Monday, 7 March 2005

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The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

Well, of course it isnt really the end of the week. Saturday is the end. And Sunday is the beginning. BUT! Friday is the end of the school and sumtimes working weekend, unless your one of those terribly unlucky people that have to work on the weekends...I could handle Saturday, but Sunday!?


Sunday is all about rest and never use to mean that to me! I would have a full, hectic week, and as usual Id have my business on Saturdays and then rehearsals like all day Sunday. Which didnt bother me because I love rehearsals...they are the bomb. BUT! Some weekends I would feel like I didnt even have one, and I would come back to school not feeling it would therefore suck. BUT! This weekend is different. Oh, of course, Saturday will be as hectic as ever, with AAA and then Go Noah! rehearsals...where I have to choreograph...and then have like 2 hours to myself before I go and perform that've got to feel sorry for Jo...she volunteered herself or sumthing because Catherine didnt want to do JT anymore. Itll be good - the musical I mean. Itll be cute...and good for them to do a good musical. Not Wonder In Aliceland or a wacked out Bits and Bites..that was odd...but quite cute still.

Anyway I dont even know what Im talking about, Im meant to be making up some dances before I have to go down to the show...LOL, thats not gonna happen unfortunately. I said Id come straight home and work out these dances. So what do I do? I get my Grandma to drive to the 7/11 so I can buy a slurpy...then I come home and watch an episode of the O.C while sipping it. And now Im on the net...I was turning on the computer to start choreographing...but yeah, theres sumthing addictive about the net...I see the little Internet Explorer sign there and Im like...must not go on...ah, hell! yeah.

This week was good, friends have been great...I've actually enjoyed them which is weird for me. But Im glad I do, because they are really worth loving, and I dont know why sometimes Im so mean to them...Im not really mean, just, I dont know, rude. Its crap I know...but Ive been way better! Im trying to be a better and nicer person...and now that I go to Windaroo, I dont feel like I have to try any more...sometimes I do when Im in a particularly bitchy mood, but hey! We all get them sometimes, and Im just entitled to them as everyone else.

But yeah, I got my Prompt Book in. I must say Maths hasnt been particularly productive this week. Unfortunately Ive been more social than I shouldve been, but Ive needed to catch up and bond with my old point in passing through the most important year of your life and not have any fun at all. Just as long as you know when you have to work. Like now, I am having fun, even though I know I should be working, so I guess Im a hypocrite or something, but everyones a little hypocrytical sometimes...its also called laziness...I dont know, man, Im just speaking shite...! LOL...all I know is that I handed in my Prompt Book, my English Propaganda assignment will be good hopefully. Im sure I'll pass. Learning this dance in Dance is rather easy, so Im sure Ill pass that. And the Modern History essay is only 600 words, so Im sure that Ill be okay for that...and Im sure Ill well I dont know. But I doubt Ill do extremely well, since its my first modern history assignment ever!!!

Anyway, Im really excited about x-stacy rehearsals...and performing tonight & the weekend in general! ITS ALL AWESOME!!!!

Woo...okay I better, I have 9 mins to choreograph a dance...Im so pathetic.

Laters, Caitlin xoxoxo

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JACOB_is_my_homeboy - 13 Mar., 2005 - Delete
sunday is thet end of the week and monday is the start. thats why on sunday you have a holiday because you are still alive so you need a holiday, its also why why you go to church so you can tell god all the sins you have done in the past week.
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ladymdra - 13 Mar., 2005 - Delete
Cool blog ^_^

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