Thursday, 24 March 2005


The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

Hiya again...(oh man, why is she always on this thing!?)...I am bored, and it is the holidays and I dont have any assignments to do, so why not do something else with my time? Hmm? At least Im keeping active...kinda, like my arms and finger are active...which is better than watching TV, where nothing is active...and Im sitting up straight too, which has got to be good for you...what do I mean, saying its got to be good for you. It IS good for you. Why am typing so dumb today? Maybe its because I wearing pink (intentional stupidity, just fyi), all pink. Because on Wednesdays we wear pink. Dont we? (Who are you talking too?) I dont know. Anyway, so I've been Time Warping so much lately that I've given it its own thats kind of groovy...right? Yes. Thats what I thought. Before we Time Warp, Id like to send a special Shout-Out to Becky Boo...I love you Becky darling, you're an awesome friend, and I hope everything gets groovier from this point. Mwahs & not the nappies, you odd, odd people. LET'S TIME WARP!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

From Thursday 10th to Wednesday 16th of March:

Emily didnt come over last Thursday like she usually does before Senior Theatre, which is kind of good I guess because I get some time to work on assignments and crap...not that Im sure I did. I cant remember. ST was alright. My character performance was OK. It mightve been better if I was working with some of the older ST people...though the girl I was with was pretty good. At the moment my ultimate favourite TV show is Lost. It is really cool, because everybody thinks of what they would do if they were stranded on an island once in their life, and this show actually shows it! It's very popular with a lot of people. I just wish I didnt miss the 1st episode.

I was very tired on Friday the 11th. I could hardly pull it together for the show...speaking of pulling it together, Ms Casperson (My Drama and Drama Studies teacher) has a lot of trouble pulling her sanity together! The boys are SO ANNOYING. Especially the boys in Drama least Harry, Nathan, Daniel and Ralph (his real name is Raefe...I call him Ralph) are funny...the boys in DS are just plain stupid.

I have so many tasks to do and I dont know how Im going to complete them all!

  • Learn X-STACY lines - nearly completed.
  • Do AAA character sheet - nearly done, I just have to find a suitable animal for my character...Im thinking a Hyena...
  • Fill out the ECaster website - this is very important...if I want work I must do it.
  • Give Frog some information so he can make me a I can apply to get a job at Blockblister.
  • Learn my Learners Manual - Im up to Giving Way...which takes ages!!!
  • Finish choreographing dances for Go Noah! - very important...I had a dream they opened last night and none of the choreo was done!
  • Read the Bible - and get to know what Ive gotten myself
  • I did have down here - do hw, assignments and study...but its the holidays so I dont have too! Woo!
  • Clean room - as if.
  • Keep up friendships - what would the world b like without my friends...aha, better? nah-just kiddin!
  • Read history books...thats on my to do list
  • do my little hobbies - thats this!

I am also officially a Christian... EDIT 09/20/10: Oh, sweet Christ... I mean, um, I appreciate basic Christian values but I am definitely not a Christian. I mainly became a Christian because I was a little deluded and wanted Matt to really like me. It was kind of funny, as soon as I said the words "I accept Christ into my heart" we were making out. Fun times. you might of seen somewhere else on this site! Matt & I discussed it and he believes I am and I believe I am, so I am. Harray! Matt and Becky were very happy for me and Im now apart of the Heaven Gang... :) And one day in the future no matter where we all sending them jackets with Heaven Gang on the back, itll be sweet. EDIT 09/20/10: Yeah, I can be awfully obnoxious sometimes... though I still plan on doing this one day as a joke :)

I had a maths test the next day - ugh! I failed it horribly.

I couldnt wait for Emmas gathering on Friday.

The Movies! The Music! ended well. The last show was my best show, which is odd because it means that I only really tried hard on the last crap am i?

Til the next time warp...hopefully soon Ill be able to tell you whats happening right now! LOL.

xoxo Caitlin.

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