Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The Hot Guys On YouTube

Yes, I likey, I likey very much... Well, not that much, I'm just trying to promote most of them. However, if you likey too, here are the links and explanations on why these 2.0Boys are just so darn delicious.

1: ShowmanROT:

I want to call him Ricky Butler... because that is his name.
He was my 3rd subscription (yes, my first was LG15 before I...well, became sad) and most people know him for his wonderful impressions of George Dubwah and for also appearing on The Fizz on DirecTV.
He has his own site: and is currently hosting a comedy show in New York City.

2: AnythingAnnoying:

Funnily enough, Brian Butler and Ricky are NOT brothers. Oh, hey,, I gave out your last name... Uh, should I take it down? Don't worry, only a few people read this.
Brian is awesome, and celebrated his birthday last Saturday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY xo
He is an actor and is brilliant for his artistic nature, his openness to his audience and his tiny little basement...oh, and he's (now let me just say this Brian style) sexayyy.

3: Claytonian:

Now, I'm pretty sure this guy doesn't like me. I think I bugged him because I have such bad sound in my videos... I'm pretty sure that was him. Either way, I have rediscovered him, even though I knew he was there the whole time.
I find his videos to be quite charming and very funny. He lives in Japan and I don't know why, but I'm not going to ask, I'm going to watch and look for clues...and his cats like to make up after fighting, how sweet.

4: IanCrossland:

Aww, Ian. Ian is such a sweetheart and I've had the good fortune to hang out with him a few times. I love that he has 587 videos, what an amazing digital documentation!
He was THE FIRST youtuber that I ever opened up to and was honest to.
He is very calm (and well, he does sometimes smoke certain things to achieve that state - I am jealous), but he is also very funny. Yes, sometimes it is unintentional, but most of the time he is just very witty and honest and as I write about him, I miss him and wish we could hang out more. :(

5: CushTV:

The Cush! I love Scott, he is so lovely. I am pretty sure I freak/stress him out a lot, but he is always very hospitable and giving with his time and he is the funniest person I have ever met. I've never met someone who could make me laugh so much.
Watch out for this guy, because he is going to be doing VERY well, VERY soon!
I should say this though: I'm sorry I got "drunk" when we hung out (I think I scared him) and I'm sorry for dominating your couch whenever I'm in town :) "Doggy!"

6: WarrenWorthingtonIII:

This guy is such a new subscription that I can't even sure of his name yet. It could be Warren. It could be...I should check my FaceBook and Find Out.
He made an excellent first vlog that is extremely rare to find these days, watch now, here's a cool guy that would be awesome to see grow on YouTube.
Warning: Don't tell him he looks like Jim Carrey - it is not an original thought. ;)

7: HughsNews:

Hugh is a great guy, a dear friend and has a fabulous life and a fabulous girlfriend, Mel! I just want to make sure that you are checking up on this guy, I owe him a mention since I forgot to tell people to support his Greatest Shave. That's right! He shaved his head for cancer - what a champion!
I miss the Hughs too :( Hey Hugh, remember when we had to sit at that bar and talk while we waited for everyone. Can you remember what we talked about? I can't...but it was cool. I miss Sydney too.

8: iChannel:

These guys know I love them. I stalk them wherever they go and they hate it. :P If you haven't tuned in - WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!? They have such an amazing show taking place, and if you hurry you can still watch all the episodes and catch up!
The reason why I love this show is because its developing its own community by using comments from the audience in the show, they really nailed this idea and I look forward to watching them grow.
Oh and i, iBrother, the other guy characters and the laaadies ;) oh yeah, are nice to look at (and are all on their way to stardom too!) do yourself a favour and connect with i. Yeah, did you like that? I totally used their website in an advertisement for them. Woot!

9: CuteWithChris:

Oh, I adore Chris. He is such a talent! A Gemini-Nominated Actor who really embraces his online audience, tears them apart and glorifies their animals - it's the perfect show :)
He is very funny and very clever. I think that is why I subscribe, because cleverness just oozes out of him like Peter Pan.
He is also nice to look at, try to catch his show if you are in Toronto...he'll be providing details later in the week.

