Wednesday, 23 March 2005

HOLIDAYS!!! & Time Warp...

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

Hey all...I feel like it is my duty to write in here. But I dont know why because its not like there is someone out there who just wants to read all my crap. Or is there? Hmm....

Anyway, Im going to take you on journey, If I may...back to Tuesday the 8th of March. I dont know why. Why not just start from today I here you say...well I just dont feel like it okay! So lets go...WOOOOOOOP, WOOOOOP, WOOOOOOP...Wow, look at that! Im the first non-Brazilian to travel backwards through time.

Mr. Peabody: Correction Caitlin, your the second.

Boy: Thats right Mr. Peabody!

Mr. Peabody: Quiet you.

BAM! We have landed!!! Okay, so I was being really annoying at school that day, mainly towards Emily. I dont know why. I was just doing annoying things she usually wouldnt mind, but today she did. Good on her. My Teacher practically gave me a Thesis for my Modern History essay. I think he thinks I understand what to do, because I act like I do. But I really dont. At least I know I can act like a smart person. One point for me! I finished my English assignment two days before it was due, so that felt great. Because I've never done that before. Another point for me! We nearly finished our dance for Dance. I really like it, its funky and to something by Janet Jackson...some of the moves are kinda weird though.

At lunch Emily was kind enough to buy me a paddlepop...bless you darling - mwah!...then we watched Dan knock a tub of yoghurt all over Michael. He had it all over his was terrible. He took it off, and soaked it, and was wearing a wet shirt for last period, but at least the chocolate wouldnt stain. It was Noels chocolate...Noel burps a lot. I thought he was kind of cool when I first met him but as soon as Noel gets out of his burping habit, he shall be cool again.

In Drama we finished Cosi, reading it that is. My character Julie dies of a drug overdose. Just like Stacy does in x-stacy. Its really sad. We have this assignment to put it in a different time zone and stuff. And I was going to put it in a brothel in Australia in the 1900s...okay, so I guess I am a little obsessed with the whole Moulin Rouge thing. But, that idea didnt really work out...and I went with a Kosovo'll understand later.

Dancing that night was cool...and the O.C was good as always. Though I have to say that the 1st series is the best...Maybe itll be like a scary movie trilogy. With the 1st being the best. The 2nd sucking and 3rd sometimes being really, really good. What do you reckon?

Anyway, thats all I can time warp for now...I have to get ready for dancing tonight. Its my last night woohoo! But now I have to be careful that without teaching I dont get fat. Im going to have to join another dance school in Term 2 or 3...maybe. Or just go to Ms Leannes once a week...and exercise myself! Darn Caitlin, its not that hard! I didnt go to school today because I stayed up til 2am last night doing a drama essay, and then woke at 10:50am and worked on it til 2:50pm and then handed it in...I wouldnt of gotten it done, if I didnt stay home. Its okay, but the costume and set appendixes are rushed unfortunately...but oh well. At least I handed it in. Holdays now! WOOHOO! Easter I love you!

No romance for me unfortunately...

Nothing exciting is really happening...

BUT AT LEAST ITS MY LAST NITE TEACHING! WOOHOO! We're going to get McDonalds and party down...oh yeah, we're fatty ballerinas. Oh its just a fat kid. Hey Ted its just fat kid. Sorry fatty, fatty mc fat

Peace Out! Where is the love??? xoxox

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