Tuesday, 3 August 2010

BEDA - Day Two - Places To Skydive and People To Watch for 30 Days.

  1. A bagel with cream cheese
  2. Finding out that I wasn't becoming a product of the 21st century and completely impatient, but that the Internet is incredibly slow here. Apparently we are now getting a T1 line! I don't know what that is, but I hear it's fast!
  3. Charlie's video, which was quite a surprise!
  4. Wow, your day can't have that many highlights when you are mostly planning on making videos...
In my Day One video, I asked everyone where I should skydive next, and I liked your suggestions a lot.

onioncheesecoffee: Skydive Oregon - Molalla, OR - The scenery is beyond beautiful. The ground is almost always green in every direction. Massive mountains jut up in the distance (Hood, St. Helens, Ranier, The Three Sisters)

seventyangel: Byron Bay, NSW

RomanNikoles, dctcool, Skye940, A7XDudeDrums support my idea to skydive on the Gold Coast, Qld

bulabula80: Skydive Fiji!

fizzylimon: Skydive in Orlando - only if you jump with me, Steve :)

A7XDudeDrums: Wollongong, NSW

LilMissae: Yarra Valley, Melbourne

PurpleLemonTree: Lake Taupo, New Zealand.

All of these places would be gorgeous to skydive in, however I have to admit that I still get nervous at the idea of doing it again. Though I can imagine how amazing it would feel to say that I had been skydiving in all those places.

I found some cool people who are also doing VEDA.

JeebJello - my ex-roommate and all-round mystery man. He has a gorgeous new camera (bastard!) and I think he may not be in America anymore. I'm looking forward to seeing him stick with something. He says he started because of me, but I think I started because of him, which means I can time travel, awesome!

He's really funny, go send him some encouragement!

DigiWax - one of my first subscriptions and one of the first, if not the first Australian I found on YouTube. He's doing something different with his VEDA. Instead of talking about himself, he's going to be talking to others. So head on over and suggest people for him to talk to.

AllThatJazz - I love her quirky little videos and she also seems to understand that Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is superior to so many of the other Harry Potter films because the book just translates so easily to film. I think the book is closest to being a mystery novel, whereas the others have too many special moments that don't add to the general story and so they don't make it into the films - I will stop before my whole blog becomes a Harry Potter rant.

I also saw a comment that some people participate in VEDO, Vlog Every Day in October. So, if this goes well, I may take September off - or I won't post every day - and then I'll get back into it.

I am a bit worried about today's video. I wanted to talk about VidCon, but I couldn't find my VidCon shirt and I didn't want to compromise, so I'm going to talk about it tomorrow, hopefully. Then I have other videos to do, but they are quite big on production, so I might have to resort to the plan I was meant to act out last year. This is all quite complicated. I wish I hadn't decided to do this last moment, but I guess it just means doing something worthwhile at 3am instead of posting things on Tumblr.

Well, I can't type on this all day. I have to do my job and I have to also edit some of the drafts I have so I can post what I said I would.

Here's hoping not all of August is me posting random crap.


Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Time travel rocks. You could probably make a lot of money off that skill :P

jenibo said...


I am also participating in BEDA, so add me to your list! You'll be on mine. ;)
I watched your skydiving video earlier today, and I left a comment suggesting you come to Hawaii for a skydiving adventure with me. I think to people who don't live here, Hawaii is highly overrated. And that may discourage cool people like you from visiting, but please don't let it! Although I often complain about how boring it is here, there are things to do, and it is actually quite beautiful. I've always wanted to go skydiving, but for some reason, have not! It doesn't look as difficult in the videos I've seen as I'm sure it would be in a very drafty airplane. But if you can do it, I can too, right?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading your B, ED in A. (See what I did there?)

See you tomorrow.

JoMiMo555 said...
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Dizzknee said...

It's funny that you mention being nervous at the idea of skydiving again. I remember the first time I went skydiving. Well, who doesn't, really...unless of course you've never been. But anyway, I was nervous as hell and all that, but I went through with it and had a great time. And I guess I figured at that point I'd be all into it and wanting to go again and again.

Not the case.

I remember getting back with the same group and deciding to go again, maybe a few weeks later or something. But instead of being all "I'm a pro at this now. Let's get to the plane", I was even more terrified the second time. Of course I couldn't show this, 'cause you know, you can't act like that in front of the ladies. So I was pretending to be all excited about it and everything. It turned out the weather wasn't cooperating, and we just couldn't get a window of decent weather long enough to go up that day. I don't think anyone was more relieved than I was, but I had to act all disappointed...to keep up the illusion of bravery.

Anyway, I'd love to go again one day since it's been a few years. I think I'm ready. Although I'm sure I'd be terrified again.

-Earle : )

Hollishillis said...

I completely agree with and AllThatJazz about chamber of secrets being the best book to screen adaptation of the films!

jenibo said...

Do you have that naggy-blog feeling? BEDA, babe!