Saturday, 26 February 2005

Day Off.

The following blog has been reposted to my current blog to rid myself of multiple profiles and to also preserve the Idiot that was my 16 year old self.


Helloooo! Um...well this week has been a doosy...i dont know if thats how u spell doosy, or if doosy is even a word...but thats what its been.

I've been like late to skool everyday, and it seriously sucks...

yeah on Tuesday Nicole & I performed our dance. I think mine went okay...and I didnt really know Nicoles, and she had a memory blank on stage, so I dont know how she's going to go.

Um...on Wednesday nite, we acted out scenes 1 to 7 of x-stacy...hopefully its going to be good. I hope I dont suck...what I mainly excited about is trying to find some ahem, skanky clothes...and Rhylee and I are thinking about buying a cross, cuz both our characters (she plays my mum, Anne) would have them cuz we are really religious. Frog says im a repressed, Christian teen...thats why I want to rebel so much, and harm my body and have sex and, with Zac...oh, its funny.

Then afterwards we had a production meeting for Go Noah, and that was really boring, I didnt do much, Sarah, Ayeshah, Matt and I mainly just stared at eachother making faces, but that was mainly Matt actually...

Also on that wednesday, I didnt go to school. Wow, I've had 2 days off this week. But today it was for getting photos...she seem pleased by them, so hopefully they are all right...when they are put up, I'll put them on this site...hopefully they'll b cool.

Thursday wasnt bad. I was rather tired. Emily & Ashley came over b4 theatre, and emily helped me with my drama essay, and for the 1st time in my life, i have really felt stupid. It sucked. I feel like my brain has reached its mental compacity and wont get any smarter...but it can, and it did...I finished the essay - its now over the 1000 words - damn. Took me til 1:30am to do...but I needed the time.

So obviously when I woke up this morning i was dead. Mum suggested that I have a day off...I need one! i need rest b4 the show 2 nite, and i need 2 make up sum more dances for Jo.

So yea, im sitting in here in my uniform waiting for grandma...just to hand in an essay and then leave...i want to go now, so I dont have 2 go in @ lunch and go past my group...and the guys...oh the frustrating they can be. But i love em...

Anyway, sorry for the ramble...the reason why health and wellness was the topic was cuz im not feelin 2 well...i have de sniffles...its stinging my better b ok by 2nite...i dont want my song 2 b crap!

xoxo Love Caitlin.