Friday, 19 February 2010

Internet Infancy OR The @Reply Asshats

Don't read this if you don't know me. You might not get it and might get angry. P.S. This was my first accident with Spoilers AND it was not spoiling the END of a movie.

Do you remember back in the good ol' days when you didn't know anyone on the internet? And you weren't known by anyone on the internet? And you could tell people when they were being a fucking douche and not give a shit if anyone saw that you were using bad language or were almost cyber-bullying a 14 year old girl? *sigh* Yeah, those were the days. Back in the "day", if I received a comment like this:

From a comment like this:

And then when I tried to let people know that I didn't know it would be a big deal (I mean, ONE: if you watch the fucking film, you'll see how inevitable his death is else it wont move the plot along, I knew it, we all knew it... Watch the film and tell me that the death still doesn't shock you and that you don't already feel it coming by the way they pace the movie... I mean, the guy I was watching the movie with was already making "blowing-up" gestures with his hands WAY before the death... Is that another fucking spoiler? Deal with it, its called THE HURT LOCKER. Someone's gonna die. And shit, people told me that Dumbledore died in my most beloved book EVER and I still read the fucking book and was moved... If its done well, it doesn't fucking matter....anyway...) and then I said it wasn't like I tweeted the Mr. Big and Carrie got married at the end of Sex and the City, which would be way worse, WHICH for one, was a joke, because HOW is that oh-so-crucial bit of information important to your life and TWO, how did you not see them getting married, no matter where you are in the series, and THREE, grow the fuck up, I'm not giving you a spoiler its SEX AND THE FUCKING CITY... and I got this reply...

Which you know what, only makes me realize how many male Australians I just DID NOT get along with. I mean, not only is this guy a douche and fucking tightly wound, but he's an Australian male. Now a lot of Aussie males are actually relaxed and super down-to-earth and real and then there are the others... the one's I seem to come across the most... I bet he claims that he's totally relaxed and chilled and multicultural and also not a racist and yet, he's probably one of the first people to get fucking angry when people try to immigrate illegally into Australia or he's probably one of the first Australians to not like it when an American displays their ignorance towards our country, when most our fucking television is letting people with fucking "black-face" on television and creating ads where white people "tame" West-Indies people with fucking fried chicken, I mean come the fuck on....

Anyway... so I said,

to that guy, who, by the way, blogs about learning guitar, so be sure to follow that little slice of originality on the internet. I'm not saying that a 21 year old girl bitching at people on a blog is original... but I think the reason I'm so mad is that...


Oh, thank you for sending me that long-ass message about your life that doesn't even make any sense... Oh, thank you for calling me a whore, I'm sorry you feel that way... Oh thank you for watching and touching your dick, I appreciate it... and yet, I still have to put up with people telling me they are unfollowing me with asterisks to demonstrate that they are doing it now and putting up with whimsy fucking Hello Kitty fanatics, like fan-fucking-Francesca telling me that I'm boring as fuck and not worth following, while SHE tweets about how she needs to "get back on track and study" and how her "goal for tomorrow is 30 mins of cardio," I mean how rude.

I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER tweet to someone, almost-out-of-the-blue, just because they "spoiled" a movie (grow a fucking pair and pay $12.50 for the fucking oscar-nominated film), that they were boring and not "worth" something. I'd be called a monster if I did that. People would be outraged by my inconsiderate behaviour...

Ok, I've typed enough now to be over it.

The point to this blog is to delight in the fact that, hey, we all make mistakes and I'm going to revel in the long-lost stages of my old internet anonymity and send fan-fucking-Francesca this harmless little message. One for the ages. Totally mature...

I'll feel like a better person already.

P.S: Also, if you're reading this and coming to a realization that maybe wittle-Caitlin isn't as nice and sweet and innocent as you (or your dick) thought she was, then you need to stop being a child and realize that Nice is different than Good. If you all saw Into The Woods you would already know that e.g. The Wolf is nice but he wants to fucking eat the little girl... Whereas I am a good person but wont tweet mean things to someone if its not deserved. I mean, come the fuck on... its not like I ruined the end of anything... like Avatar or Star Wars Episode 5... You have a full 2 hours to recover. You whiny bitches.

