Monday, 20 October 2008

Chapter 4: Nerdification

Last Thursday night I accompanied my friend Holly Golightly to the book signing of John Green's new book, which is apparently fantastic, Paper Towns.

I was instantly excited because I got to spend the night with a whole bunch of awesome books that I cannot attain (at the moment).

I was surprised to see Charlie(issocoollike) and Alex(Nerimon) there, but I guess everyone was.

Unfortunately we missed the very beginning of the night, so when we got there John Green finished talking, Hank Green said it was the best book ever and then they began signing.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Thank You and Intelligence Is Sexy

Whoa. Shit. Your helpful comments are going to take me a while to read and concentrate on.

Thank you very much for taking time out of your day to help me understand the American Government better, I really appreciate it.

I am definitely inspired by people who are interested in what is going on in their world and intelligence. I absolutely adore a brilliant mind, since I don't have one :)

I also think I am inspired by my friend Emily. You may have seen her pictures on my MySpace and FaceBook. She is studying Political Science and wants to work for the UN and work in Peru; I think she is amazing and am so proud of her changing from a Teaching course to Political Science. Don't get me wrong, teaching is honourable, but I know my friend Emily has so much potential that she needs to share with the world... I suppose she inspires me to be more active in these areas. I don't think she realizes how much she has influenced me.

Anyway, at the moment I'm going back and forth between an explanation of Egalitarianism and an article about the first American Serial Killer, H. H. Holmes...

My brain is confused...but! I have carrots! This means my brain will soon be awesome.

-The Statue Of A Crow and The Hand That Strokes It.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Chapter 3: Clarification and Education

Below (below this blog bit) is a message I received in my YouTube inbox.

I am inexperienced with American politics and am judging a lot of what I hope for America off the recent change from Liberal to Labor that occurred when Kevin Rudd was elected Prime Minister.

I believe it's all about balance. No candidate is perfect, but we are living in a Right Wing World which is not doing this nation any good, we need to tip back a bit, give those living in poverty a chance. It is not Obama's fault if people living on the middle ground have not saved or have suffered under the Republican government, they should realize, from History, that we (since I am in the middle too) will pull through and make it and will see a lot of our hopes and dreams (and bank accounts) come into fruition eventually.

We can't be rich all the time. People who live this way need to realize that their level of excess is not required for survival, and we should stop aspiring to live that way and instead appreciate the more beautiful things, like the native animals, the trees THAT GIVE US LIFE (I CAN'T BELIEVE SOME PEOPLE DON'T REALIZE THIS. WE DON'T GET OXYGEN FROM ANYWHERE ELSE!!!), the oceans and our fellow human being. Let's live for the sake of living. Let's cook a simple home meal, cheaper than mcdonalds, and sit outside with our parents and children and friends and watch the sunset. Honestly, what more could you want from life?

Anyway, let me know what points I got wrong. I'm currently studying both candidates campaigns and looking at the fundamental elements of Capitalism, Socialism and Communism so I can really understand what all the "name-calling" is about.

Here's to education (which Obama has a pretty good plan for by the way! ;D)

american presidential race
Oct 12, 2008

hello! may name is jarred (pardon my lack of puctuation, i'm feeling lazy today). but my question is, why do you support barak obama? from where i am (florida, u.s.), his plan would increase our taxes, and restrict our private buisnesses. The very foundation of being american that not only I, but the rest of the world has relied upon, has been that our nation is a NATION... with a government, not vice versa. Our Democratic party in the united states believes that the government should help everyone, whether they are willing to work or not. Our expenditures from welfare alone have skyrocketed. But our democratic party is still willing to give handouts. Obviously, I'm a republican, I believe that Government should leave us to live our lives. I work over 40 hours a week, and make BARELY enough to support myself. Yet every week, I know that my tax money is going to people who don't deserve it. I know this, because i physically see it. Voting for barak obama (to me), is like giving my money away, he wants to give me college, he wants to mandate healthcare, he wants to research energy, but at what cost? i'm sure you get plenty of messages like this, but i want to tell you, that there are two people in this election, obama, democrat, andinexperienced well sponken individual. or mccain, quieter, republican person that knows what needs to happen.

My response: also quickly written, but hopefully still intelligible.

His idea is to help out the people behind the small businesses so that they can afford to actually use the small businesses services (that the middle class provide).
Spread it around, get the people who are living in poverty a better chance for a few years.

