Wednesday, 11 August 2010

BEDA - Day Ten - Twitter and a YouTube Review

I started this blog in April this year, but I never finished. In my furious attempt to actually complete a failed BEDA, I'm completing this bitch tonight... this morning... at 3:53am. That's almost dedication, bitches.

Also, why I thought this would even interest me is beyond me. This post is so self-absorbed and pointless.


My old Twitter profile description use to say

"The Oak Tree doesn't fall far from where the Acorn fell before it started to grow."

I heard this on a promo clip for some country-singer sitcom, which I've never watched but I thought that one line was funny so I put it in my Notes on my Dashboard. When I created my Twitter in 2007, I wanted a line and I found one.

This year I changed it to a more accurate statement:

"Part-time stalker, part-time lurker, part-time pimp. 100% sweaty 78% of the time."


Well, it's not like the former description does me any good, I'm sure most people are like... "err, that's not how the saying goes," and I didn't want to be confusing those poor people anymore (Remember: Sarcasm doesn't belong on the Internet ;)), so the latter description works best, due to the fact that I am alone quite a lot these days. I see people on weekends but lately the weekday has been quite empty of other human beings.

So, I've taken to stalking some of my favourite people, mostly people I don't actually hang out with ever, and then I've taken to lurking around the social webs of the people who I do actually hang out with, AND I still have a job to some degree, which essentially involves sending people money for no real fairly silly reasons, so I'm a pimp, too.

As for the sweaty. Well, for the last three years quite a lot of social situations bring out the awkward side of me, and therefore, bring out the sweat, but I also happen to dance and, and that involves a lot of sweat, so that's why it's always 100% sweaty... but only 78% of the time. See, basic math. You can do it.

UPDATE: My Twitter description now reads: Creeper. Yes, I mean the plant. I grow, I cling to you and I may annoy the shit out you.

Progress? Probably not. One day it may say something like: Student, Theatre Major, Asshat or something spectacular like that. I would like that.


So, since I don't really create anymore (remember this was written before VidCon and VEDA, even though I failed that, I'm much more inspired now), I've taken to watching what my fellow, still-enthusiastic vloggers are doing.

First up, Nanalew.

Now, Nanalew makes me happy, because one: well, she doesn't hate me... yet. (After VidCon? Not sure, haha. I was sort of creepy-on-purpose to her and I don't know if I made it easy enough to tell the difference between pretend creepy and real creepy) I'm sure she's not really capable of hating anyone, but you all know that one thing I like more than talking to internet people, is talking to FEMALE internet people. There is nothing quite like being accepted by your fellow lady. Oh, and two: she's a great little actress, with a slew of cool characters and impersonations.

Her new series, Growing Up Granger is aces. Every now and then an expertly accurate impersonation of Emma Watson's Hermione comes up in a huff or in her mannerisms, which is hilarious because Emma Watson's version always leaves 86% of Harry Potter fans wanting more (I adore her, she's amazing, but come on now... is it really just me? Perhaps she is J.K.'s Hermione, but she isn't mine and that's OKAY, I'm cool with it)

The supporting vloggers playing Harry, Ron and Draco are all fantastic and I definitely think that this is a series worth exploring and hopefully we'll see more of in the future.

I can also see this potentially being a series that blows Nanalew up into the big leagues. She has definitely already put the effort in and is well known throughout the space, so it's quite deserving.

2. Nerimon

I've been enjoying Alex Day's vlogs lately about Twilight, Moving Out and just his basic opinion on the things he comes across. He's got a brilliant sense of humour and despite all our weird and awkward encounters in the past, and the rumours and gossip that follows his very lovely and thin body around, his consistently funny vlogs are definitely something worth watching.

3. BeyondTheTrailer

This is one of my favourite IndyMogul shows from the good folks at NextNewNetworks. I think Grace Randolph is an awesome, refreshing and unaffected host and I always enjoy the teams reviews, the audience reviews and the news segments surrounding all the up-coming and new release movies.

This is a show that has my fangirl cheering: Man, I wish I could do this show! It's just brilliant. Hopefully it only grows and gains more fans from here, because something has to kill the Reelz channel, I was so excited for that channel and it's just the most boring, commercial shit.

4. sweetescapee

I think that SweetEscapee is very talented and a lovely girl, but I unsubscribed today just because I'm not really one to listen to covers or original music on YouTube, it's just not where I go for that kind of entertainment.

No doubt, she'll will have 1000's more subscribers to take my place and hopefully do really well, so hopefully nobody see's this as some kind of insult.

I don't know her at all and I have over 400 (or is it 500?) subscriptions and I really need to cut it down.

Check out her lovely cover of Taylor Swift's "Today Was A Fairytale"

5. WheezyWaiter

This guy is brilliant (UPDATE: Craig really is brilliant!) He's gathering quite the following, and it's nice to hear from more people who know how to put two sentences together without using 'um.' Definitely one of the vloggers out there that make you go, 'Oh, I almost forgot that I sucked, but now I remember, yeah, I do.'