10: RemiBroadway:

His joint creation with his brother, Regis: Choose Your Own Tube, was so much fun to be a part of. I wish I had taken it more seriously at the time and I wish had been there more...I was in America for most of it :(
It was a very funny show and it was very refreshing to see some professional and talented AUSTRALIAN people creating online.
Us Aussies are present on the net, but we don't make ourselves prominent enough when it come to our professional abilities...Remi was breaking new ground.
He hopes to come to LA next year, so that will be cool. Love and respect, Remi!

11: TheWineKone:

My one and only true love?
Tony and I had the chance to hang out during the filming of LisaNova's "does youtube" video.
What can I say?
While Ben was getting lost due to my bad directions and getting grumpy with me, Tony and I had a good first was an awkward, yet passionate first time in bed...and he is uh, yeah, he's pretty damn good.


12: Poykpac:

These guys are fabulous. They aren't just a comedy group online but a comedy group in the real world too, and they rock the house (I had the rare pleasure to see them perform while I was in America) !!!
I got the footage in THIS video from PoykpacLive...
They were recently nominated for a YT07 award and they are just great guys, what's not to love?

***Do watch Ryan Hunter's face in the PoykpacLive videos, he always looks so confused and grumpy -aww- ... IS IT ON PURPOSE? That is the question!***

13: Waverly Films aka WaverlyFlams:

These boys are professionals and I admire them very much. They have lovely girlfriends and wives who are not mean to me, so Yay for them! :)
They were also nominated for a YT07 award. I was introduced to their talents by Brad back in July 07. Brad and Tony were total fangirls for them, and most deservingly so.

14: TonyStockert:

The ultimate guy to perve on. He had a video of him bathing (seriously, who does that), which is unlike anything you will ever see on YouTube... (but seriously, who watches that kind of thing...oh wait)
Yeah, so I'm a dirty perve...but I'm a lady perve. Alright.


Tony is a very talented aspiring film maker. He was studying and now he is working in Los Angeles and his Stickam videos with AdamParanoia were amazingly well crafted and he definitely has an eye for something...

...especially an eye for a Stickam chatboard or himself... ;)

Oh and he and Adam are great, I got to hang out with them for a few hours while I was in America...they also created the Cheetos Online Campaign.
He totally hates me, because I tease him and I'm crap at everything... but he'll get nothing but undying love from me. You hear that Tony!?! UNDYING!


So, there you have it. These are the men that keep me sighing and keep me hoping that one day, I'll be a real boy!


For realz, yo, these guys are hot and talented, as are many of my subscribers (woot woot) and as are many of the people I'm subscribed to that I haven't mentioned. I love them all to bits and wish they wouldn't look at me like an idiot, but writing this blog surely wouldn't have helped.

Oh well... The Blonde Idiot I'll Be... at least my Mum loves me...

...My Mum is such a lesbian.


Sealed with a kiss


Unknown said...

Woa. I remember Remi on that Wayne show. What was it called again? The one with Wayne and the dad that liked collecting toilets. I think Remi was Wayne's sister's boyfriend or something.

Leonard Koch said...

TWK and TH88 in <3
How nice that would be...
I don't exactly know your kind of humor but if it's teh truth you should go to Canada and stalk him down until he completely surrenders to your unstoppable girlish assault ;>
Oh and I'm not Toni. No really!

Hugs and best wishes from germany greetings Goulgag

Chris in the Studio said...

I should be asleep but you know I love commenting you so, how on earth you might ask could I possible
find this interesting? Considering I only find a few of the mentioned reasonably interesting, talented, or funny and entertaining its a bit of a stretch.
It has however caused me to look at my own subscriptions and honestly ask why I am subbed to some of them. And go figure, there are quite a bit of very attractive woman who to some might not seem to have any talent or entertainment value what so ever. I even question them myself so why, why sub?
For exactly the same reasons, they have some sort of interesting quality, so the beauty of this is that your taking power over a double standard.
Is it wrong? Absolutly not. Why shouldn't a woman be able to sub to attractive guy's for no other reason than they make her(whatever) It seems guys are allowed to do that. And I think its probably exactly the type of growing pains (self inflicted)lol one in your situation should be going through. I'm just glad I did not go through it to the same extent. When I went through it we did not have this medium. It must be a lot more confusing now aday's. But you really have to balence your e life and real life. Alot of young adults I meet today who have grown up with myspace and youtube lack exactly what you say,
"social skills" Its one of the few negative bi products in a technology that has alot of positive aspects. Its about the conqeuring of fear, the internet enables you not to have to do that face to face. But you simply must or it will swallow you even more and damage you even more.
Were all a little guilty of escaping reality so dont worry to much, just make it better. You deserve
to be happy in the real world.