No, seriously, I'm fine. Hearts. Penguins!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Youth In Revolt Soundtrack

A quick insight into my Valentines gift and day, my guilt over my Amazon Wishlist and my review of the Youth In Revolt soundtrack...

For Valentines Day I received a most surprising and well wrapped set of gifts from... hmm... an "Online Guy." That's what I'll call him until further notice from said "gifter."

I was so surprised and grateful and I liked the gifts too much to feel too selfish and guilty for accepting gifts that I don't deserve on any level... which is how I usually feel when nice internet folk send me stuff...

...but at least I can eventually send this person something in return to show my thanks... Even though there are some people I still have yet to get back to yet (ONE DAY!) and others who don't provide an address to send a thank you note to.

If you ever, for some crazy, absurd (awesome :P haha, I'm terrible,) reason want to send me something from my Amazon Wishlist (haha, I linked to it... I'm going to bad places...), please leave your address so I can return the favour (AGAIN, ONE DAY! Give me a year or so... I'll get faster at it eventually.) :D Promise.

As you know, I made one video promoting the film, Youth In Revolt and one video just exploring my love for it (I was inspired by the movie website's section on How To Be Bad), so when I unwrapped one of the gifts and discovered it was the Youth In Revolt soundtrack, I grinned from ear to ear, and listened to it all weekend!

As I continually wrote in my daily To Do lists, to send a thank you note or at least a thank you over the internet to the "Gifter", and was writing it down again, a package from Amazon was delivered to me.

I opened it up, confused and a little excited, and it was from a Mr. Shore (who I twittered my surprise too as I wrote this.) He sent me some of the books on my wishlist by C.D. Payne, Frisco Pigeon Mambo and Queen of America, A Royal Comedy. I'm quite excited to read them, but will have to set them aside until I finish reading the magazines I splurged on stupidly a few weeks ago. One must make partake in such punishments :P

Ah me... I'm very lucky to be a part of this world and to know such kind people, but please, think of yourself and others before you think of me. I need to learn to think of others before myself too.

So here's my review, which you can comment on here:

4.0 out of 5 stars Great upbeat yet relaxing tunes all about love!, February 17, 2010
I was very excited to receive this in the mail from a kind person for Valentines Day! What a perfect soundtrack for such a day! The album flows from one song to the other, so it feels like one of those great moments in radio where they've gotten the programming just right.

Things start to get sweetly sad by the time you're listening to Michael Cera's instrumental "I Have A Boyfriend" but bounces back to upbeat with "What's Up Fatlip?" by Fatlip :)

"Popular Mechanics For Lovers" is a song I know fairly well from The O.C. Soundtracks (I wouldn't admit it, but they are great soundtracks) and I was so happy to hear, 'Taint What You Do (It's The Way That You Do It) by Fun Boy Three & Bananarama and I love the cross-fade into My Romance by Jo Stafford.

Some people may be disappointed to know that some of the tracks featured on the trailers, 'Rebel Rebel' by David Bowie (not exactly a surprise), "Mr Pitiful" by Matt Costa and OK Go's "WTF?" don't feature on the soundtrack... which is quite common, but were so fun to hear on the trailers.

It's a nice soundtrack, the music is fresh and the graphic design work on the inside of the booklet and CD case is funny.

That's it. Can you tell I know next to nothing about music? I know some of you can : )

Thank you again Mr. W (there, a last name initial!), I really appreciate the thought and effort!

I hope you all had a good Valentines Day! I went ice-skating with a four-year-old, celebrated Chinese New Year with some loud bangs, received another Valentines Gift from a Mr. B which was kind of funny, went to the New Museum for the last remainders of the Urs Fischer exhibition and then spent the evening with the young ladies of the house.

