Tuesday, 29 March 2005


The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

It is time to finish what we started...and by we I mean my new partner in crime...introducing: Geffrey the InvisIble Green Alien Squirrel...for such an interesting creature he has such a common name: Geffrey. But he's so cute.

(She's talking to an imaginary Squirrel Dad, is this site evil? Yes Billy, get off the heathen website and go get your eyes cleansed...and make sure you use the alcoholic eye cleaner! ...No, it wont sting! MY EYES DAD! My beautiful eyes! WAH! Ah, your a dim boy Billy.)

Back again...I wonder where I went...back to what we started, lets finish it...once and for all...and by finish I mean just the whole Thursday til Monday thing, it shall continue til I get up to date...which seems a hard task and I dont know if I'll complete by Fall...heehee, it is Fall...Autumn for the rest of you! LETS DO IT BABY! WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP!


Saturday the 19th of March til Whenever:

So yes after coming back from AAA and Go Noah! rehearsals, I got ready for my outing with the QDSE people. I was really nervous because I knew we were having a Movie Night, but I didnt know where we were going and I still cant remember the name of it and I was worried things would be awkward...I was ready with plenty of time to catch the train and then Matt rung, which is usually a welcome call but I had to catch a train! By the time we were on the road to the station it was like 2 minutes til the train left...so I prayed and prayed that the train would run late...and guess what ran late? The Train! Woo...thank the Lord! Mwah!

The night with them was the BEST! It wasnt awkward for a second and I immediately fell into my thing of making people laugh and being the odd one, which was great. It had been a while since I felt like I was surrounded by friends. Because school friends can be kind of stressful and I didnt even feel that way with some of the Theatre people lately...and Im speaking in the past here guys! Now everythings awesome...but yeah, for once in a long while I felt like I belonged somewhere and I was with a group of people that truly loved me...it was awesome. I love you, you QDSE people! MWAH! We just laughed and had fun ALL night, and I also ate lots of really good food that wasnt fatty but healthy and I got alot of sleep as well...with Patty! Lol, love you Pat!

Its so sad to think Ill hardly see any of them after this year, but I have to hang out with Pat this Easter...ay buddy? Ay pal? I want to go to the 3 Monkey's and then go see a $5 movie at the South Bank cinemas. It would be awesome. It had also been ages since I caught a train with Pat, but it only felt like yesterday to me...and I completely conked out of it all...Pat had to call my name a few times as we arrived at the station.

The Grudge is so scary! And Bill Pullman was in it, the lovely hot old guy from Independence Day - I love him. I think he did a really good job. I also find Vince Vaughn from Dodgeball hot and Owen Wilson and Luke Wilson...mainly Luke.

The weekend was starting to be awesome!

I really wanted to be getting home from the Movie Night by 10am, but nobody was ready and the parents made us breakfast and all, so I had to wait. So by the time I got home it was like 1:15pm, sucked quite alot. If I had a car, I could've driven home and bought drive-in McDonalds...I really want a car - real bad! Anyway, on the first train to Central there was something in my throat and I was coughing and spluttering everywhere, but I swallowed it down so it was all good.

When I got home Grandma was having a Get Together with the All Stars so they had all these treats! Cream and apple pie and such, it was wonderful. So I had a coffee and an Apple pie with cream and then made a hasty exit to avoid confrontation with any of them...though when I was, I was very polite...chortle, chortle, chortle.

I worked til late into the night. I did English homework and found a memory for Dance and studied for the Maths test and did most of my Drama essay, well not really. But I got my plan down on paper.

I did OK in the Maths A test. I was really tired and hungry, so didnt answer many questions at first and I had a real longing to lie my head on the desk and sleep, but I didnt. My inner self shouted at my outer self, and then I did 2 out of 3 of the modelling and problem solving questions, I wouldve done more questions if I hadnt run out of time, but Im sure I passed.

