Tuesday, 31 August 2010

BEDA - Day Twenty-Eight - Bloggable Weekend

Have you ever had a day, week, or a moment that was just so surreal at times that you couldn't possibly stay in the moment? That you had to start thinking about how you were going to blog about it? I don't like doing it, and so I either trust that if it's very important it will be written about or I make a little note on whatever I have on me at the time, usually my iPhone, to sit down and write about it...

What I've come to realize is that my idea of a "surreal" day, week or moment, is just me actually doing stuff. I do so little, my day, especially in New York, mostly consisted of things to be done on the computer, so when I'm actually moving about and talking to other Human Beings I can scarcely believe that it's real.

For other people, this is just life, for me, it is a happy accident. Like, for a moment, I have slipped into the adult world without having the proper identification. I hope to be this busy all the time one day. I actually like being busy, but I can't be at the moment because I'm a bit of a disorganized mess. You need to be organized in your own life to successfully be busy without having a meltdown.

Let's recap...

Molly, Anthony and I had decided to go down to Governor's Island to ride bikes and just have a jolly good time, which is about all you're able to do on that place.

I love Governor's Island and I'm actually a little bit sad about it having new development because I love the abundance of abandoned buildings. I always wanted to sneak in there with some friends and a camera and do a bit of gorilla film making, make a fun horror movie or something.

We mostly had fun taking dramatic photos and ate some stale burgers and hot dogs with beer at the fake beach before trekking back over to Manhattan. Michael had told me the night before or maybe at the last party where we had decided to go to the Island that he would come, but he didn't. I was disappointed but tried to hide it.

Oh, look! Here's a book about Governor's Island! Let's read it!

I was excited about the Good/Bad Move Night Sleepover that Justin was throwing. Justin and I had been chatting about it for months and I was looking forward to it so much!
I didn't have an nice PJ's though, so I went to KMART and bought the nicest and cheapest PJ's I could find. I don't like shopping at huge chain stores anymore, but when you are cheap, that's what you have to do.

The Good/Bad Movie Night was great, though there wasn't as many people as I suspected and most of the people who make the most noise and comments during the film were not there, and so I felt like the loudest one and therefore maybe a little annoying. It was difficult though, we were watching Labyrinth. It is very hard to not sing-a-long to Labyrinth!

Michael didn't show up until 3am, drunk and loud and very Michael-like and preceded to sit right next to me. I was a little bit upset because I felt a bit used just having some boy come sit by me when we're close to going to bed instead of wanting to share my company and Luke was there too, so it was a little awkward. If I was a better person I would have just found a place on my own.

The next morning was a little awkward. Michael didn't stay to have breakfast with us, so again, it just seemed like he was there to crash and little else. It was nice hanging out with the other folks though, they are all really lovely and funny.

Later, I went to meet my Aussie friend, Seb, who was studying acting at the Atlantic Acting School, and we had lunch at a lovely restaurant near the World Financial Centre, looking out over the waterfront. We talked about girl problems and other things. Seb's a really great guy and it's weird to know that I've known him now for over 5 years.

The problem is that I almost always run late to meet Seb. I don't know what it is, but I'm always late. So, I then had to rush up to Central Park, after walking around downtown with Seb, and I was cutting it fine. I had to be all the way downtown to meet Molly, Luke, Brad and his friend for a Lower East Side Murder Mystery.

We half-ran, half-walked all the way up to where Anthony and Ella and Eric were and then after a few minutes I had to dash off again. Into another cab, spending way too much money, all the way down the Bowery.

I had missed the intro but the "adventure" itself was just starting. We were wandering our way through the diagonal streets of the old LES and suddenly a short, blonde haired man dressed in period clothing rushed by us, and we got started on our clues. I just thought the guy was cute. Turns out the creepy guy did it. Who'd have thought?

I think we then went out to Brooklyn for Luke's going-away party? Was that then? I'm not sure. If it was that night, it was dramatic... and I cried and did bad things and dramatic things occurred.

I crashed at Luke's and helped him pack up and ship the rest of his stuff and we had breakfast at our favourite Mudd Cafe, and continued packing. We then wandered around the East Village saying goodbye to things and ran into that cute actor guy from the Murder Mystery. I would run into him a third time next month.

It was very sad to say goodbye to Luke. He was very special to me but I don't think I showed him how much when I knew him. He's also quite different to me so maybe he doesn't care that much. I don't know, he was a huge part of New York City for me and I'll never forget him.


davidlefool said...

That pic of you and Molly is awesome. Caitlin wins the prize for most intriguing eyebrows of 2010.

taktin said...

Wow, there is just too much time travel going on in this blog, Caitlin. I will have to figure it all out sometime soon.