Monday, 28 May 2007

The Ocean, Pier 39, Fatty Food, and Movies...

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What is it about the ocean that makes us loud, noisy and crass human beings, still for a moment? You watch the people around you, all just staring into the horizon. And you wonder, why? Why, do humans find something so enchanting in the ocean and the distant shore line?

When I was in Australia, I'd look over the ocean and think about America or England...always thinking of the other place, while appreciating the beauty surrounding me at the same time.
Maybe it's the one thing in the world that makes us all feel so small. The one thing in the world that we can't completely conquer? Possibly...

I like the ocean because it always balances out your life for you. It first makes you feel very small OR makes the world very big, so you don't get to full of yourself...yet, it also inspires you to think about the bigger picture and the world out there...

Yes, I like the ocean. Just don't like swimming in it too much...I always drown or something. (Not really)

I went out today with Ken and we went to the beach to look at the Camera Obscura there, which is really cool. And then we went to Pier 39 and once again, it was a beautiful sunny day...just a bit windy.

It was weird because this was the place where I first met Ken...because of that meeting, I was back there again... But all I could think about was sitting in the shade on the pavement, while all the people passed us was a quiet, peaceful moment. They don't happen often.

I wanted American food so I bought a hot dog, then a pretzel, then candy, and then an ice cream :P Hahahahah...see, I complain about being called fat, but I'm not doing anything to help the nasty comments. I love food WAY too much to give it up. As a ballerina I used to eat whatever I wanted...and luckily had the exercize to keep it off...but now I don't and I still can't stop - it's so good. So bring on the Lard and let the fun begin, A little touch of Bacon and uh... yeah... only some people will get that. (So come on bring on the men - that was a hint)

Then we climbed the many, many, many steps to Coits Tower and stared at it and the view...which was hazy with mist and fog...but still full of sunshine...and then went all the way down again.

I have seen 3 brilliant movies in the last couple of days. Stranger Than Fiction - wonderful story and Will Ferrell kicked butt with acting, which makes me <3 him even more...The Last Kiss - the best acting I've seen in a while...and Rachel Bilson is sexy and Zach Braff is a hero...and Babel - which was quite moving and a real tear-jerker and one of those movies where you go: RUN BITCH RUN!!!! :)

Humans are evil. I love them.

OH! And I've been having the most wonderful dreams...full on action packed dreams and awesome stuff. They always seem to occur in England and back in the medieval ages OR the 40s or something...don't know whether to get kooky and wonder if my soul is trying to tell me something... But seriously the amount of dreams I've had where I am in the medieval ages...are too many to count. Oh and Sarah, if you read this, dreamed about you...we were running away from these medieval gaurds who had somehow gone back to the future with us (I won't explain) and you were afraid of open this field we were running through and I had to hold on to your hand, make you run and lightning was striking all around us and I was just like: keep going! KEEP GOING! And then we dived into the ocean to escape the arrows that were shooting at us...and then I woke up.
But everyone was was a kickass girl group of time travellers - we rock!

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Sarah J: Yeah, I love the ocean too ... like a person who loves the ocean ... but not to swim ... ohh need sleep ...
I am so flattered that you dreamt about me ... you didnt say if it was a good dream ... I hope so ...
... and so here ends my comments

Much luv and missing of you