Saturday, 14 June 2008

I Am A Bit Of A Bitch Now

...and I'm sorry. From now on, I will try to be involved with the people in the community and help!


Because of this one young man right here... EDIT: He posted a video about not responding to him or something inane.

Talk about a hilarious way to make me feel guilty and improve myself :D

Thanks mate, t'was awesome!



UR_MUSE said...

This is reminiscent of that intense video in which you were obsessing over Natalie. The kid has obviously been smitten by your sweet sugary goodness. Buy a stun gun just to be safe.

GeminiDragon said...

I second the stun gun motion.

But seriously, you really should watch what you say to poor kids like that! They are so fragile....emotionally as well as mentally:P

Chris in the Studio said...

Oh dear Caitlin, I've had an extremely trying couple of day's. Catatonic would be a good description but A.H.Sex. hahahahaha. I'm smiling and laughing my ass off now. You do help the community. You make us smile. But music can not be free, so
teach the children to work for there toy's and you will be helping them a lot more.

Chris in the Studio said...

Still laughing, that twitter absolutely demanded attention! ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Jack said...

ha-ha thanks so much Caitlin!!!

and to "chris in the studio" its not like pop music that is meant to be free, its free ROYALTY free music, its a "communist" kind of but not really website, its basically just a forum as of yet, where people compose music and put it in one tidy place for other people to use in there videos for free!

lol i dont need anymore toys also.

Chris in the Studio said...

@Jack , well I certainly apologize for the use of the word "children" I was not specifically refering to you.
I think your site would be great for artists who agree to post there stuff there and give it away. Try not to let people upload others music without there permission though. Its a slippery slope and you could open your self up to legal probs.
Good Luck with it anyway. Keep me posted, I'll check it out.

Tres Walsh said...


Your idea is pretty awesome, I hope it works out for you.

sdddlt said...

That guy is pretty funny. You should also check out his video where he's going to the Australian YouTube party just to meet Caitlin Hill. It's hilarious.

As for the music-sharing project, there's already Jamendo with over 7000 artists sharing their work under the creative commons license.

The Daily Crumb said...

you've never been like that to me
but you dont respond to stuff :D

Anonymous said...

So I'm to understand that you are currently living in New York, and involved in many zany adventures in foreign countries and stretch limos. But what exactly brought on this life change? What events caused this wide-eyed little Aussie to venture so far from home? Overly nosy people the world over demand answers!

PS: Wordpress is a much better blogging program than this blogspot crap. :P

Sydney Cast said...

how cute, this kid tries too hard.

Elena said...

:) Funny. :}

T said...

Dear Caitlin Hill,

Wow. I do wish I was more like you. Free. Finding the fun in the simplest things in life. So extremely joyful(i was going for happy, but who's to say what happiness is to each person.)

Anyway, I just wanted to say that your videos, even your blog entries make my day. Don't stop. Honestly, thank you!

Bohm Technical College said...
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k1tten said...

Linked you from my blog which is mostly drug ramblings but that's okay.

Colevan Films said...


I like this kid. He seems to have fallen out of the same crazy/sarcasm tree as a lot of us. So, naturally, I sympathize with him.

However, he does put you in a rather precarious position. In this online world, we have built lives on a foundation of anonymity mixed with sarcasm. You want to help people, and that is good and honorable, but who do you help... how do you help them... and how much help do you give? How does one decide that this person deserves help while another does not?

It's an impossible situation, and one that you shouldn't beat yourself up over. It's not bitchy to be suspicious of people's motives. It's common sense, and I commend you for having some in a world that has less than it rightly should.



Anonymous said...

haha. =) Wow, the video is so hilarious. Awww...he is too cute.

andkatewaslike said...

Mind if I link you on my blog? You're hilarious. We have the same name but you are way cooler.

-kaitlyn. hill.