Thursday, 10 July 2008

A Wet Hot Brooklyn Summer

I was at one the Summer Stage events that have been happening around New York and this one was in Brooklyn and it was a screening of Wet Hot American Summer.

The actors and creatives were there, including my favourite, talented actor: Paul Rudd.

I've admired his talents for a while now, always enjoying his unique choices and his skill for always ending up being the most enjoyable/quotable character in any film he is in.

I'm annoyed that I met him in person, as I've always secretly hoped that I would meet him on a creative/peer level, but unfortunately, and realistically, I am put in the "Fan" category, which sucks.

New York is awesome for making you realize how much you are truly not unique. Now don't start with me! I am just being realistic. Unfortunately, I have too many lovely optimistic readers!

Emily and I approached him, with many of the other girls, and I said,

"I'm sorry to be an annoying fan, but I'm from Australia so I thought I'd say hey..."

"Oh, no problem..."

"So, hey man, nice to meet you"

*shakes hand*

"Thank you.." or something like that, my mind stop working.

We posed for a picture...

Memory Full.

"Don't worry about it, mate."

And we just sat around and watched the guy for a moment. I always enjoy watching guys hands on girls backs. You always know when they are uncomfortable, unsure or just don't like the girl, because their hands form a fist on their back. When a guy is more comfortable with a girl, the palm is flat and often lower. I just love watching that sort of thing, it's like reading a book.

Afterward, we (being Emily and I, who is staying with me for a few weeks) went with Ryan and Tyler from Poykpac, who invited us to see the screening, to go to a couple of bars around Brooklyn.

We had a good time, walking for many blocks, visiting a Bowling alley and playing Foosball (and winning many times - yes!). We also snuck (this is apparently not a word!) in drinks while chatting about URL Life and dancing like jazz fiends.

I wish nights like that would happen more often. I enjoy the spontaneity of it all, the interaction and being social... For too long, I have embraced a lens and germ-ridden keys.

I'm off to a Yankees Vs. Tampa baseball game at the Yankee Stadium with Phil, Lindsay and Emily!



Brad O'Farrell said...

I would've gone, but I was on a date at a concert. Where I put my hand on his lower back. Flat, not fist.

Brent said...

Hello Caitlin:

Long-time lurker, first-time poster.
I am one of your "lovely optimistic readers" and I will say, right now, that you are unique in a city of millions.

I, also, like the idea of challenging you one-on-one to a game of foosball and break your winning streak one day!

Until the next blog is posted.

Jinglebuns said...
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Jinglebuns said...

Paul Rudd is so cool. Someone you'd love to hang out with for the day.
He has that perfect level of fame where his ego gets fed daily but not to the point where he needs guards and a back entrance to every restaurant.
I'd love to Quantum Leap him.

Dizzknee said...

Paul Rudd is awesome. I've liked ever since Clueless. He's great.

I so know what you mean about either falling in the "fan" category or the "peer" category with famous people. Luckily because of where I work, the "peer" category is a little easier to come by with all the celebs that come in, but pictures are, of course frowned upon, which kind of sucks.

Your encounter kind of reminds me of when I met Michael Stipe (lead singer of REM) at La Guardia last May. My opener was: "I hate to ask this, but can I get a picture?" : ) I felt like an idiot, but I really wanted a pic with him. He was such a nice guy about it and had no problem posing with me.

(...I wrote a blog about my trip to NY, if you're interested in reading it, btw.) : )

Have a great time at Yankee Stadium, although I hope the Rays kick their collective asses. to play some rocks, don't it!


GeminiDragon said...

Blech, I hate meeting people I respect and admire. People who I feel have influenced my life and career decisions. Because to you it feels like you've known them all your life and to them they didn't even know you existed five minutes ago, and will likely forget that you do five minutes from now.

How's that for being a depressing realist:(

Pixie said...

It's all happening :)

Anonymous said...

If you're not unique, then how come you have 64,794 subscribers on youtube ;) and loads of fans! I don't like beeing a fan of people, (except for death musicians) but somehow you cinvinced me otherwise...
P.S. Paul who?????

funkwurm said...

You're darn right about the hand on back thing. Fist up high means "not sure wether I'm allowed" or "I don't want that" or possibly "I don't want her to think I'm that close to her"

Flat hand lower means I'm convertable and like this girl, possibly a lot, but could very well be just really good friends.

Are we really such an open book then? Damnit, what else do you see in us?

... I miss the ability to reply to comments here, youtube ftw?

Chris in the Studio said...

I hate to sound like an annoying fan but, could I get.......
I'm impressed with your prowess of reading body language. I think your spot on but I would add that depending on the context of those actions, they can be completely mis read. For example, if he was focused on work and trying to remain professional he may be a little wound up etc. and that would mean that nothing he did with his hands would have anything to do with his undying love,devotion, or lack there of, for you. ha ha ha

james said...

Ya know, there isn't anything wrong with just being a fan. What would a star be without fans? Not a star, I'll tell ya that much.

I myself am a fan of many things, such as pancakes. Even though I never eat pancakes, I am still a fan. I suppose it's just the concept of pancakes that interests me. I've never really even had a desire to eat pancakes until this very moment for some reason.

Anyway, like you I greatly enjoy a night out drinking and frolicking with my chums, and I never pass up an opportunity to do so, not even for a million pancakes.


SuperJV said...

nice to see you blogging again :)

good post

I like Paul Rudd going back to his days on Friends.

Tory said...

I was in New York this past week, and I won't lie, I looked for you.

pearly said...

I would never go up to famous people. I know I would be like the biggest loser and say dumb stuff. Stuff so dumb one can´t give an example without being in the situation.

(umm.. well, maybe this comment could be a good start of an example..)