Monday, 11 April 2011

You Know You Need New Glasses When...

I last had my eyes tested in early 2008. I can't clearly remember why I needed new glasses, but my brain is hinting that I either, 

a) sat on them or 
b) lost them. 

I remember a bed being involved, so it was likely that I either sat on them or put something heavy on them. 

I hate the idea of destroying my glasses by the practically cliche reason of, "Oh, I sat down and my fat arse broke them," so how about a scenario where they were stolen in a brutal battle in an alley with a short-sighted brute? 

Done. Don't worry, I'm OK.

So, I purchased my new glasses with their updated prescription and have worn them now for over 3 years, and lately it's dawned on me that it's high-time for a new pair! 

So how do you know when you're ready for a new pair of glasses?

1. Some things look the same with or without your glasses on or even better without them!
2. Your friends ask why the battered lens in your frames resembles a glass mosaic shower.
3. You find yourself shifting the angle at which you look through your lens, so that the world doesn't resemble a glass mosaic shower.
4. The frames themselves no longer really suit who you are now 3 years later. It hardly matters, but it also really, really matters.

Other possible reasons to get new glasses include:

1. Having Harry Potter style glasses; Mr. Potter was not the only one who wrapped the nose of his broken glasses in tape, my Mum spent a great deal of time with tape wrapped around her glasses too.
2. They are grungy; any diamantes are long gone, the artwork on the sides is scratched off or maybe you've gnawed on them like a gerbil.
2. They are bent out of shape; if the lens on one side of your glasses only helps your eyebrow see well, then it's time to get new frames, kid.

So imagine how excited I was to receive a message from Perfect Glasses USA where they asked me to look at their site and see if there was anything I liked. 

I didn't know what to expect! I have trouble with glasses. The last pair I bought were very expensive because they were the only ones in the whole store (which had quite a limited selection) that looked good on me. 

So, I thought I'd have that trouble with this site, but after a few clicks I instantly fell in love with a gorgeous pair of sea foam green glasses that magically summed up my love for that sea foam green guitar in Stranger Than Fiction and Jeff Goldblum, who, as you might remember is who I want to be when I grow up... well, either Jeff Goldblum or Cake. I'm still working on it.

OK, OK... he doesn't actually have glasses like the ones above, but I do think this blog needed a little Goldblum, am I right, ladies and gentlemen? Yes I am.

Yes, these frames, from the Instant Intellectual line by Paul Frank that this discount glasses company stocks, made me giddy with joy. I mean, not only did they bring my two loves together (well, I forced Goldblum to join in), but they are called "Instant Intellectual's" and I love that, because I hope to be studying at university next year. 

Then there's the important note that they are designed by Paul Frank! I remember all the girls at school carrying Paul Frank bags and wearing the socks and t-shirts, and I'd often pass his boutique store down in SoHo in New York and all the pieces are so fun and cute. It'd be cool to have my own discreet item made by the label.

What do you think? Do you think they are suitable? Let's take a look at some other cool stuff Perfect Glasses stocks and you can tell me your thoughts and let me know if you like any for yourself!

What I like is that they are all 10% off and really affordable. For realz, yo.

The large selection of $19 glasses is really impressive, like these Aviators

But maybe you are lucky enough to be able to pull of the sexy secretary, substitute teacher, librarian look. Well, well done you. Maybe you'll like these Paytons.

I like these a lot. They look quite slick and futuristic and are sure to brighten up your whole face. Good for those people who feel like their glasses get in the way of their physiognomy.

These glasses are called Brookyln, so you know I'm going to have a soft spot for them. Yes, Brown once again, but it's hot. Maybe it's because the brown plastic reminds me of Coke Cola? Yum.

So, let's get back to the classic black frames. These are called American Anthem and they are great because they can go both ways, Business or Rock... Pop-Rock.

Blue can look amazing on Blondes or Red Heads, check these Maestro glasses out for a softer touch to the Nerd look.

So like any? Let me know which ones are your favourite for either yourself or for me! 

Visit their website or their Facebook page for more frames and more giveaways.

Try these on for sight... Yeah, you like what I did there? Lame? Heavens no. Hilarious. Always. Shh.