Teaching ballet that night was good. I just dont really look forward to it at first because the first class girls arent very enthusiastic. It takes the 2nd class girls to get my passion going and the fun starting. I stayed up til 2am doing my assignment, which sucked! I got the essay done, though its over 1000 words by 600 words, but I couldnt get it any lower - it was all relevant. I woke up at 10 to 11am the next day and kept working and didnt stop til 10 to 3pm and then rushed to school to hand it in. I only realised later that I forgot the bibliography...darn. Im sure Ill pass...I might get a B. B's good for me.

Id keep going on...but Ive already gone over the whole 12am on Monday thing, so for now adieu. Im rather busy at the moment. I have to go to Go Noah! rehearsals, then I think Im going shopping. Then the next day the x-stacy crew are going shopping then we're having a full day rehearsal and then Thursday is Go Noah! and then yeah, thats it...apart from random stuff and more Go Noah! Im Assistant Stage Manager as well - woo!

Tata for now, things are rather swell...touch wood!

xoxo Love Always Caitlin! MWAH!

Monday, 28 March 2005


Today is not only Easter Sunday but my Mums birthday. I love you Mum! I hope today is awesome for you and you have a great time! Thank you for all that you've done for me...you are the most wonderful Mum I've ever had...LOL...yeah. You are THE BOMB!

Mwah! Celebrate! xoxo Love Caitlin.


The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

Lets get straight into Time Warping...today we're looking at Thursday the 17th of March til 12am the 21st of March...so come on, lets get to it! Strike a pose theres nothing to it. Vogue. Sorry, got caught in the moment...wait! Shout Outs! Today I'd like to make a special mention of these wonderful people: Becky (reply my email), Kristina Bruen (I shall hang out with you soon Krisitina!), Emily (Thanks for the bbq & sleep over at ur house, it was awesome. This movie will be done soon! We've nearly got it all!), Grant (thanks for letting us hang at ur shindig and for tonight), Frog (for educating and advising and encouraging me and helping and stuff - you rock!), Matt (heehee...) and all the theatre people I hanged with at Emily's place, especially Tenielle - may tonight be awesome!

Thursday the 17th of March to 12am the 21st of March:

Well I failed that exam on Thursday with flying colours of gold and green - it was beautiful. The weird thing was that I over-studied! I didnt concentrate completely on one thing, but another section on Maths as well. So Im sure I failed. I mean, I dont know if I did. But Im pretty darn sure that I did. The next one is money, and Im good at money I got an A last year on Tax, so I can understand it pretty well.

On Friday I handed in some money for Shave For A Cure, its such a good cause. I wouldve like to of done more, and coloured my hair for money and stuff, but the idea just came too late. Our school did the whole Cure thing one week after it was finished so yeah, I was a bit late. But next year, Im fully going for it. I want to help. But at least I donated some money unlike some of the slackers at our school. Our school aimed for $10000 and only raised like $2500 or something like that...I feel so ashamed of our school, and yet its my fault as well that we didnt raise more!

I thought Friday night was going to be awesome as pie, and it wasnt really. Unfortunately, it was as awesome as a donut...so thats still pretty awesome. I really liked seeing Emma and Vicki and Beck and all that, but hardly anyone came and I got there at like 10pm or something, which kind of sucked. Darn Andy, Frog and Scott, but at least they picked me up and took me there. Beck comes up to me and asks the usual question: Do you like Matt? Dont lie to me. And as always I say no...We might of watched a movie or something, but they were all watching the footy. I was going to sleep over and everything and all and only spent like 2hrs there. I probably was supposed to go to the Lucky Grills thing with Sarah. Lucky Grills is an elderly comedian and he was putting on a comedy night, to entertain and inform. I really wanted to go, but wanted to go to Emmas more, but oh well. At least Grandma taped me the 1st half (her battery ran out for the 2nd half).