RangerDave1 said...

You seem to have a classical taste in men, from the pictures you posted.

Most are slim and have masculine features. (the ginger is a little unsettling)

So whats the deal?

Although I don't personally find them attractive or find the joy you speak of, in their channels.(crosmacs ok cos watching stoned rants , stoned = lulz). No harm if you can.

My list go's

Hill88(My first sub, epic lulz... )

SnarkleKitten(total babe)

Mememolly(petite & her accent)

communitychannle(Smart asian, with aussie accent)

LG15 (I got caught 2 , but Jessica does nicely as Rusties girlfriend in Greek)

Spricket24(crazy redhead)



MattG said...

I would like to have seen your favorite girl at the bottom of the list here or on YT. Cause everyone knows Caitlin Hill swings both ways.

Anyone else feel awkward? :p

Maggie said...

You have good taste in guys. :P
I've never even seen half of these guys on youtube.

Hema said...

i havent seen many of these people on you tube but ill definitely chech hem out.. thanks!! and.. do u know claytonian? i mean have u talked/IM-ed him before?

SuperJV said...

ah miss Caitlin. this may be a post about the young dudes you like on the yt, but it's still very entertaining & fun to read.


btw. being attracted to someone does not make you a perv. it's all natural & stuff. :)

Unknown said...

You forgot to mention BritFilmLover3. He is sooo hot and funny and smart! You should check out his channel. ;) Oh, and he's obsessed with Natalie too. LOL

sdddlt said...

If I were a girl I would probably go for IanCrossland...

I remember the "personality crisis" video where you mentioned that crossmack knew everything about you. I was desparate to know and sent him like 20 messages, begging him to tell me all about it.
He told me to get lost and blocked me!

Well ok, I'm just joking... he actually blocked me after 2 messages already! :P

samh said...

Sorry for going OT but HughsNews made a terrible video about Magi. He even wrote in the description box, that what he was claiming in his video, was wrong. At least he knows he was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Not that it has anything to do with attraction, but thanks to you I am already subscribed to 2 on your list. CushTV produces videos far too professional for youtube, but I love them. The Saw 4 Spoof and the short film Another Part Of Town are my faves. Hughsnews is just an awesome, funny guy. He seems like the kind of person I would really enjoy getting a beer with, and just having a very normal conversation, laughing my ass off the whole time.

The Wolfdogg said...

I really didn't make the list !!!

Claytonian said...

No no I like you! Your sound was driving me crazy for a while, but it was actually just an excuse to talk to you indirectly, that vid response, it was ;)

we be making the babies now, yes? Natalie will be so with the jealous her head asplode!

Anonymous said...

Alright, so now Ive got one more thing to add. You finished by calling yourself "the blonde idiot", but I have to disagree. Sure, your earliest videos (which i have been watching since they were new) were more on the silly side. Yes, you have that light-hearted, silly side to you. But, thats not all there is too it. Just as with these boys you subscribe to, its not all about the looks, or first impressions. You are a very thoughtful and intelligent person. Dont ever forget that, or let the opinions of others sway you. If you think of yourself as "the blonde idiot" you will find a way to make it true, and that would be a sad day.

Lewis said...

I just gave you and anythingannoyed some free advertising. Nice countdown of Youtube's most eligible (well, we hope they're eligible I guess).

Liking your videos on youtube by the way.

Blogs look interesting too.

Have a nice day.

Unknown said...

That's pretty cool of you to promote other less known names on YT. I recognize most of them, you're right about CushTV did you see his latest video? Very well done.

You and TWK huh? Well the dry spell comes to an end eh? Hehehe.

Nalts said...

I'm buying a Winekone mask.

cathal said...

i'm assuming the reason i'm not on this list is because i don't actually post any videos. and also because you've never heard of me. yeah, those are pretty good reasons.

Anonymous said...

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