Friday, 4 April 2008

Bree Is Back

That's right. Jessica Lee Rose is back Online with a new Web-Based Horror Series called, Blood Cell.

You can find it and get hooked up in time for the Premiere episode by going here:

I have to tell you friends, that I jumped while watching the trailer; speakers up loud and eyes close to screen is a must if you really want to get a good Horror experience. It looks like it is going to be good, and I'm excited to see Jessica back on the Net again, since it was this little lady that got me interested in Online Video to begin with.

From what I've read Blood Cell is from the Online Production company (I hope I'm not just making this up), 60 Frames and is available pretty much everywhere, like Blip.TV, MySpaceTV and most likely YouTube...but I wont watch it there since the actual site is probably where a Viewer will get the best experience... it's all spooky and dark, sorta like a Magibon site...

It looks like more and more people and production companies are investing quite a bit into Online Shows, let's just hope that they all do well... I still am a little annoyed and some creators of such shows like, Owen Benjamin, who says:

"If you're going to tell people that this new media can act like TV, and you're going to take it seriously, it has to look good. It can't just be the [junk] you see on YouTube all the time."

Firstly, I don't no why he's telling people that this media is going to act like TV when we all know that the "junk" (what did he really say, Shit?) that is uploaded to YouTube is what gets all the millions of views!!!

The reason why LonelyGirl15 did so well is because it didn't act like TV, it acted like a Vlog, it's quality of camera was just appropriate enough to fit the rest of the storyline, the characters were intimate with their audience...and the whole thing was always shot from POVs.

The reason why shows like QuarterLife (I can't tell you how happy I was that that show bombed! HARRAY!) failed miserably was because it didn't break new ground and no POVs, nobody could fit themselves in and plus I watched one show and was B.O.R.E.D. What is interesting about a boring person trying to figure out their boring life?

It's also about Stars. The reason why LG15 did so well is because Jessica is a natural Star, she has what it takes. I had the chance to meet her once and she just oozed starlet, it was actually really phenomenal to see that elusive quality in person, so even after the Show was discovered to be a Show, it still lasted for ages because people wanted to watch HER.

It's not always about content, sometimes its just about Star Quality (the good or trashy versions of this), and you can look at numerous YouTube Stars, TV Stars, Movie Stars who all share the same thing... they've got something, they don't know how to use it, but it still draws a crowd anyone (mind you, this excludes Jessica)

Alright, rant over, I have to go console a friend who is waiting outside...



GeminiDragon said...

I checked it out, and looks pretty darn good.

There have been some good online shows popping up, my favorite one being iChannel. The key to a successful show is to know your audience, and it is obvious this Owen Benjamin creator is oblivious.

I think in any good online show, interactivity in some form is key.

Claudia said...

Whoa! That looked creepy! :D

Simon said...

..."YouTube Stars, TV Stars, Movie Stars who all share the same thing... they've got something, they don't know how to use it"...

so true... ;)

real "Star Power" transcends looks, acting skill, experience and contacts - you just want to watch them for some illogical reason. Oddly enough, I find these people to be the least self-centered.

"Celebrity" however, is something that is bought and sold...

Chris in the Studio said...

@Simon, "Celebrity is bought and Sold" Although this is common knowledge to people who work in various entertainment fields its good to see it here because a lot of people don't quite understand that. So thanks for pointing that out.

Kris said...

Off-topic question:

Did you feature in a certain music video singing the lyrics "My own star on Hollywood Boulevard"?

RangerDave1 said...

While I find her appealing to the eye, her only notable performance has been in greek.

organicprankster said...

It's still the case that the majority of hits on YouTube videos are not on user-generated content at all, but unlicensed copyrighted material.

In the long term, Owen Benjamin is kind of right and kind of wrong. The junk on YouTube - shall we call it the "more disposable material" if that's a term with which you feel more comfortable? - will give way to something more structured. That's simply inevitable once people actually figure out how to use the medium. General standards - which are presently very low indeed - will need to improve if the medium is to grow. Presently it has the appearance of being all but dead in the water; Ms Rose's return underscores the point. She's a jobbing actress rather than a star and like so many who have tried to progress from the online world into other media has evidently not taken flight as she may have anticipated. For people interested in seeing short-form video develop, her reappearance is to be mourned rather than celebrated.

This thing will never act entirely like television, however, because viewing patterns for online video are completely different. People watch these videos in a much more casual way, which is why both the "disposable material" and the copyrighted clips are permitted to survive. Therefore narrative becomes problematic.
Also there simply aren't enough people watching. And until things change and there are things worth watching - rather than clips that pass a few minutes at lunch time - that will remain the case.

TheMightyThor said...

Wow that looked great! I think the Net is only just discovering its footing in the "entertainment" business. the more content created like this, the more viewersip will follow to the net off TV. IMHO, the internet is devoid of the common rules of broadcast TV, its a no holds barred area of entertainment, which is why something like youtube could take flight. i think people want less of "TV" realities and series and more earthy, homegrown entertainment that is beyond the restrictions of TV. i am the only person on youtube that can claim this, I have never watched a lonelygirl15 video, its good to see her back on the net, back to her roots as it were? i look forward to this starting up.

