Monday, 7 March 2005

I'm Back - Bebo

Heeheehee...Im pretty much home alone. Sure my grandparents are up stairs but they dont really speak to me when they are up Im pretty much all by myself tonight...cuz theyll be doing their thang upstairs...and my mums out, my bros never ever here anymore...and yeah, ive been feeling really really lonely.
The Movies! The Music! is going well...nearly over...I think I will actually be sad about it being over because I wont see those ppl for ages...cuz they're arent that many great shows that we can all do together...and theres always the fact that Im not aloud to be in anything else except for Junior yeah. Itll be sad cuz now Im not gonna see everyone as much, will suck...majorly! I also just watched a really sad, soppy, romantic episode of the O.C so Im a little Im emotional and alone...GREAT! lol...and I have all these assignments so Im gonna go...peace out...x-stacy is going sure it will be really good...I just hope I do well...its my first ever play...ive never done an actual paying audience play before...unless you count Urbs Urbis...but 4 some reason I dont really consider it a proper was good tho.
Alrighty then...Ill see you all later! love yous all..mwah...heh heh, xoxo

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davidlefool said...

wel littal gerl if U is lonely juzt giv me a kool and weel meet up n stuff!!!!!!!!!!

lolz j/k heh