6. NylonMagazineTV

Now, this channel confuses me. Sometimes their music and interviews are really beautiful and the editing is simple or complex and really lovely and off-beat, and other times, I desperately want the job of the person who is making these videos because they seem so "whatever." I get that Nylon Magazine is all about, "whatever," but-maybe I'm just jealous. I just want to do that. Either way, I really adored their YouTube issue. However, it was impossible for an OCDwithMagazines Chick to read the magazine without stopping and saying, "I can't read anymore until I get to the computer." Super clever of them to make that connection.

7. ThatZak

He will hold getting kicked out of the Hitviews party (If I was aware he'd be in there and being served grapes by demon wenches, but he won't hear it) for the rest of my unnatural life, but I still like his videos. I like his smirk, too. I wonder how many girls and boys get their panties in a bunch while watching this fella? I like his layout and hope that he keeps up his videos and vlogs.

8. IndyMogul

The company I'd probably be desperately trying to work at if I wasn't otherwise engaged and if they would ever consider me. I like their shows. I really love their Rated Awesome videos. I'm still obsessed with their their Social Network parody. Their series are related around film and I just fan-girl them so much. They need more fans, so please get your butt over there and load up on some film techniques, lols, film news and film reviews.

9. MarkDayComedy

Whenever a video from Mark Day is in my subscription inbox I'm always impressed. I just love that this one guy is somehow still making consistently funny and coherent video blogs. I enjoyed being on the panel with him at VidCon and he's just a lovely bloke all round. I'm so glad that someone from the early days of YouTube is still radiating positivity on this space.

10. Claytonian

Due to the delights of VEDA, I've currently been enjoying getting to re-know (go with it) Claytonian. I enjoy his videos. I enjoy hearing about his adventures in Japan, his quick lessons in Japanese and other thoughts. I admit, I enjoy hearing and seeing him say my name and yes, I enjoy just seeing him. COME ON, if he's going to make a video without a shirt on then what is a girl to do? Actually concentrate on what he is saying? Care about his personality? Pffft. Ridiculousness.

No, all that aside, I hope to get to know him more. It would be amazing if one day my travels took me to Japan and I actually knew someone who lived there. That's what YouTube was all about to those of us back in the day. Connecting. Reaching out. Never is this more obvious when communicating with someone thousands of kilometres away.

Okay. I'm done. I feel sick actually. I forgot to eat. I do that quite often. And went out to get two frozen dinners at around 1am. I didn't start eating until 1:50am and now it's after 4am and I can't decide whether to finish off this turkey dinner or to hide from it. TELL ME WHAT TO DO.

Who are your favourite YouTubers? And do you think the description in your Twitter is important at all?


davidlefool said...

What Caitlin did next....

She made her own apartment-cooked meals full of organic wholesome wholegrain goodness instead of indulging in the horror of frozen midnight meals. The waffles, the waffles.

I don't understand how it's possible to follow hundreds of Twitter accounts. I can barely manage 30 or 40 before it gets too much.

I'm a bit obsessive about having a "cool" bio/profile line on Twitter, even though only two of three people will ever see it. My new line will be: A state of permanent existential crisis prevails.

AdamsAbstract said...

The twitter bio doesn't really matter. Well I don't think it does.
I think it's one of those things that lots of people worry about getting right because they think that everyone will look at it, then when they themselves go onto someone's twitter page they just ignore the bio and pay attention to the actual tweets.
If people follow you because they actually want to know what you think or just what you're doing coz you're a cool person then it's highly unlikely that a line or two of bio will come into that much.

Oh yeah and best youtubers are the vlogbrothers, wheezy, dan brown, charlie, and meekakitty. John Green always makes me feel like he cares about it all, Hank clearly does but John's way of expressing it is just more effective.
I always feel really stupid after watching all my latest subscribed videos though, and I feel so attached to the people, then I realise that I have never met these people, never will and don't really concern them.

Holly said...

CAITLIN!!! August is over! I guess I didn't need to tell you that, but still.

ADB said...

I'm not into Twitter and although tag lines can be funny, cool or both, they don't really matter. Personally, I tend to use some from Thomas A. Edison, mainly...

"Opportunity is missed by most people, because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."

...but this one makes me smile...

"Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits."

As for my favourite YouTubers. Well there was yourself and Lisa Nova. I haven't been a fan of any of Lisa's recent stuff though. I much preferred her old stuff (Paulina, Affirmation Girl, etc.). Brookers was always funny in her unique way.
These days I tend to watch alot of Eric Morrisons (TheRagingBeaverCo) as they are hilarious, but he doesn't get the number of views he deserves. Christine Gambito (Happyslip) also makes some very funny videos, though she has had to take a break after giving birth to her second child at the start of October.
The geek in me loves Jeri Ellsworths (JeriEllsworth) videos, as she is great at explaining how electronics work. She did a series of videos on electroluminescence which I found fascinating.
I do watch a few other YT'ers, but they are already well-known so I won't mention them here.