Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The Mac Team Has Great Timing

After reading through Macworld's updates on what was "going down" over at the WWDC, I was curious about the MobileMe service as it mentions that .Mac users get automatically upgraded.

So I log in to my .Mac account just go ahead and do some work, and what do I see, but this little lovely:


For some reason it made me very, very happy.

Those Macinites certainly have great timing.




Eshniner Forest said...

"thoughts on the URL, the IRL and You." thats dang funny. you know this... duh.

Sean said...

Caitlin, I feel lame, I didn't even know you had a blog.

But yeah, Apple = God.

Chris in the Studio said...

Thanks very much Caitlin,
I have been one of those old school,
"don't need my phone to do anything but make and recieve phone calls"type
persons until I read the link from your last post. Now I'm sold. I'm getting one, the price is right and the features are like woh. Who's knows, perhaps twitter is next and dare I say it PLURK!~say it aint true. "Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks!"

Anonymous said...

what can I say - I remain one of those people who just wants to talk on the phone. My only foray into anything "smart" phone wise led to me scratching the face the pieces with my keys. What a schmoe!

- Lazydork

mhr said...

this comment has nothing to do with the post. but i just spent a week watching all the Lost episodes for the first time. Juliet totally looks like you, not exactly, but similarities.

Anton said...

Just watched your interview on pop17 on Youtube (who subscribed to me?), very good stuff. It was fun to get a bit of the inside scoop on your process and inspiration. I'm fascinated by what keeps people going and being creative on Youtube and similar sites where they're basically not being paid for their creativity.