To get to AAA on Saturday I caught the train as always and I saw...um, I think his name is Matt or something but everyone calls him Sherman, like the guy from American Pie. He appears Goth-like, but I've always been nice to him, because I know he's outnumbered by all the stupid, up-tight fake homie gees and red necks that go to our school. And he's a nice guy too. So I consider him my friend. I also saw Adam. Adams gone from a friend of James' kind of hippy looking and stuff to a hard looking Punk with a half a metre long mohawk! It was funky. And I met this cool kind of tom boy girl punk. I cant remember her name, but she was really nice. I like the fact that Im not closed off to these people, and I can have conversations with them, even though I dont believe in half the things they do. EDIT 09/20/10: You don't believe? Such an ignorant way of thinking. I appreciate that they believe in them, EDIT 09/20/10: What? You're an asshole. Stop saying "believe!" ...and just as long as they dont do anything stupid they are cool. I can thank my brother James for this.

Anyway, so to get to South Brisbane, I had to get off at Marooka and catch a bus because they were doing rail works...I saw Bonnie from AAA and we caught the stupid bus together. Bonnie told me that last week when I had balled my eyes out in character and ran out of the improvisation in character because i had to leave early and Bryn told me to work it in - that Bryn said i had done very well. Which is awesome! I really love AAA - I put my all into those classes. But yeah, the Bus took ages and we were late to AAA, which sucked. I didnt do a very original Space Jump...but I did a good improvisation of some one waiting for plastic surgery in What Are You Doing? And they clapped heaps for my definition of Snoggly-Woggly. Then we did an Open Script and we went different from everyone else and worked it into Cat Walkin and we got lots of good feedback and advice, which was really good. Oh and we did Bus Stop and that was really fun.

After the class and all the Bus riding back I got on a train to the Coast at 2:15pm! Im usually back by then! But being late to Go Noah! rehearsals was good, because I was in control and kept calm and didnt have to scream my head off or get stressed.

I also did some Fairy Angel Tarot and I got: Romantic Partner, Be Honest With Yourself and Letting Go...which was very interesting.

I havent quite reached Monday...but thats all i can fit in for now. Im getting ready for Tenielle to come over and hang for a while, then we're going to Grants and having a BBQ - it should be fully excellent! Cant Wait! See you! Mwah xoxox.




Thursday, 24 March 2005


The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

Hiya again...(oh man, why is she always on this thing!?)...I am bored, and it is the holidays and I dont have any assignments to do, so why not do something else with my time? Hmm? At least Im keeping active...kinda, like my arms and finger are active...which is better than watching TV, where nothing is active...and Im sitting up straight too, which has got to be good for you...what do I mean, saying its got to be good for you. It IS good for you. Why am typing so dumb today? Maybe its because I wearing pink (intentional stupidity, just fyi) ...like, all pink. Because on Wednesdays we wear pink. Dont we? (Who are you talking too?) I dont know. Anyway, so I've been Time Warping so much lately that I've given it its own category...so thats kind of groovy...right? Yes. Thats what I thought. Before we Time Warp, Id like to send a special Shout-Out to Becky Boo...I love you Becky darling, you're an awesome friend, and I hope everything gets groovier from this point. Mwahs & Huggies...no not the nappies, you odd, odd people. LET'S TIME WARP!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

From Thursday 10th to Wednesday 16th of March:

Emily didnt come over last Thursday like she usually does before Senior Theatre, which is kind of good I guess because I get some time to work on assignments and crap...not that Im sure I did. I cant remember. ST was alright. My character performance was OK. It mightve been better if I was working with some of the older ST people...though the girl I was with was pretty good. At the moment my ultimate favourite TV show is Lost. It is really cool, because everybody thinks of what they would do if they were stranded on an island once in their life, and this show actually shows it! It's very popular with a lot of people. I just wish I didnt miss the 1st episode.

I was very tired on Friday the 11th. I could hardly pull it together for the show...speaking of pulling it together, Ms Casperson (My Drama and Drama Studies teacher) has a lot of trouble pulling her sanity together! The boys are SO ANNOYING. Especially the boys in Drama Studies..at least Harry, Nathan, Daniel and Ralph (his real name is Raefe...I call him Ralph) are funny...the boys in DS are just plain stupid.

I have so many tasks to do and I dont know how Im going to complete them all!

