Monday, 2 June 2008

The Weekly Review

I found myself being sucked into the world of Julia Allison again. I don't know what it is about that woman, but when I do find myself on her page, which is a very rare occurrence, I hear this little voice in my head going,

"Just one page more... You've read 7 pages, only 140 to go..."

It's absolutely crazy. It's a mixture of intrigue at watching the success of someone who blogs and seeing them do the little things that you would like to do or having qualities that you would like to have, like getting invited to the Sex and the City premiere or being extremely attractive and yet able to talk to many high-profile intellectuals. I find that she is almost like a myth, and maybe that is what keeps me reading. Here is this woman, who is extremely open about her life even though she claims a lot of it is kept hidden, and I'm sure it is, but she is every woman that many writers like Candace Bushnell write about. The star of their own romantic-fiction novel...except that it reads for too long.

When I was finally able to slide my eyeballs back into focus and book my RENT tickets and return to work, I was inspired to read more blogs and fondly thought of all the things I wanted to do with this little blog right here.

Ah, so many thoughts, my dear readers... I feel like one day, I'll be on my death bed, and all I will have to say about my life is,

"Ah, I wanted to do so many things..."

Ugh, depressing.

Which is completely unjustified because for a pretty ordinary, greasy 19 year old Mac Whore, I am doing a lot of things. I help run a company, I am now in the same industry as all those women I admired back when I lived on the Gold Coast, I am running behind on preparation for future visual things, and I'm living in New York City.

Oh, and I decided to go to France last weekend, because Brooke and I thought it would be a good idea...

Eiffel Tower


So, I have nothing to complain about.

This week on the Internet, I found Live Video even more intriguing due to hanging out with Brooke for two weeks, it's definitely an interesting way to spend an evening. I am sorry for missing my show, but work and IRLife comes before URLife.

I haven't been very up to date with the goings on and when I do have time to explore I find myself watching Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in Two of a Kind, the TV show that made me start writing scripts... sad, isn't it? Not exactly the right show to be inspired to start writing scripts for... maybe it was because they made it look so damn easy because it had that weird Disney formula where it's okay, but not necessarily good.

Then I watched some of their terrible movies and couldn't make it all the way through.

I saw Sex and the City: THE MOVIE with Brooke before she left to go back to Boston, and we were at the very front because there were hardly any seats left...and it was a really great movie experience! I loved it! All the ladies there, dressed up in their respective characters while still maintaining that they are just being added a touch of class to the theatre that has long been forgotten. It was refreshing. I wish more movies wrapped in Labels came out, because it certainly brings out the fancy people. Everyone cheered and clapped and they obviously knew the characters, so it was great to be in a room of people who got it. If I was the only one would be weird.


Brooke and I had fun afterwards, because we felt that the experience was very much like how Star Wars was...and I think I can say this, because I went to the midnight session of the last movie, with all the other weirdos...


I say this because I remember hearing stories and seeing movies and tv shows that referenced the pop culture experience of Stars Wars Episode 5, where Darth Vader reveals his big secret, and how some people ruined it and everyone got angry...? Well, I was in the toilet and these two girls were talking about it and I was like, "Hey! Don't talk about it! Damn, this is just like Star Wars!"

So, we decided to do something that I know I loathe, so I'm sure I have bad karma for it, but we decided to walk past people and go...


"Oh my god, I still can't believe that Big died! I mean, how could Big die!?"

Then we giggled like school girls at our own immaturity, but it was fun.

I miss Brooke, she is a wild fire, but I do miss the conversation.

Oh and before I go, I'll leave with you with something that makes me want to become a Viral Video Star... But what would one have to do?

Oh, and who is the girl with the socks? Is she someone that I missed? Or is she meant to be Brookers? I have seen Brooke do the long stripey sock thing many, many times!

Please, let me know...

Ahh, Michael Jackson's "Black or White" has come on, please excuse me, I must dance!

Caitlin xox


More Paris Pictures...or just one more...

Eiffel Tower


Greg said...

The girl with the stripey socks is

Not knowing who she is.. is probably a good thing.

Chris in the Studio said...