Here's to a great year for us all!

P.S: And of course there was the sweet Valentines Card from the always thoughtful, darling Kate. What a lady! A class act! I've never known her to miss her an occasion, I owe her so much lovin'! :D

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I Can't Use Listography Right Now...

A rambling blog about Listography and me realizing that I'm just not the kind of person who can enjoy it (even though I love to make lists) and my fondness for 101 things in 1001 days and the good things I found from Listography...

I've had a tab open on my Safari browser for a couple of weeks for the site, Listography, I saw the site a while ago, and when I came across the book at Urban Outfitters I didn't know they were one and the same. I never bought the book, because I didn't like the idea of writing in something, even in pencil the beauty of the paper is always tainted after you erase it, and I didn't want to jot things down until I had them absolutely set in stone, and since it took more than two years to get two aspects of want I want to do with my life (career and education-wise), the book would remain empty for a really long time.

An investment, you say.

A waste of money, says I.... and that putting pen to paper almost always dirties the dream anyway, so why put it on anything pretty?

So I stumbled back to Listography, probably from Tumblr, and I decided to have a look around. I wandered through the featured users and the new users, the lists they had on the front page, the example lists and their own ideas for users and I just couldn't bring myself to join. I just don't really like the idea of it. It seems like a beautiful way to procrastinate to me and I would probably forget to come back to it for lists that could be used later... It's a great site, sure, and people are really creative with it. I think I just don't want another thing to remember to update. I have a hard enough time reminding myself to record my dreams, days, count down how many times I've done something (Yoga) or what movies I've seen (Yes, those are the things I like to record.) in my notebooks... and I like those more because I like to hold my thoughts in my hands. Thus the reason I don't update that much.

I guess I already partake in the art of "Listography" and don't really think making them pretty and public will be of any use to me. Maybe I'll change my mind when my head feels to cluttered.

I feel like I already made a list of my likes (music, film and television-wise) on Facebook and MySpace, and I am already keeping a record of what I've read (recently) and my favourite books (Facebook) and I already know exactly what I have to do when it comes to my passions...

Why is this a blog, Caitlin? Let's face it, YOU JUST DON'T WANNA. That's okay. Okay.

I do like that 101 things to do in 1001 days site, I think that's great because its an actual goal, while lists on listography can just sit there and rot... turning your life into bullet points, ugh...

I started writing my 101 things to do in 1001 days on a word document because I didn't think I could finish it on a website without getting fed up and clicking off, but now that I'm reminded of it and now that I'm more realistic that my goals might take longer, so they are worth writing down - and now, I'm more confident of my ability to work hard for what I want to be a part of in my future, so I can be more bold with my lists... So yeah, that site is the way to go, check it out. Link me to your lists, so we can egg each other on! I'll blog my list later...

One good thing (other than the neat-o lists some people have created... Oh, those crazy up-to-date, busy-bee people making me feel all lazy-like!) is the list of ideas they give you to start making lists...

Since I just sort of poked the website incessantly with a spoon just now, maybe I could use some of these ideas as blog topics, to discuss further and not just list blindly... and link back to site as if to say, hey, I'm sorry I don't really like you, but you did good here...