  • Learn X-STACY lines - nearly completed.
  • Do AAA character sheet - nearly done, I just have to find a suitable animal for my character...Im thinking a Hyena...
  • Fill out the ECaster website - this is very important...if I want work I must do it.
  • Give Frog some information so he can make me a resume..so I can apply to get a job at Blockblister.
  • Learn my Learners Manual - Im up to Giving Way...which takes ages!!!
  • Finish choreographing dances for Go Noah! - very important...I had a dream they opened last night and none of the choreo was done!
  • Read the Bible - and get to know what Ive gotten myself into...lol.
  • I did have down here - do hw, assignments and study...but its the holidays so I dont have too! Woo!
  • Clean room - as if.
  • Keep up friendships - what would the world b like without my friends...aha, better? nah-just kiddin!
  • Read history books...thats on my to do list
  • do my little hobbies - thats this!

I am also officially a Christian... EDIT 09/20/10: Oh, sweet Christ... I mean, um, I appreciate basic Christian values but I am definitely not a Christian. I mainly became a Christian because I was a little deluded and wanted Matt to really like me. It was kind of funny, as soon as I said the words "I accept Christ into my heart" we were making out. Fun times. ...as you might of seen somewhere else on this site! Matt & I discussed it and he believes I am and I believe I am, so I am. Harray! Matt and Becky were very happy for me and Im now apart of the Heaven Gang... :) And one day in the future no matter where we all are...im sending them jackets with Heaven Gang on the back, itll be sweet. EDIT 09/20/10: Yeah, I can be awfully obnoxious sometimes... though I still plan on doing this one day as a joke :)

I had a maths test the next day - ugh! I failed it horribly.

I couldnt wait for Emmas gathering on Friday.

The Movies! The Music! ended well. The last show was my best show, which is odd because it means that I only really tried hard on the last night...how crap am i?

Til the next time warp...hopefully soon Ill be able to tell you whats happening right now! LOL.

xoxo Caitlin.

Wednesday, 23 March 2005


The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.











Wednesday the 9th of March:

Wednesday was quite a bore. I remember feeling very tired. In Theatre Restaurant class I entertained some people by performing some Grease numbers. People laughed. I love making people laugh. I love entertaining them. Its the most awesome feeling. I will never become addicted to drugs *touch wood* because I already have something Im addicted too. Entertaining. Applause. Laughter. How can some people not want that. All I want is to make people happy. To bring a smile to their face and even a tear to their eye. Itd be awesome being so brilliant on stage you could affect someones mood like that, especially an entire audience. Its incredible.

I was late to x-stacy rehearsals that night. They went okay. I have to practise dry-retching though.

Here is a photo for this day: It is a portait of my Grandmother that my Grandfather painted. my Grandmothers favourite colour is emerald if you cant tell EDIT 09/19/10: Apart from her face and arms, the whole picture is basically emerald.

Thursday the 10th of March:

I was really tired on Thursday too. We watched the end of The Dead Poet Society, with the wonderful Robin Williams, who is my ultimate idol. I love him and his talent. Id love to be the female version of him, but I could never be that funny...and hopefully not that hairy...but yeah anyway, we watched the end, and I balled my eyes out. Firstly that the guy [SPOILER] commits suicide and secondly how everyone stands on their desks for Robin, and that was so lovely and beautiful that I cried again. I find that sad movies and romantic movies really get to me now. They really pull a heart string and I just ball my eyes out. I had to go to the girls toilets to calm down and wash my red, puffy face. I dont know why it affects me so much. Because seriously I wanted to wail and let my body shake in sadness....you know when your body shakes when you cry? It was like I was grieving...I just let myself get too deep into the story line. I could never be a critic. I also found myself thinking about how the only time I regret my decision for going back to Windaroo is when the boys are mean to me and when Nathan throws his food at me, for no reason, its just because Im there. Ive asked him to stop since and he hasnt thrown any more...I hope he doesnt do it again. Its really degrading...I wonder if it's a power thing?

Back to the present...Howdy Doody.

xoxo Caitlin.

I left you with another picture of my room...sorry. Its the same picture! To make up for it Ill send another one.

