Monday, 2 August 2010

Count Me In for BEDA

There is an hour left in August 1st and my video for Vlog Every Day in August is rendering away and I am feeling rather wired.

I don't know why I decided to do this or at least attempt this project. Anyone who has watched my online presence for a while now knows how badly I fail at consistency and posting or uploading anything day after day. I forget or I can't edit something the way I would like to so I just give up. Well, I'm kind of over that and there is a friendly neighbourhood Spiderman to help me, so I am hoping I can feel pretty good, and exhausted, on August 31st.

Are you meant to record each day for Blog Every Day in August or are you just meant to post whatever you want, a journal entry and rant about foursquare? Whatever?

I think I might do both, but my main purpose for Blog Every Day in August is to finish writing and editing the drafts I already have.

You always feel better when you've cleared out the old ideas and can think of the new. This has been my goal for a really, really long time.

Expect some blogs about books and my thoughts of various restaurants and New York City sights and hopefully some other stuff that may make for an interesting read or might just have you going, "Wow, look at all the time she is wasting."

Moving on, a quick recording of the day. I was out in Brooklyn until very late last night because of the Good Bad Movie Night, a Brooklyn tradition celebrating terrible films that are just so lovable in a, "Oh, look how hard they tried!" kind of way.

We watched Birdemic, Garden of Heathens and Chopping Mall and all were brilliant and definitely worth a Google search. I always love going to the Good Bad Movie Nights because of funny the crew is, they crack me up.

And then I ended up in a construction sight and everything got a little strange...

Onwards to Sunday! I found a Glamour magazine and ruffled through it, the issue with Taylor Swift on the cover. I have never purchased a Glamour magazine before, so I couldn't resist acquiring one for free. I am really big fan of layouts. If a magazine has a good spread then the content almost always follows suit. That's why I am really not a big fan of 17 Magazine, they may have good or bad content, I'm not sure, I just can't stand the layout, it seems so sterile sometimes and then so messy the next month.

I spent most of the day filming and editing and getting clothes ready to be washed. We took a break and went over to Goodburger "Home of the Good Burger" and the fries are amazing, just like McDonalds fries.

Argh! Does anyone else hate this blog post or is it just me? I'll work on it and hopefully tomorrow's will be a better read. I feel like a 14 year old version of me right now.

It's going to be difficult balancing marketing campaigns with video production for the Hitviews site and for my own channel. Not to mention the blog posts and just keeping my life in order. I just have to be positive, I'm tired of being disappointed, and I'm sure some of you guys are too.

Have a good night! I just made it... my video will make it, too... on err, West Coast time. : )



Sam said...

can't wait to watch your videos and read your blog posts this month :)

davidlefool said...

Teeny magazines, argh. I hereby sentence ye to four weeks' non-stop Ulysses reading. I expect a vlog essay on the book every day. Topics include:

i) The general utility of carrying an old potato around in your pocket.

ii) The acceptability of a man exchanging naughty letters with a woman who is not his wife

iii) Metempsychosis, or, The transmigration of souls

Simon said...

Blog/Vlog idea: you never really talked about your trip to Boston. I want to go there someday and wonder what it's like.

Hollishillis said...

excited for you to do it!

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Well, if you manage to succeed in this BEDA challenge of yours you'll either feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment that you managed to stick to a plan for a month and reliably and consistently update :) Or your head will explode from all the blogging.

I for one wish the former not the latter upon you :) Good luck!

Birdemic sounds so incredibly bad... that I cannot pass up on the chance to see this film.