What, to kitschy? Where's the Brady Bunch? Yeah... well, I played with puppets today so I'm feeling a wee bit kitschy. My thoughts after the ***
  • Autobio: List your memorable outdoor adventures so far.
  • Music: List the bands/performers you've seen live. ***This will be a sad and confusing blog... so small, such mockable choices.
  • Snapshots: List everything you did in a day and why you loved it. Build a collection of snapshot lists over time in your archive. ***I'm already trying to do this over at Tumblr, with a snapshot by someone else to go with it...
  • Family: Create a tribute list to a family member listing everything you know and love about them. ***I should just write more letters.
  • Travel: List a travel packing list as an easy go-to tool for your next adventures ***This will never work for me.
  • Activism: List your environmentally friendly living goals. Do some research and share your list with others. earth justice, earth 911, treehugger, are just a few starting points...
  • List Tip: Bookmark your "to do" list page in your web browser so you can easily access your main to do list and cross off or add things. ***My bookmarks are already a "To Do" list
  • About You: List the changes you'd like to see in the world. Don't forget to register to vote. ***Registered back home and would vote if my family would remind me when I had to so I don't get fined, grr.
  • About You: List your favorite smells, sights, sounds, things to touch or taste.
  • Gifts: List your wishlist. Share with your friends/family can get creative by asking for baked or knitted items, or donations made on your behalf, etc... ***That's already on my Amazon Wishlist, teehee... it's to the left of this blog : )
  • About You: List the things you are most thankful for. ***Really need to write those letters...
  • Autobio: List your memories from the past year (include best music, films, etc). ***I've been meaning to finish that blog for 2008 too! It will come and it will be irrelevant!
  • Autobio: List memories from childhood: kids you knew, games you played, traditions you experienced, movies that were popular. ***That I should really do for my future-therapist...
  • Activism: List causes and organizations you favor.
  • Autobio: List phenomena in nature you've witnessed and maybe a memory associated with it: hurricanes, avalanches, earthquakes, storms, etc...
  • Friends/Family: List all the things you love about someone in particular. Email your list as a little gift of appreciation. ***LETTERS!!!
  • Autobio: List all the things you don't ever want to do (i.e. bungee jumping, breaking up a relationship, eating snails, etc). ***I don't think that's a good idea... mine would be too morbid and hey, never say never :)
  • Autobio: List all the baby stories your family likes to tell about you... ***That's my Grandpa's job at Christmas Dinner and it's embarrassing.
  • Autobio: List all the things you've done for your birthdays and keep it up for future birthdays. ***A good, depressing, possibly funny future blog... maybe I can do this for my 22nd... OMG. Twenty-two!!!
  • Work: List jobs you think you might like or be good at...handy thing to keep in case you ever want to reinvent yourself...
  • To Do: List all the things you want to do this spring and summer.
  • Activism: List how can you shift your daily routine a little to help out mother earth?
  • Film: List your favorite comic books turned film. ***Ha. Funny.
  • Autobio: List things you have lost and things you have found (symbolically &/or literally) ***What a sad thing to do... I'll get depressed if I have to think of my lucky little elephant... where are you???
  • To Do: List all the things you want to do this summer!
  • Autobio: List which girl scout or boy scout badges you might have earned in life so far. ***Aww, I just competed for trophies for ballet... I don't know how to tie knots... or survive the Zombie Apocalypse :(
  • Music: List the music that reminds you of childhood or the music you remember your parents listening to. Music Listography comes out this Fall.
  • Movies: List your favorite movies from the 80s!!
  • Music: List your best soundtrack for fireworks. ***Anything they played at the 2008 Bastille Day Fireworks Celebration in Paris. The most wonderful orchestration of fireworks to music I've ever seen.
  • TV: List your favorite television shows.
  • Autobio: List your biggest moments of indulgence or extravagance. ***Oooh, this will be good as some sort of cleansing/you-have-a-problem-reminder blog when I have money again after paying off my tax debt.
  • Autobio: List the strangest things you've witnessed in public or seen on the streets. ***That's Twitter's job!
  • Music: List your favorite male and female vocalists of all time
  • Wishlists: The time of year to let friends and family know where your holiday list might be found. Try a fun/creative/budget conscious gift ideas list too.
  • To Do: What's in store for 2010 lists...happy new year! ***I already have most of this down on paper, I want it to stay there for a while until I'm comfortable with sharing my plans with the internet...
  • Autobio: List all of the professions that exist in your family tree.
  • Autobio: List all the things you wanted to be when you were growing up. ***A short rant, ahem... I could't make the bulletin points stop!

  • I can never do this... because I don't like the pretense, "wanted"... I still WANT...

  • Well, I'm comfortable with saying at one point I wanted to be a ballerina, an architect, an archaeologist and an interior designer, because...

