Sunday, 29 August 2010

BEDA - Day Twenty-Nine - Luke's Last Day in New York City

I woke up with a heavy head and a puffy face from all the wine I drank and all the tears that came out last night. What effected what? You decide!

Saturday night was intense in an accidentally intense way. By that I mean that I did not want it to be intense. I did not plan for feelings to feel, for eyes to tear, for wine to be consumed, for mouths to kiss, for people to yell. Yet it all happened and it was probably one of my first few mornings where the subject of the day is decidedly, Regret. Mainly because the night was not Double Rainbow intense, I'm sure.

I had crashed at Luke's apartment because I probably would have walked into traffic without him there, cursing at the world or wondering where the wine had gone, and I believe I spent most of the day in his apartment and keeping my inbox at zero, being "social" and playing a lot of Plants vs. Zombies. Meanwhile Luke was packing and cleaning. Don't worry, I asked if he needed any help and he assured me that my incessant questioning of "Where do you want this to go?" would drive him mental. Though I did help unscrew about 5 screws from his bed. I'm sweet and caring, you see.

Just before the sun set we headed out so that Luke could take pictures of places he liked. Problem was that Luke felt awkward about taking pictures or being in pictures and we really only documented one street before ending up in Tompkins Square Park and giving up on the whole photo idea because "I'd just be taking pictures of places I shopped or whatever..."

After we spent a little while gazing at dogs and their silliness in the dog park, we bumped into one of the actors who had been in the Murder Mystery Theatre event that Molly had organized for us all to go to. He had played the brother of the two people who had been murdered and I was embarrassed because I had spent most of the evening whispering to Molly about he and the "guy who plays the cop" were cute. He is a comedian, too, and he put me on his mailing list. It was a very weird meeting but he seemed quite happy to hear about our time with the mystery. I neglected to mention that I thought at one point he had been the murderer.

We walked up Avenue C and back around towards Westville East, where we waited for Molly, who had been working, to join us. We had a really pleasant dinner together and talked about boys and girls and plans and the meal was just so lovely. I had grilled chicken with lemon, and brussel sprouts and other delicious vegetables. I kept Molly and Luke waiting while I ate everything on my plate, and that plate was bigger than my face, but I just couldn't deny this healthy awesomeness from making a party in my tummy. I felt so full afterwards but I was also really pleased with myself. The price was also really good.

While Luke helped take his kitchen supplies to Molly's house, I went home and had a shower, not before I sat in my bathroom, naked just listening to music. Yeah, you didn't need to know that, but I just couldn't do anything further until I had listened to a few songs. I just needed a moment of peace. As much peace as one can get when Demi Lovato or Matchbox Twenty songs are coming up on your playlist, but it still felt so good to sit and be quiet for a moment and just listen.

When I was finally ready and had packed up my gear to get to work the next day, I headed on down to Luke's place. During my walk I was stopped by a nice french boy, probably my age or a little younger asking about a "err, music, err, concert?" I wish I had known about more places. I hope that due to that incident I will now become well-versed in the venues of NYC. I know quite a few, I've been to a lot, but I was too taken aback my being asked for that information (I mean, me? The girl who won't let herself listen to music while walking outside? It must have been my combat boots) and I couldn't pinpoint locations in my mind.

You can find out the rest of the evening here at the bottom of the post. It was a very good Sunday. I just wish I could stop thinking about Plants vs. Zombies. Luke just tells me to buy it on the iPhone but it was so fun to play on the iPad.

I'm bored of this blog now, enjoy your cats. Yes, I do mean that way.


davidlefool said...
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thatgirlonline said...

@davidlefool Molly is fine. She works hard but you have no way of knowing how long she works each day or if she falls asleep during the day or feels drained. Do you?

davidlefool said...
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Greg said...

David should really stop worrying about Molly's work and sleeping patterns and concentrate on creating an internet shrine for her.

thatgirlonline said...

@davidlefool I second Greg's comment. Transfer your obsessive energy into creating a shrine that we can all enjoy.

davidlefool said...
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Anonymous said...
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ADB said...

"I just couldn't do anything further until I had listened to a few songs."

Yes, we all need moments to clear our thoughts and relax. For me it's usually the second album by Robert Miles (23am), or the Buffy TV series OST (1st album). I just had a cool week away from work, so hopefully I will go back refreshed and full of energy.