Monday, 7 March 2005


The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

Howdy Ho, dont worry im not calling you a ho, im just being odd. Had x-stacy rehearsals today, they were good, but hopefully will get better when I can get through a scene and not have to remember my lines and such...and I need to watch movies on people who are on drugs...and are about to die, because I really dont know how to act it, and I also feel like a dick...but I guess you are a dick if you're going to do that shite to your body.

I went through The Movies! The Music! pictures today. They aren't bad at all; theres some really good shots. Theres one of Matt and I cacking ourselves in Main Event, well me really cacking myself because I had been crying and was slightly delirious...and maybe Matt was laughing at me. Theres also one of us doing the blow thing, which is cool. I have actually really enjoyed being in this show, and am so glad that I did it. Because I'm more confident with my singing, and Ive been able to keep up the bonds with friends and finally be in a review show...I think everyone needs to experience one of those at least'll be sad if a lot of the older people do Slice! because I know I'll sit in the audience going, oh man, that looks like fun, I wish I could be up there...

It's going to be hard to say no to Phoenix shows next year, becuase I am going to want to move on...but its hard to say goodbye to this place, without feeling like your going to miss out on yeah - tis hard...and I dont feel ugly any more...I dont really feel pretty either...but at least I dont feel ugly... EDIT 09/19/10: Err, WTF? That came out of no where, Caitlin... Geez...

Alex and I have to kiss in x-stacy, just a a hello kiss...but its really odd...because I only ever give kisses on the cheek, not on the lips...but I am on ecstacy, and she's out of it I guess that makes up for it.

Anyway, I wish my Mum was coming home tonight. I have to write an essay in Modern History on Tuesday about the USSR and that whole communist thing, and on the same day have to hand in my English assignment...which I have to mainly do tonight. I was really looking forward to this weekend...but it didnt turn out how I expected. One: I had x-stacy rehearsals at 10am, not 6pm. Two: I have assignments to do. Three: My Mum isnt here and I feel lonely.

Matt Kimpton and Harry tried to come over last night, but I was at Frogs with Andy, Scott and Simon playing um...Super Mario Party...or whatever its called. I love that game, Ill buy myself a gamecube one day, I've always wanted Mario games...especially the racing ones and the Party ones...though I lose, they are really fun.

Okay, I could keep talking, but it would go even more personal, and I think Ive gone far enough.

I did find my hairbrush today, which has been missing since Sweet Charity! It has been lying in Rhylees car for that long!!! I didnt even really get happy about, because I was like has anyone seen a golden brush, and it was there the whole time...I was sitting on it! GRRR! But Im very glad I got it back...but oh, the fury!

Love you all. Check out the show!

Peace out xoxo Love Caitlin.

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