  • I have made my peace with ballet and it taught me great lessons and I've decided to continue training and hopefully will use dance for my future goals AND...

  • I never ever explored what an architect, archaeologist or an interior designer would have to learn to practice that profession after the age of 12... I just liked the sound of it in primary school.
Oh, now the bullet points go away... geez. I do like knowing my dear, funny friend Hugh (watch his funny videos) though, he's an archaeologist. I'm really proud of him. Maybe one day I'll know an architect and an interior designer... Who knows?

If you're on listography, link me, I'll check it out. Maybe you'll inspire me to join...

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Genius-I-Guess Recommendations #2

Music is best when recommended and shared by humans, not iTunes bots, which is what I don't enjoy about iTunes Genius, this list of keywords and algorithms than can pin-point interests... well, it just makes one feel predictable, and even though most of us are predictable to a certain extent, nobody likes to feel that way.

So here is Genius-I-Guess Recommendations #2 (hopefully I'll sporadically explore this as I notice it from time to time)

1. Lover, You Should've Come Over - Jeff Buckley - I already own and adore this, iTunes... and now I don't whether you knew I would or whether this is just an error. Sadface.
2. On The Radio - Regina Spektor - I already own this album, haven't yet placed it on my macs - she's just one artist you can't really predict, you think she's going for a simple pop angle and then bwarkbopbloopmork she's back to being the oddball we love.
3. Lisa Says - Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground - I must investigate! How freaking awesome.
4. Golden Age - TV On the Radio - didn't spark any interest for me.
5. She's Expensive - The Virgins - you know, I don't think I like his voice... I'm not really feeling them right now. Is this a mistake? Aren't they quite popular? Maybe its just this track? But it feels very 90s-and-I-can't-really-sing-because-I-was-too-busy-buying-Doc Martens-to-go-to-my-lessons. Insult?
6. WHOA! The Beginning is the End is the Beginning - The Smashing Pumpkins - OKAY, I'm confused. Are there TWO songs by the smashing pumpkins called, The End is the Beginning is the End and The Beginning is the End is the Beginning or is a number of sites just getting really bloody confused? Firstly, I'm fairly certain that wasn't in the list when I started my previous blog, I think it may have turned up after I went to Amazon Music to look at the Batman Forever soundtrack, but HOW DOES IT KNOW? If it did happen to be up there before I started this vlog, then that's a crazy coincidence and I need to give iTunes Genius a little more credit. There. Did it.
7. Starts With One - Shiny Toy Guns - I'm just not in the mood for a belting lad with a little smattering of auto-tuning in there... usually I'd be more susceptible to it (my love for Panic at the Disco, anyone?) but not right now.
8. Ooh La La - Goldfrapp - just not in the mood for dance tracks either.
9. Last Christmas - Jimmy Eat World - any true fan of The O.C. Seasons One and Two (the rest don't exist, nuh-uh) owns the Christmas soundtrack the fabulous Josh Schwartz and Alexandra Patsavas which includes this song... or any true fan of Jimmy Eat World, of course!
10. Volcano - Damien Rice - now he was here before I started my list, and I still like his "ache".

They are also recommending that I listen to The All-American Rejects, Wilco, Andy Park, the 007: Quantum of Solace soundtrack, the P.S. I Love You soundtrack, Interpol, Kings of Leon (I just can't indulge them right now), Allie Moss, Karen O's Hello Tomorrow (adidas version), Vanessa Carlton (ugh, you like one Christian Rock artist and they throw them all at you), the Xanadu soundtrack (WTF?), the Braveheart soundtrack, Tyga (who?), Interpol (again!), Fleet Foxes and Allie Moss (way to pressure me, iTunes).

Highlights from the Movie Recommendations:

Sydney White - Oh, Amanda Bynes, I will try (very, very hard) to not let my love for you die!
Zombie Strippers - what have I watched that made this recommendation, okay? Alright, fine, I would probably watch it.
Beverly Hill's Chihuahua - Are you fucking kidding me?

