Tuesday, 10 June 2008

This Makes Me Sick

Watch more videos at KentuckyFriedCruelty.com.

I'm not going to go as far as becoming a vegetarian, but I will definitely boycott ANY KFC stores. I've been trying to never set foot in any fast-food chains, and constantly keeping updated about Animal Cruelty, just broadens the distance between me and those Corporate Devils.

What's more, is that, last time I visited a KFC (in America), the burger I ordered was disgusting. The bun was rock hard and the "chicken" felt like it had been dropped on the floor or something. I didn't eat the bun. And I only had one tiny bite of the chicken before turning to my friend and whispering,

"I'm done."

And I am. I'm done.

Bye bye Fast-Food.



Dizzknee said...

Yeah, I saw another KFC video similar to this before and it's disgusting. You should read Fast Food Nation Caitlin (if you haven't already). It put me off fast food for a long time. And I've never eaten KFC since I saw similar footage to this well over a year ago.

Being an animal lover, it's incredibly difficult to watch videos like this. (I couldn't even make it to the end of this one). It's a horrible reality of our culture unfortunately where there is so much demand for fast food....especially meat/poultry.

It's truly unsettling to me to see stuff like this, and believe me, I could not sympathize with you more, Caitlin. It really does make me physically sick as well.

thatgirlonline said...


I didn't read it, I saw the movie.
And yeah, awful.

Chris in the Studio said...

Probably a good policy for all of us to adapt. I have not set foot in a fast food place since "Fast Food Nation."

"Take only what you need and Mother Earth will always provide what you need" This video and our growing wastelines are proof that we are not living by these simple and true standards.
If this were set in one of the hungrier parts of Africa or India, I'm not so sure I would disagree with it however?

Jinglebuns said...

KFC is evil.
There's actually a really cool place by my office called "Free-Range Frank's" where all the chickens run free in a giant field out back.
They eat a mixture of high-grade grains and rare, edible white orchids.
A day before they are to die of natural causes, Frank euthanizes them with an overdose of laughing gas and they merrily giggle-cluck their way into the next world. It's actually rather cute.
F'n delicious too!

JX said...

I have never in my life eaten KFC
and after this I never will...

Jarra said...

I've known about this horrible practice for so long now, you'd think somethink would change by now.
I've never liked KFC. It's hard to boycott a place that I hardly ever eat at. But I guess I can change that hardly ever to Never.

Zack said...

have you tried veggie meats? there are some really kick ass options out there.

Ron said...

This is definitely a reason not to eat at KFC and probably even similar national fast-food places like Chick-Fil-A.

What makes it more disturbing, at least to me, is how people can just treat these chickens like this. When i was around eight years old i was the one who fed the chickens (around 20) my parents had for years. Ones we raised from chicks and they were like pets to me.

It's just hard to understand how these people can actually live with doing this to chickens they helped raise in a way.

Luckily, i'm not real big on fast food restaurants and KFC is one i haven't been to in years.

JohnnyBeGood said...

I don't think I have been to a KFC, I really don't. I guess that's good, eh?

I was going to get a chicken sandwich from Wendy's before I watched that video...don't think I will anymore. I hardly eat fast food but I am tired and don't want to cook.

I'll stick with a lean pocket.

Anonymous said...

That is just horrible! I never would've thought that KFC would treat chickens like that!!!

Well, I have only eaten there "once", but...it's still sickening!

Bil The Man said...

Eh, they are chickens. The video didn't upset me at all. I've seen chickens living wild in much worse conditions. In Central America, Chickens live under pretty awful conditions scrambling for food etc... When I saw that it really put it into perspective. I also think that PA is making a lot of assumptions and exaggerations about the life of a chicken.

All that being said, I never really liked KFC and would be happy never to eat it again. Still, I do love to eat chicken.

looky said...

eugh. i have never eaten kfc in my life (and avoid fast food chains in general- you know, i´m from the old world afterall...) but i am sure it doesnt taste like chicken, does it?

Because chicken is actually pretty good :)*

(maybe you can tell if they were happy chickens by the way they taste...)...?

Hema said...

how do i get the embed code / link for this?
hopefully ill never eat fast food again.

Anonymous said...

Okay well, everyone's already said all the negative stuff. So I will add onto it by saying that no animal should ever be forced to live in its own poo or have its beak clipped. Granted, pretty much all farms chop off the chickens heads while they're still alive, so you'd have to be very careful about picking what chicken to buy and eat if any if you wanted to avoid THAT cruelty. (Although I do believe there's a lot of companies now that sell the food without treating the animals badly)

ANYWAY like I said the negative's been said, so I just have to point this out because it made me crack up really bad... the fact that Pamela Anderson is talking in this video makes me laugh to the point of almost peeing my pants.... why? Because of the point of them being bred to be top-heavy so they fall down and break their bones.... it makes me wonder if she ever has that problem :P

Sorry... I had to inject a little humor into the situation :P

Simon said...

I used to enjoy KFC back when it was like eating chicken. It used to be quite legit in the 1980s to take your family to KFC for a good meal because the chicken was good. But over the last 15-20 years it's decreased dramatically in quality thanks to cost cutting and the low standards of today's chicken production. Last time I was there, the disgusting meal turned me off for life. Never going back to KFC.

Jonathan R said...

People! Unfortunately this is not just KFC. KFC doesn't raise chickens. They buy them from the same place as everyone else. So it doesn't matter if your buying chicken from a grocery store or a fast food chain or any other restaurant...this is how your chicken was raised and slaughtered. Unless it is stated specifically that the chicken was free range. The only places you might get free range chicken is from a decent butcher, a fancy restaurant or some kind of farmers market...and it WILL NOT be cheap.