaotic.

5. Avoid "my house is a mess" panic when unexpected guests drop in. Leave an empty storage ottoman or basket out for quick cleanups -- make sure it's big enough to stash toys, magazines, and throws. - Alicia Rockmore, founder of Buttoned Up, Inc.

You don't have to have a house to use this neat idea, your room or whole apartment could be fine. This is much better than storing under your bed or in your closet when a date decides unexpectedly that they want you and they want you now. Just don't leave the stuff their to rot.

7. A handsome vintage cabinet or sleek modern console can cleverly hide everything from books and games to a flat-screen TV. - Kim Myles, host of Myles of Style

No. What's the point? Being able to hide things all the time only gives you an excuse to be busy. Keep your house and your style open and it will only force you to be neat.

8. Keep ladles, tongs, and spatulas in place by attaching adhesive Velcro strips to both the handles and the bottom of the utensil drawer. - Julie Edelman, author ofThe Ultimate Accidental Housewife(Hyperion)

A little bit OCD, but OK...

FC's Suggestion: Hang It Up

10. Don't hide a beautiful bowl in the china cabinet. Instead, show it off on top of the dresser and use it to hold everyday necessities like your watch, wallet, and rings. - Meryl Starr, author of The Home Organizing Workbook (Chronicle)

Before I sadly lost interest in Mr. Big and that whole (this does not make me sad) "consumer" lifestyle that Sex and the City represents, I loved that the character Miranda had a lovely bowl just near her doorway that she dropped her keys and other tidbits into. So, for my birthday my Boss bought me a Tiffany glass bowl and for the longest time (when I had my own apartment) I used it. However, I often found it getting covered in other crap. So, if you're someone who see's a dent and likes to fill it with as much shit as possible, use a hook.

15. If you lack shelf space in the bathroom, give each family member a portable plastic tote that they can keep in the bedroom for stashing their nonessentials. - Donna Smallin, author of A to Z Storage Solutions (Storey)

Like Bella Swan, LOLZ. This is good for roommates; for those who live with someone who pinches things and for those who are psychotic and think their roommates are going to steal all their stuff. Loosen up, baaaaaby.

16. To save repeated trips up and down the stairs, keep a basket on the bottom step to stockpile items like slippers or video games. Carry them up all at once at the end of the day. - Romaine Lowery, author of The Clutter Clinic (Sterling)

One: Man up. Two: I feel older just reading these. Three: This is a good idea if you have stairs, just don't throw so much shit in it that you can't get it up the stairs at the end of the day.

FC's Suggestion's for Desktop Organization

18. Place a plastic sock drawer organizer in the fridge to keep small snacks like yogurt and cheese sticks organized and easily accessible to kids. - Amy Keroes, founder of Mommy Track's

I like this idea. Not for kids but for helping you organize your diet or your meal plan or ingredients for each meal. Just keep them all in once place. Now, if I ever went grocery shopping and had my own fridge, I'd probably one day do this... maybe.

23. Designate a laundry room bin for clothes that no longer fit. Once it's full, donate the castoffs to charity. - Jill Shank, cofounder of Mostly Organized Moms, Inc.

For clothes that no longer fit, are spoiled or you just don't like anymore. Give them one last wash and locate a charity that takes anything and organizes it later or a place where they accept any materials. There's one at Tompkins Square during the weekend and Luke and I use to go there all the time. Once you donate a bunch of your clothes, you should realize how much money you waste and how pointless fashion can be if you don't utilize it properly or spend your money wisely. I have definitely learnt a lot from donating clothes I spent lots of money on and getting nothing (no cash nor satisfaction) from it.

