Saturday, 14 June 2008

I Am A Bit Of A Bitch Now

...and I'm sorry. From now on, I will try to be involved with the people in the community and help!


Because of this one young man right here... EDIT: He posted a video about not responding to him or something inane.

Talk about a hilarious way to make me feel guilty and improve myself :D

Thanks mate, t'was awesome!


Lost in a Hotel

I was in Canada the other day for a few million meetings. It was really stressful, but the "suits" I was traveling with were awesome fun and sliding around Toronto in a stretch Limo is never a bad thing. It was very interesting for me to step up and bring on the Sales Man version of Caitlin. Hopefully I did a good job. We'll see...

I stayed at the Sheraton, which is a lovely hotel chain and decided to dance around my room to Regina Spektor's "Hotel Song". I had the idea when it began to play on my way to the Newark, NJ Airport. I love it when the ipod randomly plays tunes that fit your life at that very moment so well.

I also owe credit to Brooke for teaching me how to use the Time Lapse feature on my Mac Book Pro. She's a smart cookie...or maybe just observant ;)

When I look at this video it reminds me a little of Mememolly's random mash-up videos to her favourite music, minus the whole whimsical, mystical quality that Molly gives it. Whereas mine turn into a very silly thing. I guess that's what I do best though...and have done my whole life. I emulate people. I emulate accents, style, laughs without even knowing it.

"Lesser men trying to emulate his greatness..."

I blame the Simpsons. I watched the Simpsons a lot while growing up and now find that I don't seem to have much of a personality (apart from being a snooty bitch), I just seem to reflect other peoples personalities. I fit myself around a person to match them the best. I'm not saying I blatantly copy anyone, I never do that, I just to make everyone feel comfortable.

I also blame fashion. I find that I can only dress in Characters. For instance, yesterday during the Toronto Meetings, I was dressed as Business Lady: I was wearing a sleek blue satin dress with high silver heels and now today,

limo lady

as if in rebellion to being so feminine all day yesterday, I am wearing jeans, a Star Wars shirt and have wet, messy hair, glasses, very little makeup and a whole bunch of wooden beads and a Darfur bracelet...put it all together and add my heavy laptop bag and I either look a young NYU student or an Environmental Lesbian...

nerdy girl day

Or just a loser.

Either way, I enjoy being able to play dress up every day. Sure, I have no personal style, but at least I can pretend to be a different person every day...because let's face it, if I had to live with myself every day... I'd either be extremely bored or really, really angry.

What kind of person are you? Do you have a personality? Do you find it easy to describe yourself? Do you fit into a stereotype on purpose, just to make it easier for yourself? Let me know... I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling hollow, and liking it.


Don't talk about me either. I love and appreciate all your support. But this is about you. I don't need to be told nice things, I still love myself very much : )

cab legs

I call this Cab Legs.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The Mac Team Has Great Timing

After reading through Macworld's updates on what was "going down" over at the WWDC, I was curious about the MobileMe service as it mentions that .Mac users get automatically upgraded.

So I log in to my .Mac account just go ahead and do some work, and what do I see, but this little lovely:


For some reason it made me very, very happy.

Those Macinites certainly have great timing.



This Makes Me Sick

Watch more videos at

I'm not going to go as far as becoming a vegetarian, but I will definitely boycott ANY KFC stores. I've been trying to never set foot in any fast-food chains, and constantly keeping updated about Animal Cruelty, just broadens the distance between me and those Corporate Devils.

What's more, is that, last time I visited a KFC (in America), the burger I ordered was disgusting. The bun was rock hard and the "chicken" felt like it had been dropped on the floor or something. I didn't eat the bun. And I only had one tiny bite of the chicken before turning to my friend and whispering,

"I'm done."

And I am. I'm done.

Bye bye Fast-Food.


Thursday, 5 June 2008

So This Is What Happened To BradOFail

Brad just sent this to me...

I love it. Especially because I am noticing more and more the extreme cases of Internet Slouch that are going around...

Hunchback of Notre Net?

Ha ha... Fail... I'm so lame!

I'll Give You Something To Plurk About

Well, "Sarah Meyers" mentioned it.
Sam Proof brought me to it.
I have now discovered...

Another useless time wasting site, to aid the self-branders, the self-obsessed (us) and another thing to add to the list of useless websites we are "addicted" to.

I can't help but feel guilty about how Twitter might feel about this... I feel like I'm betraying them or something, but I believe that Twitter's simplicity will be the key to it's survival...and honestly, I don't like FaceBook Style games... Trying to get "Karma" purely just to get a weird looking dead animal on my page and a title for my plurkiness, just frustrates me.

Give it to me straight, boys. Don't have time to play.

Still, check it out... Remember, URLife = Get Connected.


Wednesday, 4 June 2008

New YouTube Feature: Annotations

Did you notice YouTube's new feature, Annotations, tonight?

I suppose after the big news about Flickr adding video that they had to create some kind of counter-attack, and I have to say, nicely done, YouTube.

The feature works well, I didn't encounter any errors. It's extremely simple and easy to use, but mainly appropriate to either translate for your viewers or to use in videos that are shot know, with a tripod. A steady shot...still cam...steady cam... can't think of the appropriate word at the moment.

