Thursday, 5 June 2008

I'll Give You Something To Plurk About

Well, "Sarah Meyers" mentioned it.
Sam Proof brought me to it.
I have now discovered...

Another useless time wasting site, to aid the self-branders, the self-obsessed (us) and another thing to add to the list of useless websites we are "addicted" to.

I can't help but feel guilty about how Twitter might feel about this... I feel like I'm betraying them or something, but I believe that Twitter's simplicity will be the key to it's survival...and honestly, I don't like FaceBook Style games... Trying to get "Karma" purely just to get a weird looking dead animal on my page and a title for my plurkiness, just frustrates me.

Give it to me straight, boys. Don't have time to play.

Still, check it out... Remember, URLife = Get Connected.



Chris in the Studio said...

What happens if your friends are all to hugely successful and busy to keep up with yet another online communication gimmick. Does that mean you or they have bad karma? It is a very stupid choice of words and its reeks of over reaching for hipness.
I purposely did not sign up for twitter and have been struggling to stay off of it because I feel like I already spend to much time online and if my friends really need to know what I'm doing they can pick up the phone. I think twitter is a good buisness tool if there is a large network that needs to keep in touch regularly and share links. I can't help but imagine however that the whole impersonnel and generalized aspects of it when used socialy will leave a person feeling empty and wanting.
That said, don't stop twittering, I simply must know what your doing 24/7 ha ha. Seems a little silly no?
As for plurk, this will probably be the last time I ever think of it, because of whoever decided to run with the karma word.

I just actually had thoughts of worry that people might actually take it seriously and let a web site determine there karma.

"Control the Machines" not the other way around.

Chris in the Studio said...

Well I read your blog again and just realized that the karma is possibly for face book? So sorry plurk. I don't know, see its already becoming to much to juggle. Think I'll go for a walk and talk to humans. lol

Chris in the Studio said...

Just clicked on your plurker (pun intended) link and realize I was correct in my first comment. And now have been sucked in to correcting myself with yet another comment and while I was over there I was also intrigued so I stared at the colors for a few minutes and now I'm brain dead so motown promotors are going to have to wait another day for there product.

Chris in the Studio said...

shit so sorry for leaving so many long winded comments but whats up with that slogan
"your live on the line"

Holy shit are they serious?

Anonymous said...

I never understood the point of Twitter. Who cares what I'm doing right now? If I had a Twitter mine would say things like "Travis is: taking a dump, so leave me alone!"

Clintus McGintus said...

Just use it like me, for something totally different. I just goof off and say silly stuff. Or ask strange questions. Twitter is for real stuff. Serious stuff. Like eating PBJ sandwich.

Daniel said...

Stay with twitter. Plurk is horrible. Twitter will get better.