Wednesday, 4 June 2008

YouStream, IStream, We All Stream For... YouTube

Well, even though when I think of YouTube's Stream-y thing called YouTube Stream or YouStream or whatever, I think of peeing into a toilet... I still created one.

Maybe it has something to do with how Shit I am..

Did you get it?

Toilet Humour, anyone?


Bugger off.

Feel free to add videos you think I should see or videos of your own that you would like people to see... Nobody knows it exists so I don't know how many people will actually use it, but still, let's fill the space with more waste, ay?

Have fun!

I'm going home now...even though work will follow me there...



Anonymous said...

Three questions:
1. How come you've banned me from posting on your YT videos?
2. How come you never respond to me asking why you banned me?
3. Will you ban me from here too?

John said...

That stream thing was cool today, nice chatting with everyone.

I am Deltakungfu on YT if anyone wants to know. I don't post too many vids and I privated a lot of them because my friends were giving me crap...bad reason I know.


thatgirlonline said...


How am I meant to communicate with you if you don't make your blog accessible.


If I've banned you, you probably did something wrong.

1) You spammed my page with stupid crap.
2) You said something inappropriate about me.
3) You said something inappropriate about my friends.

I don't see every message I get, and when I do, people don't make it easy to get back in contact with them.


Anonymous said...

Shall do!

Anonymous said...

That stream is erally neat! =/ How come I never heard of it before...? lol

YouStream Istream, we all stream" haha. lol

Resident3vil5 said...

Hey Come to my stream please any video you want