Friday, 14 March 2008

What Did I Learn From SXSW?

1. Austin, Texas is very quiet.
2. I’ve had better “Mexican” food in Australia.
3. The weather was sucky.
4. My room at the Hyatt Hotel didn’t have a Mini Bar = HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.
5. The Austin Airport is its own city, but its probably the nicest airport I’ve ever seen...right up there with Brisbane International Airport or Sydney Domestic. EDIT: And Chicago's.
6. SXSW is probably really interesting if you actually get up in time to go to a panel.
7. The people are really nice.
8. Don’t go to SXSW if you have either of the following:
a) A love of sleep
b) A problem with getting up before 10
c) A cold
d) A job that you enjoy that will keep you in your hotel room on a conference call, and missing all the panels you actually wanted to go to.

All in all, SXSW was a gigantic waste of times in many ways. In other ways, it was a little Gem of a Weekend, because I got to meet some brilliant new people and was locked in a room where I could get things done.

Next year, I’ll take a whole week off and enjoy it.

xoxo Caitlin


adro44 said...

Clearly you didn't take the "Duck Boat" tour in Austin. I found it to be a good time, in fact I'm editing a video of it . . . but that won't be for a week or 2. Although I must admit that if I flew there all the way from Australia just for that tour, I would be disappointed too.

TexSpence said...

Miss Caitlin - too bad you didn't take the whole week. Today is sunny and near 27 degrees celsius. Barton Springs would be a nice place to picnic and you obviously went to the wrong Mex-Tex the by - it is Mex-Tex not Mexican food. It's all in the peppers baby. Hot and spicy. In Austin, if your staying at a high priced hotel with no mini bar, hell - any hotel (guess your glad you were on someone elses dime) then you make your own mini bar by getting a ice-chect and purchase your own liquor or beer..hellava lot cheaper - and the libations are of your taste...So - liked the people did you. Cool - cause we offer the best folks in the world. Can't wait for you to return...maybe next time we'll meet. Take care....

Chris in the Studio said...

Don't you hate it when all the panels are sched. before 10pm?

Kimberl(eigh)y said...

I love Austin! It's one of my favorite cities. I hope you got to see it properly :)

chewy said...

Oh yeah? Well I semi agree with you on Austin. Ive been here all my life. And done sxsw a few times. It's not bad if you know where to go and what you really wish to do, and its nice to meet loads of people from all over the states and various countries. But, I will disagree as well with texspence, ITS CALLED TEX-MEX YOU IDIOT!! not Mex-Tex. GEEZ. Not a real texan.
Anywhoses, there are a few other fun places to see around austin, and if you ever get a chance in to be around here in summer/spring break again, you need to go to the waterpark in new brunfels.

Its nice to travel outside of austin because there really isnt a whole lot to here, the lake, a few art galleries down town, loads of shows, lots of restaurants, a few malls, comedy clubs, and lots of traffic. outside of austin around surround towns like san antonio and such, youll find a bit more adventure. Good luck next year.

digger said...

I've gotta agree - there are a lot of great Tex-Mex places to eat but if you're not with someone who knows the area, you're going to waste your time. You should've seen Austin in the 80s - it was THE place for live Blues music on Sixth St. It you think Austin's "quiet" you obviously weren't at the right place! And yeah, getting out of your hotel is a must if you're going to enjoy SXSW properly. The only way to make those early morning apps iis to stay up all night!

TexSpence said...

Oh nuts...I is Tex-Mex...of course, I am an ID-10-T. But I am a Texan - make no addition - Schlitterbahn is nice - but floating the Guadalupe is better. Seriously - as long as you save your beer bong - or any other type of bong - until you get out of the city limits - Great place - great bring the sunscreen - I'll bring the brew. Geez.

Anton said...

Ok, you should have had a MUCH better time in Austin, it is such a great city. And you obviously didn't eat at Juan in a Million, because that's real Mexican food and real delicious. Maybe I'm just bias because I'm a Texan. Anyway hope you have a better experience next year!

Anonymous said...

did you have actual mexican? or tex-mex? b/c austin is the capitol of tex-mex...but i hope you enjoyed it b/c i would love to go to sxsw!