SuperJV said...

miss Caitlin

Another good post. And one I agree with pretty much entirely.

I come form traditional media, both as a composer and audio engineer. I'll admit, I originally had a huge Owen Benjamin style prejudice against You Tube, thinking it was largely just a bunch of kids talking to their webcams, or crappy stolen clips, all in low quality flash videos. The fact that people could even stand to watch such lo-fi video I found depressing.

Then I stumbled on mememolly's "dress ups...", it was incredibly scrappy and far from perfect, but there was something about it that was truly moving. She had a natural gift for editing without knowing it, and the words and images re enforced each other so well. All of a sudden I realized something was going on this site. A new form of expression. Soon after I discovered you and Natalie. I quickly saw how there was a community and a group narrative taking place across the entire site and was hooked. I think your story is incredible, and is potentially material for a movie. The cool thing is, it's still being written :)

What you say about 'star quality' is exactly right. But what I find interesting too is that vlogging at it's best is clearly a new art form, and lets a different kind of star shine. Like yourself. It's no coincidence you continue to have such a large following. You clearly have a unique quality, genuine comedic gifts and creativity that shines in this new medium. It's not narrative film, it's not TV, it's not stage, it's something different. And you are significant part of the creation of that culture. Years from now, you will be interviewed in some doc about the golden age of YT and web 2.0. Cultural immortality at age 19, nothing to scoff at !

What I love about what you do is your range. Here are 4 outstanding videos, all different, and all brilliant.

After the phone call (great editing choices, truly expressive)
Don't' Say Anything At All (moving, creative, really a new media work)
How Natalie & I Met (silly, but also lovely, love the editing, love your dancing)
I Can Be Poison (hilarious mad female youthful exuberance)

I've really enjoyed your 2008 vids too. Don't stop, and don't ever think what your doing doesn't have real artistic value. It does.

james said...

Thank you, Caitlin, for bringing this to our attention. The music selection in the trailer didn't really do it for me, and the story could go either way, but I will definitely keep an eye on this because, as you say, she does have a quality that makes one take notice.

As I and others have said, this is definitely a medium which presents a unique opportunity for artistic expression. It has a low barrier to entry, and the range of talent is wide. I still believe that those who shine the brightest will be those who have both natural talent and a dedication to studying and understanding the ever changing nature of their craft. Even though it is a new medium, those contributing to it would benefit from an extensive understanding of existing media while at the same time being open to the new opportunities that this medium presents. Mr. Benjamin is most likely lacking in the latter category.

You, Caitlin, have shown both a natural talent and the willingness to dedicate yourself to an understanding of this new art. Depending on how big a part of your life you want this to be, I would encourage you to seek formal training in traditional and new media, if you are not already doing so. Whatever you decide to do with your own online endeavors, I’m willing to bet you will have a great deal of support from the community which surrounds you. I will definitely stay with you as your take on all of this is what peaked my interest in the first place.


Sarah Meyers said...

That was a nice comment James.

Jessica Rose is so cute!

Sarah Meyers said...

Can you link to an example video that shows good POVs?

Jimmy said...

its good to see actual shows springing up that looks like its got potential. instead of shitty quality tuner recording of tv programs on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Sadly though, how does her character on bloodcell look different then the lg15 character? If it weren't for the bloodcell splash screen, I would think it was part of lg15.

A possible other exception to the YouTube stars who don't know how to use their fame: Rhett and Link. They are tying in ads and make fun vids for their sponsors, and obviously making some $$ off of their talent. I think they have a good grasp of their own potential, and are turning it into financial return.

Great blog Caitlin, up to date, heart felt, and true to Hill88 style. Keep it up!

Austincovello said...

I have a question for you Caitlin:

You take issue with Magibon for "using her fans to get a job acting in Japan," so why don't have have an issue with Jessica Rose for doing exactly the same thing? Is it because she attended a few "As One" conventions? Or is it because LG15 has over 100000 subs and you don't want to rock the boat?

By the way, that website is a fraud, which I'm sure you already know, but really don't care. After all, why should the truth get in the way of a paranoid delusion so you don't have to face your REAL feelings toward the Lonelygirl15 hoax.

So who is the real "fake" here? Happy projecting!

Simon said...

is this your usual method of discourse? It seems pointless.

TheMightyThor said...

Oi Hilly, slacking on the blogs, i need my caitlin fix how bout we put finger to keyboard and smash one out there. (just kidding, i do enjoy your blogs!)

--N-- said...

OMG you met jessica rose

SuperJV said...

miss Caitlin

A question. Why all the haters ? I'm thinking of your latest ("LULZ") and all the nasty things being posted there.

Really, you're having a bit of fun, and musing on some things, and entertaining us. What is it with these people ? Why do some act like you owe them something ?

I know this is not a new topic, and it's 'just the internet' etc., but I'm sorry you have to put up with any of it.

I find it a little upsetting, frankly.