Thoughts on the Television Recommendations:

90210 - after seeing the cover of Nylon emblazoned with the shows stars, I thought about maybe trying to get into the series return, but it never happened. Problem?
Greek - if Jessica Rose had an even regular spot on this show, I would probably watch it even more, there's nothing more fun than watching people emerging from the swamps of the Internet.
America's Next Top Model - SHUTUP!HOWDAREYOU!I'MSPEAKINGTOYOULIKETHISCUZILOVEYOU!RAWRSMIZESMIZE! I love this show. It's so much fun. I mainly like the creative photo shoots, but I always forget to watch it. I can't believe its up to Cycle 13 - so many Tyra moments missed!
The Best Years - I've never heard of this show and my internet is too slow to play a preview - thoughts?
The Universe - " " " "
Sonny With a Chance - I want to love this show because I adore Demi Lovato and I see it much more than usual due to hanging out with some youngin's these days, but it's just not as enjoyable as iCarly or Wizards of Waverly Place (oh my, what is wrong with me?), which is not the actors faults, because they are all actually super talented and Demi is adorable... okay, I need to hang out with adults.
The Colbert Report - oh, how I wish I could be one of those people that could easily make late-night TV and talk shows a part of her schedule, but I always forget!
Dollhouse - I think I'm waiting for it to be inevitably cancelled, and then I'll cry and say, I can't believe they cancelled it and I missed the hype around the show, and then I'll buy all the episodes and join the bandwagon when the movie is made... yes? (I'm terrible, I need to love up those folks more often)
Battlestar Galactica - Luke was really into this series, and I'd watch snippets with him from time to time, I like a lot of the actors in it, so I definitely want to get into this series one day, even though it's over : (
FlashForward - I had to investigate this show for a proposal I was writing last year, and ended up being really excited about it and wanted to get into it. I liked the pilot and the tie ins with the LOST universe (Oceanic Airlines advertisement in the background, anyone?) but I never watched it. I'm just not a TV person.
Leverage - I've never heard of this show and my internet is too slow to play a preview - thoughts?
LOST - I cannot watch it until its over and now that I keep hearing the hype around the latest season, I want it to be over so badly. My Mum and I use to watch the show every Thursday evening after I got home from Theatre Class and we loved it. When Season Two started, rehearsals for our play started to go late and I missed an episode and then another one, and this was before you could catch up online, so it started to become impossible to enjoy (some people can do it, I can't) without the previous episodes information, so I haven't watched it since. I want the box sets, I want a long, long weekend, and I want it really soon. Hurry up, LOST folks!
The Secret Life of the American Teenager - I kind of want to make this a guilty pleasure, like what One Tree Hill must be to a lot of people, but it hasn't happened.
Speaking of... One Tree Hill - NOPE! I can't do it! I'm sorry! I just... no. I know! But, yeah. No.
Lincoln Heights - See 'Secret Life of American Teenager' notes, but with less interest since I don't know anything about it.
The Soup - the guy that's now in Community. Right? That's pretty cool that he was able to go from Host to Actor, that doesn't happen that often and usually without as much acclaim that Community has had.
Bones - I use to adore David Boreanaz and so I'd probably like this show, but again, my lack of skill for being a TV watcher, the lack of complete access to shows online and lack of money to waste on things I probably don't really need to see keep me from watching it.
The Sarah Silverman Show - I want to watch this, I saw a few episodes in 2007 and thought it was hilarious.
That's So Raven - even when I had cable, I just wasn't interested in the show.
Hannah Montana - I watch this more than I would like, that's really all that I have to say.

All those recommendations and all I want to do is listen to Vampire Weekend, my valentines gift: the Youth In Revolt soundtrack and watch The Hurt Locker and Mad Men. ALL AT THE SAME TIME. WHOOOAAAAAASKABANG!

Not really.

