Wednesday, 2 April 2008

We Are Wizards and A Reflection

I really do hope that if any of you are interested in Harry Potter then it would be within your interests to see this movie. I had heard about a few Wizard Rock bands but didn't really know the full extent of it until seeing this, I was also introduced to one of the most funniest cartoonists and artists in the Digital World at the moment, Brad Neely, check out his stuff here!

I really enjoyed making this video. It took a while to create because there were a lot of clips and a lot of people that I didn't actually know very well during filming. So, I had to go back and research and find out who they were and they are all extremely talented.

I'm very impressed by Kevin Rose from for being on the edge of media and for growing into a strapping young lad.
I had a lot of fun talking to Jamie from
I also really love Sarah from who is just the sweetest thing, as is Andrew from Rocketboom - such delightful, kind and honest people.

I really enjoyed editing this because I usually am very impatient and just throw up the clips in the order I shot them, do lots of jump cuts and thats it... Now, I know there was nothing amazing in this video, but the fact that I sat for a while and tried out different ways of presenting this and adjusted colours, sound levels and looked at the limited amount of effects I could create using iMovie HD, means that the love for creating videos of my life is coming back.

It's no longer about YOU anymore, its back to being about me, FINALLY! Now, I can enjoy myself.

You see! I knew that once CommunityChannel took over in Subscribers, as she rightfully should, that the world would right itself. Phew, I really can't explain it all to eloquently, but I just feel so relaxed about this whole Online World now.

I also decided to go back and look at about 5 of my old videos, and boy OH boy have I been hard on myself... I wasn't that bad for a vlogger who really had no motivation to do anything with this site. I was having fun, you can see I'm having fun and though my face does look weird, it always will, I have got to stop beating myself up about how I look on camera, because its not that bad. I'm okay.

Revelation people: I am okay.

I guess, I was going through some insecure moments about my looks and now I just enjoy a good quality steak too much to care.

...I had something else to say...but I need sleep...

I Like Sleepz

Caitlin xox


GeminiDragon said...

Heh, I like your weird face it makes you more beautiful:)

But yeah, we all go through periods where we are maybe a little too hard on ourselves. I'm glad your love for video is coming back, I think it was fairly evident in this recent one.

I am jealous of your ability to sleep, I've been up for 44 hours and counting...

RangerDave1 said...

In your video you say SXSW sucked.
Yet in 90% of the shots of yourself, your smiling.

I'm really interested to see your videos after there polished to a new standard, that your happy with.

I don't fully understand your image issues, although I to and every one does have insecurities,and I except that.
I suppose my confusion comes from my deep set opinion that your gorgeous.

Your face is fine.
Your expressional/facial eccentricities are, a huge part of your videos. And one would hope in your daily personality.

Can we get more close ups now? (Like in the Magibon vid.)

Agustin Van Dotta said...

Hi Caitlin!!
Nice blog, and nice video-note of Magibon, I realy love it.
You have talent to do that.

Hugs from Uruguay!

RoboFillet said...

You wouldn't believe what a relief it is for me to hear a vlogger (in particular, a female vlogger) say they are okay. There's too much worrying going on out there.

Hmm... I hope that comment makes sense.

james said...

Being sick whilst traveling definitely does suck. I'm glad you took some pleasure in making the video though. I thought it was very well done, and the effort you put into it definitely shows.

It's also great that you have you confidence back and are on your A Game once again.

You look great; you're making great videos, and most importantly, you feel good about yourself and what you are doing. All is well on the internets.


SuperJV said...

miss Caitlin. your sxsw video is very nicely cut. of course there's plenty of evidence of your editing skills in earlier vids too.

SuperJV said...

btw you should get final cut express. it gives you most of the editing features of pro, and it's now very inexpensive.


Leo said...

Video is edited quite well, I'm not a big potter fan but that documentary attracts me for some reason.

Anarina said...

YT is blocked at my work but Blogger is not. I read the post but am yet to see the video, but I'm glad you stopped doing stuff to please anyone else but yourself.

ms. rose said...

you always looked pretty in your videos! don't be hard on yourself lady! i've been a fan of yours for a while because you are a REAL person.. so many people get lost in this world now a days.. glad you are getting grounded again!

Chris in the Studio said...

this blog makes me want to take a nap. he he.

After a Peter Lugars Experience of coarse.

jae said...

Caitlin, i am so so so happy the passion is coming back. We are all hard on ourselves, especially us perfectionists. But youare the reason I got into youtube ( i dont make vids, just a passive viewer).

And you are gorgeous! i dont know why you question that. especially the 'after the phone call' vid...stunning. And you are a verly relatable girl, which is why so many of us ladies adore you so much. I still cannot believe you are only 19.
Anyways, thanks for stickin it out, and definately need to make videos for you. not the fans, because if you love what you're doing, we will only like it more, because the passion will shine through, rather than doing some obligatory ritual!
ps let me know if you're ever in Canada (vancouver). You need to get out of the US drama and come sit on a mountain lol

Sarcasticly Yours said...

I absolutely enjoyed your video, and will totally check out "We are Wizards". I am glad you have put up a blog about the videos you make. It gives us (the watchers & readers) know more about your thoughts and intentions and what sparked your creativity in making them. Keep up the great work! :D

JohnnyBeGood said...

That was a great video you made. It is good to hear your love for making videos is coming back. I'll be checking out "We are Wizards."

take care :)

awwww, the picture at the end!

WizardOfOoze said...

Right sweety, your video headline is not wrong, I like especially the ... at the ending of it, remembers me of my own way to name videos and I used this ... a lot! Anyway, right now, I wonder about if you are really 19 as you mention Harry Potter again and again and referring to your Magibon Video it seems you are really 12 to 16...It is kinda strange to see you as you present high class hotels with a great JVC Camera, on Twitter you just say, you have your rent together...on your blog you mention you love to create online identities...Just in context of a neutral observer, most people who may have a more serious interest in other people may really think twice when it comes to the point of seeing you as a person one can accomodate with in ayn possible way, anyway...Just a tip, lust a slip!

WizardOfOoze said...

Being Wizards and reflections is a common way to try to forget that life has an end for most of the people, the one that chooses eternal life has to occomodate to great pain and fights, Harry Potter....funny stuff but only good to let children dream of being just reflections and wizards, so that they think they never can get hurt, die, and especially can't cause pain to others, as they are just a reflection....Have Fun, sweety!

Sarah Meyers said...

The intro was really good!

I'm going to see that Wizards movie for sure!

I can't believe you put all that work into the video. I usually just let tapes sit on the shelf for my own personal viewing.

You are so sweet! Okay luv ya girl friend xoxox gtg bye!

sdddlt said...

I came to realize that your blogs which contain some kind of revelation you had, often leave me dumbfounded. It's almost like my brain is having a hard time processing all this new information as it tries to restructure the image it holds of your current state of mind. You're so jumpy sometimes, it's hard to keep up...

But I'm glad you're okay! And yes, your old videos are awesome (I know I repeat myself on this but I can't help it).

Sam said...

you dont need to look perfect, and you always look great in your videos are well done, including SXSW...keep up that great effort you put into your shows

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