Its a picture I took of Harry [Potter] from my 2nd movie poster...which reminds me that I must, must, must get the 3rd poster.



3 things! Mary Poppins musical that I would love to see EDIT 09/19/10: I finally saw the Mary Poppins musical on Broadway in 2009. It wasn't the best musical I've seen but it's great that the guy I saw in Saturday Night Fever, during the year I wrote down that wish, was now playing Burt. He was brilliant. Chocolate, which will be coming up soon because of the joyous Easter and London fireworks...hope to see that wonderful place sometime next year. Must see it at least once...xoxo

HOLIDAYS!!! & Time Warp...

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

Hey all...I feel like it is my duty to write in here. But I dont know why because its not like there is someone out there who just wants to read all my crap. Or is there? Hmm....

Anyway, Im going to take you on journey, If I may...back to Tuesday the 8th of March. I dont know why. Why not just start from today I here you say...well I just dont feel like it okay! So lets go...WOOOOOOOP, WOOOOOP, WOOOOOOP...Wow, look at that! Im the first non-Brazilian to travel backwards through time.

Mr. Peabody: Correction Caitlin, your the second.

Boy: Thats right Mr. Peabody!

Mr. Peabody: Quiet you.

BAM! We have landed!!! Okay, so I was being really annoying at school that day, mainly towards Emily. I dont know why. I was just doing annoying things she usually wouldnt mind, but today she did. Good on her. My Teacher practically gave me a Thesis for my Modern History essay. I think he thinks I understand what to do, because I act like I do. But I really dont. At least I know I can act like a smart person. One point for me! I finished my English assignment two days before it was due, so that felt great. Because I've never done that before. Another point for me! We nearly finished our dance for Dance. I really like it, its funky and to something by Janet Jackson...some of the moves are kinda weird though.

At lunch Emily was kind enough to buy me a paddlepop...bless you darling - mwah!...then we watched Dan knock a tub of yoghurt all over Michael. He had it all over his shirt...it was terrible. He took it off, and soaked it, and was wearing a wet shirt for last period, but at least the chocolate wouldnt stain. It was Noels chocolate...Noel burps a lot. I thought he was kind of cool when I first met him but as soon as Noel gets out of his burping habit, he shall be cool again.

In Drama we finished Cosi, reading it that is. My character Julie dies of a drug overdose. Just like Stacy does in x-stacy. Its really sad. We have this assignment to put it in a different time zone and stuff. And I was going to put it in a brothel in Australia in the 1900s...okay, so I guess I am a little obsessed with the whole Moulin Rouge thing. But, that idea didnt really work out...and I went with a Kosovo idea...you'll understand later.

Dancing that night was cool...and the O.C was good as always. Though I have to say that the 1st series is the best...Maybe itll be like a scary movie trilogy. With the 1st being the best. The 2nd sucking and 3rd sometimes being really, really good. What do you reckon?

Anyway, thats all I can time warp for now...I have to get ready for dancing tonight. Its my last night woohoo! But now I have to be careful that without teaching I dont get fat. Im going to have to join another dance school in Term 2 or 3...maybe. Or just go to Ms Leannes once a week...and exercise myself! Darn Caitlin, its not that hard! I didnt go to school today because I stayed up til 2am last night doing a drama essay, and then woke at 10:50am and worked on it til 2:50pm and then handed it in...I wouldnt of gotten it done, if I didnt stay home. Its okay, but the costume and set appendixes are rushed unfortunately...but oh well. At least I handed it in. Holdays now! WOOHOO! Easter I love you!

No romance for me unfortunately...

Nothing exciting is really happening...

BUT AT LEAST ITS MY LAST NITE TEACHING! WOOHOO! We're going to get McDonalds and party down...oh yeah, we're fatty ballerinas. Oh its just a fat kid. Hey Ted its just fat kid. Sorry fatty, fatty mc fat fat...lol...

Peace Out! Where is the love??? xoxox

Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Has Been A While...AY?

