Thursday, 5 June 2008

So This Is What Happened To BradOFail

Brad just sent this to me...

I love it. Especially because I am noticing more and more the extreme cases of Internet Slouch that are going around...

Hunchback of Notre Net?

Ha ha... Fail... I'm so lame!


Jamie said...

haha "hunchback of notre net" i love it! not lame at all. ;)

Anonymous said...

Internet. Serious business.

Your blogger picture is so emotastic.

The Daily Crumb said...

its not ya know, just internet. people spend their lives on computers whether working or just playing around, although internet is a big part of it.

that sounded like i knew what i was talking about then. loveleh

JohnnyBeGood said...

omg, that is awesome, hahaha.

yeah, dirigibletrance is right. The internet is serious business.

I suggest you all visit


so 3 months

The Daily Crumb said...

you didnt reply to my comment about makin a vid :(
i can understand you are too busy to

Touch said...

Sounds about right

Micah Maniac said...

hey Cait..lin. rah. IRL..URL...but all of the friends are REAL. so it sorta sucks..but doesn't. gah I feel so out of it right now.

...I don't even know what im talking about. =P

oh I looked at that comic..and now thinking about it I didn't even laugh..which means I have been on this laptop way to long.(im lauging in my head now.)

ave11g-ne said...

what's goes up both ways has a hi and always leaves you going oo at the top ? wellanywaythats ohio.

you've seen london and france catty