Tuesday, 29 March 2005


The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.

It is time to finish what we started...and by we I mean my new partner in crime...introducing: Geffrey the InvisIble Green Alien Squirrel...for such an interesting creature he has such a common name: Geffrey. But he's so cute.

(She's talking to an imaginary Squirrel Dad, is this site evil? Yes Billy, get off the heathen website and go get your eyes cleansed...and make sure you use the alcoholic eye cleaner! ...No, it wont sting! MY EYES DAD! My beautiful eyes! WAH! Ah, your a dim boy Billy.)

Back again...I wonder where I went...back to what we started, lets finish it...once and for all...and by finish I mean just the whole Thursday til Monday thing, it shall continue til I get up to date...which seems a hard task and I dont know if I'll complete by Fall...heehee, it is Fall...Autumn for the rest of you! LETS DO IT BABY! WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP!


Saturday the 19th of March til Whenever:

So yes after coming back from AAA and Go Noah! rehearsals, I got ready for my outing with the QDSE people. I was really nervous because I knew we were having a Movie Night, but I didnt know where we were going and I still cant remember the name of it and I was worried things would be awkward...I was ready with plenty of time to catch the train and then Matt rung, which is usually a welcome call but I had to catch a train! By the time we were on the road to the station it was like 2 minutes til the train left...so I prayed and prayed that the train would run late...and guess what ran late? The Train! Woo...thank the Lord! Mwah!

The night with them was the BEST! It wasnt awkward for a second and I immediately fell into my thing of making people laugh and being the odd one, which was great. It had been a while since I felt like I was surrounded by friends. Because school friends can be kind of stressful and I didnt even feel that way with some of the Theatre people lately...and Im speaking in the past here guys! Now everythings awesome...but yeah, for once in a long while I felt like I belonged somewhere and I was with a group of people that truly loved me...it was awesome. I love you, you QDSE people! MWAH! We just laughed and had fun ALL night, and I also ate lots of really good food that wasnt fatty but healthy and I got alot of sleep as well...with Patty! Lol, love you Pat!

Its so sad to think Ill hardly see any of them after this year, but I have to hang out with Pat this Easter...ay buddy? Ay pal? I want to go to the 3 Monkey's and then go see a $5 movie at the South Bank cinemas. It would be awesome. It had also been ages since I caught a train with Pat, but it only felt like yesterday to me...and I completely conked out of it all...Pat had to call my name a few times as we arrived at the station.

The Grudge is so scary! And Bill Pullman was in it, the lovely hot old guy from Independence Day - I love him. I think he did a really good job. I also find Vince Vaughn from Dodgeball hot and Owen Wilson and Luke Wilson...mainly Luke.

The weekend was starting to be awesome!

I really wanted to be getting home from the Movie Night by 10am, but nobody was ready and the parents made us breakfast and all, so I had to wait. So by the time I got home it was like 1:15pm, sucked quite alot. If I had a car, I could've driven home and bought drive-in McDonalds...I really want a car - real bad! Anyway, on the first train to Central there was something in my throat and I was coughing and spluttering everywhere, but I swallowed it down so it was all good.

When I got home Grandma was having a Get Together with the All Stars so they had all these treats! Cream and apple pie and such, it was wonderful. So I had a coffee and an Apple pie with cream and then made a hasty exit to avoid confrontation with any of them...though when I was, I was very polite...chortle, chortle, chortle.

I worked til late into the night. I did English homework and found a memory for Dance and studied for the Maths test and did most of my Drama essay, well not really. But I got my plan down on paper.

I did OK in the Maths A test. I was really tired and hungry, so didnt answer many questions at first and I had a real longing to lie my head on the desk and sleep, but I didnt. My inner self shouted at my outer self, and then I did 2 out of 3 of the modelling and problem solving questions, I wouldve done more questions if I hadnt run out of time, but Im sure I passed.

Teaching ballet that night was good. I just dont really look forward to it at first because the first class girls arent very enthusiastic. It takes the 2nd class girls to get my passion going and the fun starting. I stayed up til 2am doing my assignment, which sucked! I got the essay done, though its over 1000 words by 600 words, but I couldnt get it any lower - it was all relevant. I woke up at 10 to 11am the next day and kept working and didnt stop til 10 to 3pm and then rushed to school to hand it in. I only realised later that I forgot the bibliography...darn. Im sure Ill pass...I might get a B. B's good for me.

Id keep going on...but Ive already gone over the whole 12am on Monday thing, so for now adieu. Im rather busy at the moment. I have to go to Go Noah! rehearsals, then I think Im going shopping. Then the next day the x-stacy crew are going shopping then we're having a full day rehearsal and then Thursday is Go Noah! and then yeah, thats it...apart from random stuff and more Go Noah! Im Assistant Stage Manager as well - woo!

Tata for now, things are rather swell...touch wood!

xoxo Love Always Caitlin! MWAH!

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