Good Blog Caitlin,
You make me want to check out Julia Allison? Sounds interesting. I also think its cool that people dressed up for the sitc movie. Reminds me of Rocky Horror picture show back in the days. (when you were a cell in your parents libidos)lol. As for Weezer, uhg, blah, I'll tell you that story another time.
And my last thought. Although I hate to here you belittle and degrade yourself with statements like "looking back on your life and having done whatever" sorry I can't remember the rest, I would say,
I don't think you really feel that way about yourself, its just the remnants of your younger insecure self trying to give yourself an out
with people who would falsely judge you. And as long as you keep those
negative thoughts in check they are actually pushing you to do more, accomplish more and live up to your true potential so I'm okay with it.(as if that matters) YOu are doing it girl. You really are. Just keep on keepin on nah mean. Your an awsome badass over achiever and your developing into a , yes I'll say it, "Force to be reckoned with". And you will ocaisianoly disspoint with epic youtube failures from time to time but hey, it really is part of the overall plan so just learn and grow and you know the rest. From this point on
I'm ordering you to stop making excuses to your followers and supporters. We know you, we know when you say fuck it and just throw the painting on the wall and you don't ever have to explain that to us. Only to yourself in order to continue to perpetrate and manifest your quirkey little self made unique and original catagory of superstardom that we all adore and admire. Ah shit you know the rest, just listen to your inner ear. Its
an un exploited genious.

GeminiDragon said...

Wow, I wish my life was as exciting and busy as yours :(

But I am seriously happy for you, not many 19 year olds are able to take a spur of the moment trip to Paris! Hope you had a blast :)

Claytonian said...

We need to see a Brookers version of the hottest youtubers list too. You have her ear now.

Dizzknee said...

Great blog, Caitlin. I always like reading and watching your stuff. You never cease to find a way to be entertaining, which is a wonderful gift. So thanks for sharing that. : )

From my perspective, it seems that you have accomplished so much already...and you're only 19. 19! That's incredibly young. When I was 19, I was bagging groceries and playing video games...well, I still play video games, but you see what I mean. My Rock Band addiction is another matter entirely.

Whenever I read one of your blogs, (especially ones like this, which you can really sink your teeth into), I want to write another blog of my own (which would make a grand total of 2). I've wanted to write one about NY ever since I got back. So perhaps I will one of these days...I really just need to get going, and the rest is easy. I'll let you know when I finish it.

Anyway, I should get back to work...Prince Caspian is waiting.

Thanks again!

Hema said...

yeaahhhh i didnt know who socks girl was too then i thought it might be brookers coz as u said, ive seen her do that in a video or something.. its so her.. but then they didnt have any fake viral video stars in the vid so i checked most subbed list and i saw her.. couldnt be bothered to watch her vids though.. probably your average yt famewhore. anyway shes the girl the guy said in the first comment

DARWIM said...

Enjoy your life in NYC in a slower way, Caitlin, or you'll burn out very fast : P

You and Brooke living together is always a treat to us fans, whether it's in SF or in NYC, lol

YouTube has a '500 favors' limit, forcing you to setup a new account ? Haha, you can add a new playlist 'My New Favors' to do the job I think.

The girl in socks in that Weezer video is , let me make it easier to click on ; ) is doing a great job finding out who's who in that Weezer video, this is all the links: "Internet Memes Push Weezer Forward" !

sdddlt said...

Viral video? But you have one of those... I guess Weezer were just looking for something else. Someone like Will Smith would have chosen differently, I'm pretty sure ;)

I really enjoyed your blogTV and YouTube videos with Brooke this week! You two are such a good combination. The 'Dog lickin' video is hilarious and the '57.4°' Live Show was just magical.

I'm looking forward to your next Live Show.

Oh, I almost forgot: Despite the fact that the majority of your viewers are females - enough with that SATC thing already!!! :P

Lucy said...

agreen on the julia allison business -- i've been reading her for months and months now and i still never seem to come to terms with the guilty pleasure of it. it's like eating potato chips or something on that order.