I'm excited. Now I wont have to post so comments explaining my silly behaviour. I can do it all there as you follow along...

And you heard it from me first, it would make a great video idea to actually integrate the annotations in a video... as in: "So, I got this comment from BlaBla today *BAM, it's on the screen... or you could get covered in annotations or use them for lyrics etc..." So, If you start seeing that around, well, you know that I at least thought of doing that, but was too lazy ; )

Good work, YouTube Team!


Oh and thanks to all of those who chatted with me on my YouTube Stream and played Trivia and watched the strange movies, you guys are great!

YouStream, IStream, We All Stream For... YouTube

Well, even though when I think of YouTube's Stream-y thing called YouTube Stream or YouStream or whatever, I think of peeing into a toilet... I still created one.

Maybe it has something to do with how Shit I am..

Did you get it?

Toilet Humour, anyone?


Bugger off.

Feel free to add videos you think I should see or videos of your own that you would like people to see... Nobody knows it exists so I don't know how many people will actually use it, but still, let's fill the space with more waste, ay?

Have fun!

I'm going home now...even though work will follow me there...


Monday, 2 June 2008

The Weekly Review

I found myself being sucked into the world of Julia Allison again. I don't know what it is about that woman, but when I do find myself on her page, which is a very rare occurrence, I hear this little voice in my head going,

"Just one page more... You've read 7 pages, only 140 to go..."

It's absolutely crazy. It's a mixture of intrigue at watching the success of someone who blogs and seeing them do the little things that you would like to do or having qualities that you would like to have, like getting invited to the Sex and the City premiere or being extremely attractive and yet able to talk to many high-profile intellectuals. I find that she is almost like a myth, and maybe that is what keeps me reading. Here is this woman, who is extremely open about her life even though she claims a lot of it is kept hidden, and I'm sure it is, but she is every woman that many writers like Candace Bushnell write about. The star of their own romantic-fiction novel...except that it reads for too long.

When I was finally able to slide my eyeballs back into focus and book my RENT tickets and return to work, I was inspired to read more blogs and fondly thought of all the things I wanted to do with this little blog right here.

Ah, so many thoughts, my dear readers... I feel like one day, I'll be on my death bed, and all I will have to say about my life is,

"Ah, I wanted to do so many things..."

Ugh, depressing.

Which is completely unjustified because for a pretty ordinary, greasy 19 year old Mac Whore, I am doing a lot of things. I help run a company, I am now in the same industry as all those women I admired back when I lived on the Gold Coast, I am running behind on preparation for future visual things, and I'm living in New York City.

Oh, and I decided to go to France last weekend, because Brooke and I thought it would be a good idea...

Eiffel Tower


So, I have nothing to complain about.

This week on the Internet, I found Live Video even more intriguing due to hanging out with Brooke for two weeks, it's definitely an interesting way to spend an evening. I am sorry for missing my show, but work and IRLife comes before URLife.

I haven't been very up to date with the goings on and when I do have time to explore I find myself watching Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in Two of a Kind, the TV show that made me start writing scripts... sad, isn't it? Not exactly the right show to be inspired to start writing scripts for... maybe it was because they made it look so damn easy because it had that weird Disney formula where it's okay, but not necessarily good.

Then I watched some of their terrible movies and couldn't make it all the way through.

I saw Sex and the City: THE MOVIE with Brooke before she left to go back to Boston, and we were at the very front because there were hardly any seats left...and it was a really great movie experience! I loved it! All the ladies there, dressed up in their respective characters while still maintaining that they are just being added a touch of class to the theatre that has long been forgotten. It was refreshing. I wish more movies wrapped in Labels came out, because it certainly brings out the fancy people. Everyone cheered and clapped and they obviously knew the characters, so it was great to be in a room of people who got it. If I was the only one would be weird.


Brooke and I had fun afterwards, because we felt that the experience was very much like how Star Wars was...and I think I can say this, because I went to the midnight session of the last movie, with all the other weirdos...


I say this because I remember hearing stories and seeing movies and tv shows that referenced the pop culture experience of Stars Wars Episode 5, where Darth Vader reveals his big secret, and how some people ruined it and everyone got angry...? Well, I was in the toilet and these two girls were talking about it and I was like, "Hey! Don't talk about it! Damn, this is just like Star Wars!"

So, we decided to do something that I know I loathe, so I'm sure I have bad karma for it, but we decided to walk past people and go...


"Oh my god, I still can't believe that Big died! I mean, how could Big die!?"

Then we giggled like school girls at our own immaturity, but it was fun.

I miss Brooke, she is a wild fire, but I do miss the conversation.

Oh and before I go, I'll leave with you with something that makes me want to become a Viral Video Star... But what would one have to do?

Oh, and who is the girl with the socks? Is she someone that I missed? Or is she meant to be Brookers? I have seen Brooke do the long stripey sock thing many, many times!

Please, let me know...

Ahh, Michael Jackson's "Black or White" has come on, please excuse me, I must dance!

Caitlin xox


More Paris Pictures...or just one more...

Eiffel Tower