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

Well what has happened since March 6th? Hmm...even I dont know. Im gonna go find out. I went and away, suddenly realised that what Im doing is boring...so there you go. i have to be over tired to do these things. All I say is the movies the music is over and im going to see constantine tonight. and im really loving my friends at the moment....feeling like a party girl. life is beautiful. well not really, dance sucks balls but thats all ill say. xoxo

heres a photo for emily darling... EDIT 09/19/10: No photos from these blogs. It's bad enough that I've decided to actually keep these posts and not destroy them, so I'm not going to make it worse with silly pictures.

this X for any harry potter fans...i recently felt like i was starting a new school @ the beginning of the year...cuz i was...but it wasnt new cuz i used to go there...i just had a year break from it.

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory is coming out this year! EEEKKK!!!! YAY!

The Movies! the Music! FINISHED! WAAAHHH!!!!

Me taking a picture of the mirror @ my last bday party.

Last years Xmas tree.

Me & my senior badge.

My room a disaster area.


EDIT 09/19/10: Well done, Caitlin. Well done. You don't seem ridiculous at all. Nuh uh.

Monday, 7 March 2005

I'm Back - Bebo

Heeheehee...Im pretty much home alone. Sure my grandparents are up stairs but they dont really speak to me when they are up stairs...so Im pretty much all by myself tonight...cuz theyll be doing their thang upstairs...and my mums out, my bros never ever here anymore...and yeah, ive been feeling really really lonely.
The Movies! The Music! is going well...nearly over...I think I will actually be sad about it being over because I wont see those ppl for ages...cuz they're arent that many great shows that we can all do together...and theres always the fact that Im not aloud to be in anything else except for Junior shows...so yeah. Itll be sad cuz now Im not gonna see everyone as much, will suck...majorly! I also just watched a really sad, soppy, romantic episode of the O.C so Im a little emotional...so Im emotional and alone...GREAT! lol...and I have all these assignments so Im gonna go...peace out...x-stacy is going okay...im sure it will be really good...I just hope I do well...its my first ever play...ive never done an actual paying audience play before...unless you count Urbs Urbis...but 4 some reason I dont really consider it a proper play...it was good tho.
Alrighty then...Ill see you all later! love yous all..mwah...heh heh meah...lol, xoxo

Everything...and etc...

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

Well, of course it isnt really the end of the week. Saturday is the end. And Sunday is the beginning. BUT! Friday is the end of the school and sumtimes working weekend, unless your one of those terribly unlucky people that have to work on the weekends...I could handle Saturday, but Sunday!?


Sunday is all about rest and relaxation...it never use to mean that to me! I would have a full, hectic week, and as usual Id have my business on Saturdays and then rehearsals like all day Sunday. Which didnt bother me because I love rehearsals...they are the bomb. BUT! Some weekends I would feel like I didnt even have one, and I would come back to school not feeling rejuvenated...so it would therefore suck. BUT! This weekend is different. Oh, of course, Saturday will be as hectic as ever, with AAA and then Go Noah! rehearsals...where I have to choreograph...and then have like 2 hours to myself before I go and perform that night...you've got to feel sorry for Jo...she volunteered herself or sumthing because Catherine didnt want to do JT anymore. Itll be good - the musical I mean. Itll be cute...and good for them to do a good musical. Not Wonder In Aliceland or a wacked out play...like Bits and Bites..that was odd...but quite cute still.

Anyway I dont even know what Im talking about, Im meant to be making up some dances before I have to go down to the show...LOL, thats not gonna happen unfortunately. I said Id come straight home and work out these dances. So what do I do? I get my Grandma to drive to the 7/11 so I can buy a slurpy...then I come home and watch an episode of the O.C while sipping it. And now Im on the net...I was turning on the computer to start choreographing...but yeah, theres sumthing addictive about the net...I see the little Internet Explorer sign there and Im like...must not go on...ah, hell! LOL...so yeah.

This week was good, friends have been great...I've actually enjoyed them which is weird for me. But Im glad I do, because they are really worth loving, and I dont know why sometimes Im so mean to them...Im not really mean, just, I dont know, rude. Its crap I know...but Ive been way better! Im trying to be a better and nicer person...and now that I go to Windaroo, I dont feel like I have to try any more...sometimes I do when Im in a particularly bitchy mood, but hey! We all get them sometimes, and Im just entitled to them as everyone else.