Anonymous said...

caitlin, i've watched your videos for a while and just found your blog but i've always just been a lurker. just wanted to say i love what your doin', you make me laugh so much!

i can relate when you start doubting your life, and always have a fear of ending up on your death bed with a whole bunch of "what ifs", and "i wishes"...i am the same way! but let me tell you, you are livin' the life, seriously, i mean, i don't know you, but from what you share, you've had such a fun life it seems and you are only 19! i feel old (26...not really OLD old, but i feel like i wasted lots of good years). when i was 19, i was just working at a movie theatre, bored as fuck, and not truly being myself...i waste too much time wishing i doing something else..i need to just DO IT (whatever IT is)!

on another note, you make me feel like my internet obsession is A-OKAY! i have been addicted since early AOL days, when my friend and i would waste her parents AOL minutes and muffle the modem so it wouldn't wake them up...that was like in '96! i wish i could make a you tube video...i don't even have a camera! i wouldn't know where to start...

anyways, i look forward to reading/watching more of your work! thanks for making me laugh.

JingleBuns said...

Sweet Jesus! Thanks for letting me know about Julia Allison. Wow!
I think your description of her as a "myth" is very apt. Seems too perfect to be true. What kind of man could possibly be good enough for her? I'm a young, successful professional who can be fairly attractive on a good day and yet I know that at the very least I need a PhD, a Grammy award, a Pulitzer and the power to fly, just to get my foot in the door.
Am I babbling in your blog?

JingleBuns said...

oh yes, I forgot the whole reason for my visit. I wanted to find out if there was any truth to the rumor that they're planning on taking away your work Visa because you didn't appear in the Weezer video as an internet phenomenon?
Also, in all honesty, were you upset/surprised/disappointed when you found out that Weezer made the YouTube video and you weren't asked to appear? That's the equivalent of making a donut-themed video and omitting the "chocolate-glazed".
You know what I'm saying.
You obviously did something to spite Rivers Cuomo.
You do NOT want to get on his bad side.

The Daily Crumb said...

aah france

never been

JohnnyBeGood said...

I know what you mean about feeling like you won't achieve what you want to in life. I wouldn't worry about it, things will fall into place.

Oh and France was probably awesome!

Si tu peux compter les etoiles des astres alors tu sauras a quel point je t'aime

YurzTruly said...

Don't be fooled, Caitlin. The other sides of Julia Allison:


Not worth reading, though, unless you read it in chronological order (page 10 to 1). I'd recommend a page a day, but, again, only if you start from the last page and read forward. Also would serve as a great How-To-Guide, if you're still interested in accomplishing what Julia has after reading it all.

And this:


YurzTruly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

gawker says Julia Allison is over

your post was the first time i had ever heard of her and since i never hear about anything till it's old news she must be done. well she had a good run. now it's time for Caitlin in the city.

24K JewLZ said...

Julia Allison was a guest on a podcast show, at my job, a few weeks ago. She's okay, not someone I'd go -- "OMFG! I just met blah bitty blah blah!" -- but that's just me.

And Sex and The City, yeah, I saw with my girlfriends that weekend it was released. Now this is where I can say "OMFG!", 'cause there was just waaayyy too much estrogen in the room. The whole row in front of us were crying at certain parts, it was a hot mess. Also, there was only one guy in the theater that we had suspected had either lost a bet with his girlfriend, or she had promised to do that "thing" that he always wanted her to do but could never get her to do (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Women really dressed up as if they were going to the star-studded premiere or something. You would think being a native New Yorker I wouldn't be phased by this, and I really wasn't, I just found it really, really, funny.

Have to say I'm jealous about your Paris trip. I came back from a week long vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a couple of weeks ago. First time I got my passport stamped and my passport expires next year, how sad is that. I hate being an adult, and having no money, dammit all ta hell!!

Anonymous said...

Woah. You went to Friance? Sweet!
I just wanted to let you know that you inspired me to start a blog and you are my online idol. ^^ You have a killer blog! =)

Anonymous said...

your twitter spoiled it for appeared before the spoiler showing your comment....:(
aw well.
i guess i better go see it before anything else gets spoiled lol...

Anonymous said...

Hey, tell me when you come back to France ;)
I could be more interesting and easy with me ;) I mean, you as a foreigner in a foreign country. Not... (Digging his grave lol)

Hope to see you soon good bye Caitlin :)