Tuesday, 1 April 2008

iPhone Notepad Series #4: 1147 Days Ago 01/04/2008 8:19AM

In my Notes on my iPhone, I wrote, NYFA, for the New York Film Academy.

I wrote it, in hopes that I would research the classes on offer and possibly attend one. I never did. I heard a lot of great things and a lot of bad things, but I just couldn't find the confidence to spend the money and go, and then, when I had more confidence, I could not afford to attend.

What do you think? To NYFA or no? There are a lot of other amazing schools and I still want to stay in Brisbane for a while.

I was then and still am always torn between making the absolute right choice and just throwing caution to the wind and trying to learn at each academy/school even I it turns out to be a waste of time/money...


davidlefool said...

The Cool Flirty Film-School-Girl and The One Who Could and Should and Would.

(The prospect of seeing you and Molly in vids in the future is too much to take. NYFA or bust!)

Anonymous said...

If you're happy where you are now, go with that for a while. That's my take.