Wednesday, 4 June 2008

New YouTube Feature: Annotations

Did you notice YouTube's new feature, Annotations, tonight?

I suppose after the big news about Flickr adding video that they had to create some kind of counter-attack, and I have to say, nicely done, YouTube.

The feature works well, I didn't encounter any errors. It's extremely simple and easy to use, but mainly appropriate to either translate for your viewers or to use in videos that are shot know, with a tripod. A steady shot...still cam...steady cam... can't think of the appropriate word at the moment.

I'm excited. Now I wont have to post so comments explaining my silly behaviour. I can do it all there as you follow along...

And you heard it from me first, it would make a great video idea to actually integrate the annotations in a video... as in: "So, I got this comment from BlaBla today *BAM, it's on the screen... or you could get covered in annotations or use them for lyrics etc..." So, If you start seeing that around, well, you know that I at least thought of doing that, but was too lazy ; )

Good work, YouTube Team!


Oh and thanks to all of those who chatted with me on my YouTube Stream and played Trivia and watched the strange movies, you guys are great!


Anonymous said...

now youtube just needs to make a flush button. one that will allow haters to be blocked and have all their comments deleted from a users channel and videos with a single click.

John said...

I might as well comment here too! Yet another new You Tube feature, cool. Sounds like it's working so far.

and again, it was great on the stream thingy!!

Summer said...

oh thats what that was on your vid...i was like WTF LOLZ

Anonymous said...

Hey that's cool! If I decide to do that in one of my vids, I will so put something like "P.S. Caitlin aka TheHill88 thought of this first" :P

I'll give you the credit you deserve lol!

Chris said...

'Everyone's a little bit racist!'

I lolled. ^_^

The Daily Crumb said...
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The Daily Crumb said...

hey caitlin would you be interested in filming a tiny clip for my next video. it would just be you covering your ears and running around or something like that :P
improvise hehe. if so. email at munchmed@________________yaho

stuffwelike said...

Here's a good how-to video on YouTube Annotations v=XXtwUrKwK3g

Claytonian said...

I'm looking forward to using it; iFilms subtitles sometimes are hard to see. And I forget a lot of what I wanted to say, and then I forget to subtitle too, so being able to do it whenever will help.

thatgirlonline said...

@some: that sounds GREAT!

@dee: thanks!!!

@claytonian: yeah, I mean, all new features are fairly silly, but once we get used to them we wont be able to function without them :)

btw, always a pleasure to see your comment, sir!

Cheers everyone!

Claytonian said...

thanks! You're welcome to visit my blog anytime; I think you will be amused greatly by the kitty curling going on now!

Anonymous said...

"F*** you Flickr. we're adding notes now!" LOFL!

I think the notes were a good idea! ^_^

Jeff said...

"Static" is the word you're looking for. A static shot.

Anonymous said...

the tag on youtube vid kill belief