But yeah, I got my Prompt Book in. I must say Maths hasnt been particularly productive this week. Unfortunately Ive been more social than I shouldve been, but Ive needed to catch up and bond with my old friends...no point in passing through the most important year of your life and not have any fun at all. Just as long as you know when you have to work. Like now, I am having fun, even though I know I should be working, so I guess Im a hypocrite or something, but everyones a little hypocrytical sometimes...its also called laziness...I dont know, man, Im just speaking shite...! LOL...all I know is that I handed in my Prompt Book, my English Propaganda assignment will be good hopefully. Im sure I'll pass. Learning this dance in Dance is rather easy, so Im sure Ill pass that. And the Modern History essay is only 600 words, so Im sure that Ill be okay for that...and Im sure Ill pass...how well I dont know. But I doubt Ill do extremely well, since its my first modern history assignment ever!!!

Anyway, Im really excited about x-stacy rehearsals...and performing tonight & the weekend in general! ITS ALL AWESOME!!!!

Woo...okay I better go...lol, I have 9 mins to choreograph a dance...Im so pathetic.

Laters, Caitlin xoxoxo

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JACOB_is_my_homeboy - 13 Mar., 2005 - Delete
sunday is thet end of the week and monday is the start. thats why on sunday you have a holiday because you are still alive so you need a holiday, its also why why you go to church so you can tell god all the sins you have done in the past week.
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ladymdra - 13 Mar., 2005 - Delete
Cool blog ^_^


The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

Howdy Ho, dont worry im not calling you a ho, im just being odd. Had x-stacy rehearsals today, they were good, but hopefully will get better when I can get through a scene and not have to remember my lines and such...and I need to watch movies on people who are on drugs...and are about to die, because I really dont know how to act it, and I also feel like a dick...but I guess you are a dick if you're going to do that shite to your body.

I went through The Movies! The Music! pictures today. They aren't bad at all; theres some really good shots. Theres one of Matt and I cacking ourselves in Main Event, well me really cacking myself because I had been crying and was slightly delirious...and maybe Matt was laughing at me. Theres also one of us doing the blow thing, which is cool. I have actually really enjoyed being in this show, and am so glad that I did it. Because I'm more confident with my singing, and Ive been able to keep up the bonds with friends and finally be in a review show...I think everyone needs to experience one of those at least once...it'll be sad if a lot of the older people do Slice! because I know I'll sit in the audience going, oh man, that looks like fun, I wish I could be up there...

It's going to be hard to say no to Phoenix shows next year, becuase I am going to want to move on...but its hard to say goodbye to this place, without feeling like your going to miss out on something...so yeah - tis hard...and I dont feel ugly any more...I dont really feel pretty either...but at least I dont feel ugly... EDIT 09/19/10: Err, WTF? That came out of no where, Caitlin... Geez...

Alex and I have to kiss in x-stacy, just a peck...like a hello kiss...but its really odd...because I only ever give kisses on the cheek, not on the lips...but I am on ecstacy, and she's out of it too...so I guess that makes up for it.

Anyway, I wish my Mum was coming home tonight. I have to write an essay in Modern History on Tuesday about the USSR and that whole communist thing, and on the same day have to hand in my English assignment...which I have to mainly do tonight. I was really looking forward to this weekend...but it didnt turn out how I expected. One: I had x-stacy rehearsals at 10am, not 6pm. Two: I have assignments to do. Three: My Mum isnt here and I feel lonely.

Matt Kimpton and Harry tried to come over last night, but I was at Frogs with Andy, Scott and Simon playing um...Super Mario Party...or whatever its called. I love that game, Ill buy myself a gamecube one day, I've always wanted Mario games...especially the racing ones and the Party ones...though I lose, they are really fun.

Okay, I could keep talking, but it would go even more personal, and I think Ive gone far enough.