24. For each new clothing item, pair of shoes, or accessory that you buy, donate or get rid of two in its place to maintain closet space. - Audrey Thomas, professional organizer for Smead

Well, yes, this could work... but if you already have the item, why are you getting another one? Try to live minimally. This is easy if you are renting, like traveling a lot or, if you're like me, you're not guaranteed a whole lot of time in a country. If you're in a temporary situation, try not to "nest" so much. It can be difficult, but if you have a few cherished items and are allowed to paint the walls and hang up some posters, that can be enough to make you feel comfortable in your home. Or be daring, don't make your room all the comfortable. The prettier it is, maybe the more time you'll spend in it, making it messier and messier. Try living bare bones (this is my personal goal, so I feel like I'm talking to myself right now) and imagine that at any moment you could pick up and leave and have to take your favourite things with you on your back. Could you do that now? Probably not. So, keep hacking away and away at your material goods until you find something that speaks to you.

FC's Suggestion: Repurpose

27. Use leftover twist ties to tame that tangle of television, computer, and cell-phone wires. - Meryl Starr, author of The Home Organizing Workbook (Chronicle)

I like to keep my twist ties on my wires for as long as possible, this is definitely a good idea. If you have a drawer for computer things, like games or accessories, but the twist ties in a plastic lunch bag and leave them there for when you have to pack your stuff up.

29. Give a summer tote a year-round purpose. Place it on a closet shelf for storing scarves and belts. - Stephanie Vozza, founder of theorganizedparent.com

I do this with my winter gear, just don't forget you own it (like I often do) and buy new ones. Then you just have more storage and more means to fill it up with stuff.

FC's Suggestion: Recycle

40. Tackle a spring and fall cleanup each year -- no excuses. - Dan Ho, Host of The Dan Ho Show

Do it! Wouldn't it be great if you had such a minimal wardrobe that you had a uniform for some days. Not all days, that'd be boring, but for work or days when things are hectic. Something you can always reach to and feel comfortable in in times of crisis.

Instead of feeling guilty for buying so many new clothes each year or every few years on top of your older clothes, you could try to make smarter choices. Know your body shape. Feel comfortable with taking time in the dressing room and trying EVERYTHING. Try what is in "fashion" and then break away from it and back again if you have to. Whatever makes you comfortable. The shop keeper wants you to make an impulse buy, it makes their day go faster. Make them work. More importantly, make them wait. Be lovely and polite, of course, but if they are giving you attitude, just remember that you'll probably never see them again.

This doesn't just go for clothes, but for stuff, too. Books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, paperwork, toys. You don't have to singlehandedly boost the economy by yourself and you don't have to always have the "new" thing and you know what, sometimes it's okay to not be on top of the latest thing. There's nothing worse buying a ticket to a film or buying an album because it's "hot right now" and being completely unmoved by it. Let things come to you from true friends or when it feels absolutely right. I'm making it sound a little spiritual and it should be. This is how you are spending your life! (Says the girl writing the blog...)

42. Dress up your desktop by putting pens and pencils in a small vase or arranging essentials like a stapler, scissors, and mail on a colorful melamine tray. -Kim Myles, host of Myles of Style

This doesn't work. I've tried it. Maybe it'll work for you, it doesn't for me. I either have no room for papers or things get pushed off or I squeeze so much stuff into it that I'm constantly having to clean those out too. Bare necessities, baby. Keep it out in the open and deal with it.

FC's Suggestion: Use a Daily Planner

This can actually work for some people. I have my iPhone and it can keep dates easily, but I somehow always find myself forgetting theses dates. It must be the action of entering in the information, it doesn't resonate with my brain somehow and so even when the alert comes two-hours before the event, I'm likely to ignore it or not recognize it at all OR I find myself thinking that I just can't make it to that date after all.

What does seem to help me is a daily planner. One that you actually write in and log around. My Boss got me one in a last attempt to help me remember important dates and/or show up to things on time, and for a few months it worked. Now, I've misplaced - that's the trick - and so everything is in disarray again.

It's almost like keeping a journal. You may write in it every day and then you can go for weeks, months and sometimes years without making a single entry. You know your life was lived, but those blank pages doubt that any event ever occurred.

Well, I hope you got something out of this. These ideas have certainly been stamped ever deeper into my my mind and luckily they'll remain here until I notice them again and hopefully, act upon them.

What are your ways for keeping organized?