It's for 4 years dude. 4 short years of service. We just need to balance everything out for a few years, get on better terms with the other governments around the world, finish this war, take care of the little people so that the big people can eventually profit.

The rich should never always expect to be rich - it just doesn't happen like that. They have to learn to do with less and not live with such excess so that this country can better itself. Everyone has to stop being so selfish and think about their fellow neighbour.

Where I come from, the government is expected to help everyone. When did the government simply become a bunch of old men gathering together only to make "really important decisions", like, should we go to war or not? The government is MEANT to take care of everyone. I don't know why you think it is a good idea for them to not care? (ALSO: every issue regarding the American People should be important and fill the seats in Congress)

"Our expenditures from welfare alone have skyrocketed" - UNDER A REPUBLICAN GOVERNMENT!!!!

Who are you to say, these people don't deserve money to live? CAN YOU HEAR YOURSELF? How can you even think that way?

Do starving kids in Ethiopia and rape-victims in Darfur deserve handouts/donations from America? According to you, they aren't doing anything for our country, so we should just let them die right?

Do you support the war too? Why are you wasting your tax dollars on people who I'm sure you don't think deserve to live?

You've got to give people a chance to live better lives. You can't just give up, you've got to give them hope. If we give them a little encouragement, maybe there will be some improvement. I'm sure a lot of people will continue on their dark paths, but rich folks follow those paths too, that's just human nature. If you don't give people a chance to change, then nothing ever will and soon enough, YOU WILL BE LIVING IN A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY and your children and their children will be fleeing your homeland to get away from poisonous fumes and civic wars.

McCain doesn't know what needs to happen. If he did, he wouldn't be supporting off shore drilling or supporting an inexperienced hack like Palin.

Obama knows that we need someone to lead us. Just because he hasn't shot someone does not mean he is inexperienced. He is far more intelligent and a guiding light for the majority of the people in this country who have to live here in the future.

You have to accept that we need change, even if it is for 4 short years, and then maybe we can tip it back to Republicans. It's just gone too far right. It needs to stay in the middle.

Good luck,

Was I wrong? Was I right? Most importantly, was I fair?
Feel free to criticize and educate, I would love to learn more.

-The Donkey Scholar and The Drill That Drilled Too Much.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Chapter Two: What Is This Nonsense?

It has recently, and by recently, I mean, now, come to my attention that I don't sign off my "blogs of wisdom and digital paper cuts" the way I use to.

Back in the glorious days of MSN 'My Space' and Buzznet, I use to sign off with delightfully unintelligible sentences like,

The Mischievous Kitty and The Uncircumcised Phallis...


The Tall Bottle of Fiji and The Unquenchable First...

or, when I was feeling particularly excitable,

The Crusty Skin In Between Your Toes and The Frog That Ne'er Did Sing...

So let's bring that back. None of this Love, Caitlin nonsense. I don't love you. I don't know who most of you are. Don't mistake my lack of love for lack of respect or admiration, those feelings I have greatly for each and everyone of you. Unless your name is Frederick, then get out!

(If you are named Fredrick, I'm sorry, let's do lunch!)

I don't want any of this Gossip Girl "ex-oh, ex-oh" shite, either.

"You have forgotten who you are and so have forgotten me. Look inside yourself, Simba. You are more than what you have become. You must take your place in the Circle of Life."

That's right, I'm Simba and I have a sexy Broderick voice and a gorgeously wicked Uncle Scar. *side-note: please take me with your finger*, Jeremy Irons!*

I am back. I have come full circle and I remember who I am...


*That's a 40 Year Old Virgin reference by the way, not simply my own gutter-like mind.

The Loved-Out Of Loving You and The Unwatched Season Two of Gossip Girl,

Caitlin motherfucking Hill.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Chapter Two: Lights

It was difficult to get moving Monday morning. I squeeze my eyes tightly shut and don't start making any progress until it is pointless to do so, because I'm running late for my obligations anyway.

Monday, 6 October 2008

"Are You There World? It's Me, Caitlin."

Dear World,

So begins my journey of being a 20 year old female Australian living in New York City, who desperately wants to create and is frustrated by the power the Online World has over her...

What will happen as she descends or ascends (depending on how optimistic you are) on her 3rd decade and the rip-roaring 20s that usually make or break any human being?