I did find my hairbrush today, which has been missing since Sweet Charity! It has been lying in Rhylees car for that long!!! I didnt even really get happy about, because I was like has anyone seen a golden brush, and it was there the whole time...I was sitting on it! GRRR! But Im very glad I got it back...but oh, the fury!

Love you all. Check out the show!

Peace out xoxo Love Caitlin.

Tuesday, 1 March 2005

The Oscars & Such.

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

Well my weekend was quite awesome indeed. Supposedly on friday nite I sung my song really well, so I guess thats good...I hope it can get better each nite...I really want to improve my singing voice...and get confident with it...I guess itd be easier if I actually really knew how to sing, like properly, with training and all.

After the show we went to Frog's and played SingStar and had a gay old time..heehee. Singing karaoke. I dont really like karaoke, because I think its for sad people... You can blame The Simpsons for that.

Saturday was rather disappointing because I wasnt able to go to the Acting Academy because of the stupid trains. They werent working the whole way there so you had to catch buses and all this crap. Which wouldve been fine, if I wasnt worried about the fact that I could be late for Jo's rehearsal. So I didnt go. I cheered my self up instead by watching The O.C DVDs...t'was awesome...Im up to disc 4 now, when stupid Oliver starts coming on the scene, and messes everything up. Man, how I hate that guy.

Teaching choreo went alright. But I was so tired and aching afterwards. And I only taught like 2 dances, so wasnt completely productive. And, I've promised to buy them chocolates if they remember their dances so I better not forgey to bring them.

Saturday night performance was fine. But I just CAN NOT take this show completely seriously anymore...its just TOO funny. Sum things that we do...and just stupid Matt singing high in Main Event just cracks me up. Im so unprofessional..hopefully ill be better this weekend.

Sunday I went to church. The one that is behind my old old house...that was an experience. I actually enjoyed it. And it was fun with Matt cuz he like sung stupidly sumtimes...so yeah. But I got like a special welcome and everyone turned around and looked at me and Matt was like pointing at me from above, as if to say: here she is! It was so embarrassing. But the sermon or the speech or whateva he said, seem to really hit home with me...it really meant something so that was odd. And I think I will go back again...get to learn the songs. See a different side of things.

It was sooooooooo odd to come home from church & then not have ANYTHING to do until 6pm. I felt free and soooo odd. Because usually im so busy. I liked being able to just chill out it was awesome, and it also meant more O.C.

Matt & Frog came over sumwhere after 1pm for a swim and a viewing of Family Guy and a celebration of mini pizzas, which was cool. Except frog forgot about his phone in his boardshorts and it got wet and totally ruined..he took it well though, good old frog.

Then I had rehearsals for x-stacy. They went well. I wonder how they went 2tonight? I couldnt go because I was teaching at dancing. Ms Leanne came to inspect, which was rather awkward because I didnt know whether to teach or let her have a run of things...so I kept teaching but really quietly. The lesson picked up into its usual beat after she left.

The Oscars were on tonight. They are quite boring, but go faster than usual. Congratz to Cate Blanchett...go go aussies lets go! *clap! clap!* We are awesome. 'Tis excellent. I really like the Oscars...it was odd not to see like, Nicole there...but so nice to see Johnny Depp.

School was good today. I picked up the dance in dance, it was really cool & pretty groovy, so I really like it. Emily was having a bit of a crisis so we sat outside for the whole maths lesson. By Modern History I was so tired, so I just blocked my lines and tried to memorise them and stuff. Drama we got our next assessment. And I actually am inspired by it and have some really good ideas...not completely original but I bet nobody else has done them before.

So yeah. I'm really happy about today. And looking forward to tomorrow. I better get to bed...because its late...but I can never go to bed early can I? I'd be like breaking a tradition or sumthing.

Oh and Im seriously considering dying my hair for the Shave For A Cure thingy, that raises money for that horrible cancer, I dont want to spell it wrong. It nearly made me cry...so yeah, I definitely want to do it, and help out.

So yeah, peace out you people that are...ronery, so ronery, so ronery inside rear arone...lol. MWAH!