I'd would actually really like to see any links in my comments to blog posts discussing your own Genius suggestions, I might like what they suggest more than you do : )

Life Lists and Genius-I-Guess Recommendations #1

Oh my! I have about 9 drafts saved that I need to finish and post. I've been doing this thing, where I quickly jot down a few thoughts or quite a lot of thoughts, but haven't finished any of them. I'm glad that I'm not letting myself forget and leave the possible writings to the wind, but I definitely need to finish.

EDIT: I began doing the same thing with this blog, so I've broken it into pieces.

So here's something quick and easy that I, and you, can have fun with and can do from time to time... iTunes Genius, I do like how it works, but do you ever purchase anything they recommend? I rarely do.

Lately, I've taken to jotting down names of artists or songs that I think I should have in my err, Life Playlist, but shouldn't purchase just yet because they are really a frivolous expense.

Here's my list so far - and this isn't a "classic artists I should listen to" list, it's just a weird, random list of artists I jotted down whenever browsing iTunes, which isn't often.

Dolly Parton's 'Joelene' - when you get over any objection you have to country, or abuse of plastic surgery, Dolly Parton's Joelene truly is a little work of genius. How universal is this song in the world of women or even, men? "Please, don't take him just because you can!" Who has looked at a girlfriend or frenemy and thought this? I know I have, but maybe I'm more insecure than the next girl... or maybe I select my boyfriends or infatuations unwisely (YES! I DO and I'm thinking of my Australian boyfriends/infatuations just in case anyone is reading this and feeling weird) Luckily for me, it's always been for the best, since none of my infatuations or boyfriends have ever been right for me... but that's what makes this song a guilty pleasure, because infatuations are fun and this song dances sillily along with it... pouting.

Lightning Dust - a band I'd like to listen to more.

Kid Cudi's 'Day N Night', but which mix of the song? Whatever mix the AXE commercials use. Yes, yuck, AXE, but the music is what made their advertisements worth tuning in to. I need to research and find that mix. It's so much fun.

Phantogram - Courtney and then Brooke brought this band to my attention, and I'm not sure if I like all their songs yet, but they are on the list to investigate, and Brooke's video, if you haven't seen it, is rather spectacular. Just goes to show that its the editor not the software that makes a good video (Edited in iMovie09)

Firelight - I'm not sure if this band is good or not, but I always love a little delve in Christian Rock, it can be an uplifting time, even if you're not religious. Maybe this is just me because even without my faith, I still enjoy anything Michael W. Smith (HA!) but Firelight's song, "Fire in my eyes", which I've only heard 30 seconds of so far, may make it to my Life playlist because I often like to indulge in mindless, everything-is-better-now-it-use-to-be-bad-but-now-I-have-fire-in-my-eyes music.

Hot Chip - A friend shared the album that pushed them more prominently into the map, but I don't really know if I like it that much. I haven't yet connected to any of the songs yet, and its just background music at the moment, but it often takes a long time for music to win my heart, so maybe it willone day hit me how much I love Hot Chip... maybe while eating Hot Chips??? That'd be magical.

Their latest album, One Life Stand has a good single, Thieves in the Night, which I want to hear more of, but until I can determine whether I actually like Hot Chip or not, I can't waste my money on another album purchase just to keep up with the cool kids.

Lou Reed - I definitely need to "know" Lou Reed. I think he is an artist that one has to investigate at some stage of their live since he seems to have made such an impact on so many music artists and many other people who enjoy creative expression.

Smashing Pumpkins - the only song I really know by them is End is the Beginning is the End because of my (strange?) love for Batman Forever and it was played over and over again on Video Hits on Saturday mornings in Australia, but I think they are also a band that I should investigate... just because of his fabulous head?

Damien Rice - oh, Damien. All I own by him is the Blower's Daughter which is sweetly painful, I think I should explore his music more. I love a little ache coming out of my crappy mac speakers.

I probably should put together a list of classic artists that I haven't listened too, but maybe, if you're still engaged at this point, you can suggest some music you think I should listen to?