Will she learn to put her Online Life to better use?

Will she be a successful business woman, a struggling artist, or a sad Koala?

Will she be in love?

Will she survive the fantasy land that is New York City?

I found an eyelash on my keyboard, picked it up, blew it away and wished for nothing.


Chapter One: Apartments

After getting to bed at around 4 in the morning after a very long conversation with Fox Lampert, I woke up just as Golightly woke up to tell us that we all had an hour before we had to see the first apartment that we were looking at today.

It didn't take me long to get out of bed and soon enough we were waiting for the 6 train to waddle by, only to soon exit the station when Golightly realized we were only 7 streets and a few avenues away from the first house; brilliant.

On the way there Miss Pop and I disagreed on the art of spitting. For a girl she is remarkably graceful at it. I suppose I'm just jealous that I've never been able to muster the power to get a shot.

The first place was lovely, a bit out of the way when it comes to the subway, but it was bright and sunny and would probably do us fine. However, even though we could try to convert the "common space" into a third bedroom, I'm pretty darn sure that would just put a lot of tension and stress upon whoever has to sleep there. Partition or not, they still have no privacy and I can just see them getting really unhappy. I know I would, so I'm secretly hoping we find a three or four bedroom that works for us.

The next place was on the Upper East Side, so we jumped on the 4 and walked like we were on a mission to get there on time. I felt like I was on a bit of an adventure, because I was walking to streets I had never been before. It really is amazing how you could spend a lifetime in New York City and still never see everything, how disappointing.

The next place was nice, better than the first, but quite cramped, however we were pretty excited about it. I think at the moment its coming in at a Third. However, we really need to be out before the end of November, and they don't leave until the 7th.

After a quick pit-stop of Nerds for me and Redbull for Golightly, we hopped on the subway again all the way up to what I believe is called Spanish Harlem.

After walking the wrong way, we finally came towards it. At first we were all a bit worried, because its quite an exposed old building and looked like it was crumbling away, but on the inside it is absolutely gorgeous. Glazed brick and cherry red floors, big windows, two bathrooms, four bedrooms. I really hope Fail decides that he would like to live with us or that we can find one more person to join in on the future fun times.

Golightly wants to keep looking, whereas I'm all about settling, but she is right, of course. We have to make sure we ARE getting the best deal. I just really want at least ONE THING in my life to be finalized. Everything is hanging in space at the moment, and I mean absolutely everything. It's so hard to be happy, when the one thing that is delaying your happiness is Time and you can't do anything to speed it up...except keep on living. Who would have ever though that that sentence could sound so depressing?

Before you grab the nearest sharp object, I shall continue with my day.

After we had talked to the other lovely girls living in the apartment building we took the 6 home and I read the NFT Guide that I had given Golightly to see exactly what the possible Future PlaySchool House lies next to, and was excited to see that I could ride my bike to Central Park on weekends, that would be so lovely! As I would love to see the park more. I think it would be good for my spirit. I also like the idea of being so close to so many museums, as I desperately want to visit more museums and art galleries. If I'm not going to college then I might as well do everything I can to broaden my mind in the meantime.

When I got home, I grabbed my candy (I'm eating my feelings at the moment, so you should see the effects soon enough) and watched Love and Other Disasters, which I had rented from the iStore. It was okay, very silly and plain. After that I had to go meet Boom and we discussed Space and my current complication, which will henceforth be known simply as, "The Complication".

When I got home I made myself far too much rice and beans that had been sitting in my cupboard for forever, and sat down at my mac to watch Another Cinderella Story, which was bad soft core tween porn in some parts and then Freaks, which is a new favourite of mine now.

I thought that I would be freaked out and scared by this movie, but the characters and actors were just so adorable and some were really talented and I just fell in love with it. I'll definitely purchase the copy of it I saw at Virgin the other day.

I talked to FL for a bit, which is always full of sadness and then somehow ended up here...4:43am on a Monday morning, blogging to nobody in particular.

Ah well, at least my friend Winter is here chatting to me. I'm going to say goodbye to her and goodnight to you.


Saturday, 4 October 2008

What's Wrong With Me?

Everyone thinks I'm sad.

Well, the truth is...

I'm completely and utterly miserable, and yet content as can be, and yet I feel like I'm going crazy.

Love Caitlin

P.S: New York is doing me so much good... Obviously.