Tuesday, 1 March 2005

The Oscars & Such.

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

Well my weekend was quite awesome indeed. Supposedly on friday nite I sung my song really well, so I guess thats good...I hope it can get better each nite...I really want to improve my singing voice...and get confident with it...I guess itd be easier if I actually really knew how to sing, like properly, with training and all.

After the show we went to Frog's and played SingStar and had a gay old time..heehee. Singing karaoke. I dont really like karaoke, because I think its for sad people... You can blame The Simpsons for that.

Saturday was rather disappointing because I wasnt able to go to the Acting Academy because of the stupid trains. They werent working the whole way there so you had to catch buses and all this crap. Which wouldve been fine, if I wasnt worried about the fact that I could be late for Jo's rehearsal. So I didnt go. I cheered my self up instead by watching The O.C DVDs...t'was awesome...Im up to disc 4 now, when stupid Oliver starts coming on the scene, and messes everything up. Man, how I hate that guy.

Teaching choreo went alright. But I was so tired and aching afterwards. And I only taught like 2 dances, so wasnt completely productive. And, I've promised to buy them chocolates if they remember their dances so I better not forgey to bring them.

Saturday night performance was fine. But I just CAN NOT take this show completely seriously anymore...its just TOO funny. Sum things that we do...and just stupid Matt singing high in Main Event just cracks me up. Im so unprofessional..hopefully ill be better this weekend.

Sunday I went to church. The one that is behind my old old house...that was an experience. I actually enjoyed it. And it was fun with Matt cuz he like sung stupidly sumtimes...so yeah. But I got like a special welcome and everyone turned around and looked at me and Matt was like pointing at me from above, as if to say: here she is! It was so embarrassing. But the sermon or the speech or whateva he said, seem to really hit home with me...it really meant something so that was odd. And I think I will go back again...get to learn the songs. See a different side of things.

It was sooooooooo odd to come home from church & then not have ANYTHING to do until 6pm. I felt free and soooo odd. Because usually im so busy. I liked being able to just chill out it was awesome, and it also meant more O.C.

Matt & Frog came over sumwhere after 1pm for a swim and a viewing of Family Guy and a celebration of mini pizzas, which was cool. Except frog forgot about his phone in his boardshorts and it got wet and totally ruined..he took it well though, good old frog.

Then I had rehearsals for x-stacy. They went well. I wonder how they went 2tonight? I couldnt go because I was teaching at dancing. Ms Leanne came to inspect, which was rather awkward because I didnt know whether to teach or let her have a run of things...so I kept teaching but really quietly. The lesson picked up into its usual beat after she left.

The Oscars were on tonight. They are quite boring, but go faster than usual. Congratz to Cate Blanchett...go go aussies lets go! *clap! clap!* We are awesome. 'Tis excellent. I really like the Oscars...it was odd not to see like, Nicole there...but so nice to see Johnny Depp.

School was good today. I picked up the dance in dance, it was really cool & pretty groovy, so I really like it. Emily was having a bit of a crisis so we sat outside for the whole maths lesson. By Modern History I was so tired, so I just blocked my lines and tried to memorise them and stuff. Drama we got our next assessment. And I actually am inspired by it and have some really good ideas...not completely original but I bet nobody else has done them before.

So yeah. I'm really happy about today. And looking forward to tomorrow. I better get to bed...because its late...but I can never go to bed early can I? I'd be like breaking a tradition or sumthing.

Oh and Im seriously considering dying my hair for the Shave For A Cure thingy, that raises money for that horrible cancer, I dont want to spell it wrong. It nearly made me cry...so yeah, I definitely want to do it, and help out.

So yeah, peace out you people that are...ronery, so ronery, so ronery inside rear arone...lol. MWAH!


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